2015 Resource for Players (Server/Guild Info)

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  1. Razzle Augur

    An Agnarr Server Guild
    CST US time zone
    Casual Raid
    Website: http://www.zurdula.com
    Come join the cool people and be awesome with some fun on the side.
  2. Yanster Augur

  3. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Antonius Bayle - D'Pikey - http://www.pikeys.net/board/

    Euro guild with a large number of British and French players, raids are conducted in English.

    We raid Sunday 7pm CET - around 11 pm CET
    Monday - Thursday 8pm CET - around 11 pm CET (due to less content in recent years the number of days drop once the expansion has been beaten).

    We also have some US players who play during the US daytime
  4. VZRetro Lorekeeper

    Darkfires - Casual progression raiding guild on FV... Check out the recruitment post for more info (Darkfires 2.0 - A guild on Firiona Vie server).