2015 Resource for Players (Server/Guild Info)

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  1. Jerricoe Journeyman


    <House of Strix>
    Aussie/Oceanic guild on Phinigel progression server.
  2. Steel Brigade New Member

    Or any players wanting to enjoy the GAME and have fun
    Cent time zone guild on Phinny in game contact any member of Steel Brigade to get in touch with a officer
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  4. raw1990 New Member

    Thank you very much!
    That is a very useful thread for newcomers such as my self!
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  6. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Augur

    Ack, you can remove Fyre, they disbanded last August, roughly, until a server merge. Not enough late night traffic.
  7. X1234 Journeyman


    Cazic Thule: <Cazic Thule Alliance>, (CTA).
    As this is an alliance, rather than one guild, there are several working together.

    Host Guilds open to new members are
    <Prophets of the Myst>
    <Caelum Infinitum>
  8. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Currently you can contact Lions of the Heart (Xegony) at http://lionsoftheheart.yuku.com/ or look us up in game /who lions all or just send me (Corwyhn) a tell.
  9. Farzooma Journeyman

    Our guild (Blue Frost) is 13 years old used to be in Kane Bayle but moved to Stromm(Luclin) in 2004. We are a family guild welcoming anyone who liked to venture in the latest expansion/content. Time zone is open but mainly East Coast timezone.

    Website: http://www.BlueFrost.net
  10. Arne New Member

    Hello all,
    I recently started playing again on Vox and while exp'ing the other night I saw in general chat people talking about how there are no raid guilds left on Vox. Is this true? I don't see much info on guilds in this thread on Vox, how new is the server?

    I started the game soon after Kunark came out and played/raided all the content up to Vex Thall with Aten Ra I think it was (sk/shm duo - boxed the shaman when my raid force needed it), the dungeon that required all the CoH's or it would take days to clear it.
    Anyway, I have dabbled a bit now and again over the years but nothing serious like my initial years in the game but it is calling me back and I have the time these days to play so....

    TLP, Live doesn't really matter as I know I will eventually have an all access account but didn't want to pull the trigger till I find a good server and start leveling up, seems All access really isn't needed till 51 when AA's unlock, is this a correct assessment of this works now (the aa's and the auto grant)?

    Central time zone (Missouri), available every evening and the weekends for the most part, love to raid, quest for needed goods, help with epics you name it, I'm there...Any server suggestions? or guild suggestions?

    Any help or advice greatly appreciated!

    Formerly Arnesto Darkbone and Zugal Lowmana of Rathe, then Zeb ..hell I don't what all servers they moved em too! haha.

    Hope to see you all in game soon!
  11. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    On the server I am on (Xegony) in addition to the guild I lead, Lions of the Heart, I can recommend Soul Asylum and Dharken Rhal as good casual guilds happy to take on new and returning players. I think people can also find several very small guilds that also are happy to take in new and returning players on Xegony.
  12. Althiel Journeyman

    Order of the New Dawn on Phinny server welcomes all new and returning players of any level as well as seasoned veterans. Primarily Eastern timezone based guild but we have folks from all over who just like having fun.

  13. Jetboy Lorekeeper

    Eastern Time zone isn't a category?

    If you add it then place "Veteran Crew" on Cazic server please.
  14. Darchiva New Member

    Frayed Knot- Oldest Raiding Guild on The Rathe Server Recruiting all classes currently to setup for new expansion. Raid Time- 8:30-11:30 EST Send a tell to Darchiva or Espionovsky for more details. Must be Level 101 or higher to take part. We have the #1 raid leader in the game in my opinion. Come see for yourself!
  15. MoveFastRZ Bloodsaber

    Guilds on Zek currently:

    Max level:
    Wudan - www.wudannext.com (raids weekly)
    Retaliation (no site, raids sporadically)

    Leveling up:
    Elven Guard (no site; allied with Retaliation)
  16. Kodjak Lorekeeper

  17. 4son8ur New Member

    EQ Outcastes is on the Phinigel (Timelocked Progression) Server. We are a New Guild for New or Returning Players. We use Discord as our primary means of disseminating info to the guild. It is the same as TeamSpeak or Ventrilo. It also has txt to talk or can be used as a app on your smartphone if you don't have a headset with mic. We welcome all Players New, Retuning, Active Duty as well as Retired Mil. We are a casual Guild that is here to help Players adjust to the game, help with Quests and lower level Epics. The more players that join us the more help that can be offered. Think of us as a Waystation for the disenfranchised...... Please send tell to Chava or Pukbok
  18. Meneltel_Tormtor New Member

    Looking for an evil RP guild on FV server. I am a casual player, not interested in raiding (I am not likely to be high enough or skilled enough or geared enough). I play early morning time EST so I guess morning time Euro. (play at night casually, soloing for exp and loot).

    Meneltel Tormtor
  19. casty Journeyman

    Please update the following:
    Server WITH PACIFIC TIME BASED GUILDS - Phinny - The Broken Wave www.broken-wave.com - Raid from 8pm PST to 12:01am M,T, TH
  20. Faelim Lorekeeper

    Returning, casual player, looking for new start (not TLP) with free heroic characters. Looking for a guild that accepts casual and a decently populated server.