2024 TLP Ruleset!

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  1. NImxat Elder

    Be careful what you wish for, that could wipe groups in the early dungeons.
  2. Klang Lorekeeper

    I really agree about the TrueBox statement. There are way too many crews that are running 18+ with the similar make up - even to the point of running the same scripted actions in multiple picks in certain zones.

    Daybreak doesn't seem interested in enforcing the rules, so just get rid of them for those of us that actually follow them.
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  3. jeskola pheerie

    I'm fine with that. Sounds exciting
  4. jeskola pheerie

    I'd totally sub 6 on a Rizlona + Mischief + Oakwynd TLP.
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  5. NImxat Elder

    I am all in favor of relaxed or no true box on the next TLP and I have never boxed more than 3 toons at a time. I prefer to play with other real players.
    Let the non-botters have some fun.
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  6. jeskola pheerie

    Block macaroni quest but allow I s boxer
  7. Groans Augur

    Id be good vvith god start but vey slovv expansion unlocks, a full year before OOVV drops at least.
  8. McJumps TLP QoL Activist

    A whole year of anything to start a TLP is a death sentence for a server, especially a whole year of GoD. Also, is your "W" key broken? lol
  9. Manafasto Augur

    Parts of the TLP need to be quicker or introduce all classes at launch. You do not need expansions to launch the classes. Gear was already implemented for the newer classes, was dropping on Aradune and Rizlona. The nostalgia true to release has been long gone. I do not understand this true to form mentality when it has not been around for over a decade.

    Anywho a wishlist...
    • All Classes at Release - Epic Quest need to be implemented for BST/BZK within Kunark
    • New Race Combos Implemented for Original Races aka Gnome SK/Pal, Halfling Ranger, etc.
    • Rizlona + Mischief
    • Classic 4 weeks, Kunark 4 weeks, Velious 4 weeks, Luclin and beyond 8+ weeks
    • Increased XP throughout all Zones and Mobs - Try to spread players out
  10. McJumps TLP QoL Activist

    Why not start in Luclin? If people are wanting to play BST/BER so badly, we should just launch the server in the era where those classes are introduced. Or we could start in GoD. Berserkers without AAs are just a Warrior with less mitigation and no taunt button. We saw on Vaniki how bad they are 1-50.

    The earlier eras of EQ are BAD. The only reason MOST people enjoy them is because they are viewing the content through nostalgia-tinted glasses.

    I am pretty sure they have stated that the reason they cant have BST and BER in classic is because they are tied to that era being open on a server. Its hard coded. So its just not likely to happen.

    Everything else on your list I can get behind. I think they should start with Classic, Kunark and Velious open. Give that 8 weeks and then open Luclin.
  11. NImxat Elder

    Some above comments called for exp changes to spread players out to different zones. I think loot has more effect on zone choice than exp in most expansions. The Mischief loot actually did that for players willing to look around. Those of us who "explored" early were rewarded with sought after loot and having hunting areas to ourselves.
    On Vaniki, it was fun having BSTs and BERs out early. I think other parts of the server rule set were just too foreign for most players to invest in.
  12. Kodachi Augur

    I've said this before, but my actual ideal dream :
    1. Free trade
    2. No level reqs on items like Vaniki
    3. Server bonus unlocks per expansion like Oakwynd (not necessarily all of them just the ones that fix issues with later expansions like extra currency and such)

    Bonuses would be randomization on group mobs but not raid mobs or some other unique server gimmick that gives me excitement to play classic and such again.

    My only real hope is free trade though. That'd be good enough to me at this point.
  13. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    You would need to go all the way to GoD to get both classes as that is when berserkers got launched.
  14. McJumps TLP QoL Activist

    Yeah, thanks sherlock. You solved the case.

    As you can tell from the 3rd sentence of my post that you quoted but somehow didn't read, I realize that the Berserker class is tied to GoD.
  15. Jaera Augur

    If they're going to use TLPs as a testing ground, I'd love to see a deterministic loot server (at least for raid loot):

    * Open world raid bosses are disabled.
    * Instanced raid bosses do not drop loot, but all raid bosses have currency that can be used to buy items from that expansion. (Classic coins for classic, Kunark coins for RoK, etc).
    ** You can do the tiering thing to make it so defeating harder raid bosses awards higher tier currency, but that's probably unnecessary until SOF.
    * The vendor(s) update with what items are available based on what raid bosses each individual character has defeated.
    * All items from the vendors are no trade.
    * You can sell back items but there is a large cut in the currency granted.

    I've long heard that this kind of server wouldn't be liked by players, stated by the developers of various MMOs, and I'd like to see it in practice and what it actually results in.
  16. McJumps TLP QoL Activist

    So you mean basically what EQ already has if you play past the Veil of Alaris expansion? The only difference being that the events still drop loot as usual in addition to the currency.
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  17. Crabman Augur

    Curious where you saw this? Last time I saw an employee response on bst/ber in classic was in a twitch interview back 3ish years ago when JChan was on ALovingRobots channel and her response was "I mean, it technically could happen, but im not sure things would be itemized for them"

    But, this was a while ago so maybe they looked into it and determined it couldnt be done as you said, thats why im curious where you saw that stated.
  18. Kodachi Augur

    I mean, having raided with content past VoA... being able to buy items you don't see drop in the 2-3 month unlock cycles is very beneficial.

    Nothing more fun then doing plane of time for nearly 5 months and only seeing 1-2 class weapons drop in that time frame. Sucks for other 3-11 players of those classes I guess.
  19. CdeezNotes Augur

    That's exactly what he said. What's the point of this post?
  20. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    Reinforcing the false narrative that it's impossible for a change to be made. Shilling for Live servers getting all dev time. Which given the last major project, might be a double edged sword.
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