2024 TLP <Rampage> (EU GUILD)

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    Hello everyone ! Looking for a EU guild when the new 2024 Teek server releases?
    -----> Join this Discord https://discord.gg/UkSYzBNv2B

    Teek is the new server we'll be going to play on. We're currently getting a lot of new and old people that wants to participate, which is very exciting.

    Our plans are still being made and we'll give more information within the next week on Raiddays, DKP system and more.

    Short list of expectations:

    Raiddays: Wednesday + Sunday 8pm CEST (7pm U.K)

    - Semi hardcore guild that wants to clear content fast and participate in some Open world if we feel like doing so.

    - We will be implementing a very simple yet functional DKP system

    - Not as a requirement. It is very important to say we cater to everyone who enjoys Everquest. Some likes a bit of fast phased content where a lot doesn't. So to raid and acquire gear we're not expecting anything hardcore from you at all, there's room for everyone.

    - No RA requirement to participate or raid.

    - Split raiding to maximize the loot potential in each expansion A community with 20+ years of experience from Live servers + most of the previous TLP's where we are trying to come together as one big EU guild instead of splitting out in 2/3 small/medium guilds for once.

    - A speed leveling team for those who like to do that, more info on the server if this sounds interesting

    Feel like this is something you'd like to be part of?

    Join the Discord and/or contact for more information - > Smackage / Madlez / Smoelfen / Bonlgon
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    Approx 73 days, but who's counting?
    Let's go
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    Already so many familiar faces ! Don't miss out !
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  6. Basak Augur

    Have you guys settled on a raid schedule yet?
  7. Smurfing Lorekeeper

    We have not !
    We're still really curious about the Ruleset of the servers.
    Expect 3 days from around 7pm UK, 8pm CEST
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  8. Basak Augur

    Awesome. I will keep watching.
  9. Smurfing Lorekeeper

    Awesome !
  10. Roxas MM Augur

    have fun guys
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    thill join if no bad blood; bygones be bygones
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    Happy Easter
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    Newest link also not valid
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    Come play wiv me
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  18. Chikkin Augur

    Mental note made. I posted a little more in the Democracy Manifest thread. No reason to copy over to here, like I'm trying to apply to 10 guilds at once like a robot or something.

    Will either be in touch or see you in game. -- Following the thread.
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    We're growing and preparing for the marathon!
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    Raids will be Sunday + Wednesday 8pm CEST