2014 Membership Update - News from Smed!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by SOE_Brasse, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. Lothnor New Member

    So you are saying that the money I spent to buy SC will be reset to ZERO as well??? That is not acceptable and in most countries counts as theft.

    Or maybe you forgot to put a comma somewhere in the reply about the SC reset?
  2. ClapClap Elder

    We're being told that we're getting more value when 99% of us agree that we're not and we're ''jaded''. Now that's a daring thing to say! I find someone else jaded here...
  3. Yesway Augur

    No, he said NO SC WILL BE RESET, that includes already saved up SC from the promo. Any SC on the account will stay.
  4. nekokirei New Member

    I take back my earlier scorn -- I see this is truly one of those things that state/federal government(s) has done its best to futz up to get their greedy hands on yet more taxes on the SC issue. Add to that the bizarre and esoteric world of bean counters with their accruals, reversals, debits, credits, liabilities, and assorted minutia that give only CPAs stiffies, and I can honestly say thanks for at least giving us the 2k per month -- it's a lot better than an alternative of nothing.

    I hope the kids at SOE will forgive my earlier jab.
  5. Jahtha New Member

    Let us "jaded" folk keep our 500 SC/mo. And I just went gold again?
  6. Eandolf Elder

    I am upset about this like most of the posters here, but please stop the sky is falling, this is theft knee-jerk reactions. It makes it far too easy for the executives to dismiss us as reactionary and undercuts any ground pie may have in working with us.

    Accept the 500 SC will change, it is clear they are not backing away from that. How can we minimize the negative affects?

    I saw several options listed in many threads:

    1 - can we introduce a concept of a shopping cart that lets us bundle many bits ( like player housing purchases)
    2 - can we introduce bundles of commonly purchased potions, sc items, etc so there is more than 1 item being purchased ( this would likely be the least impact full as we can already purchase big bag bundles)
    3 - can we clearly define what is/ is not purchase able with monthly sc to avoid it being a moving target.

    Anything I missed?
  7. Falos Augur

    I find it extremely disturbing that smed feels reddit is the most acceptable place to post news updates on all this stuff. That site is so poorly done it is unreal.
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  8. Moklianne Augur

    Reddit is an slightly more upscale 4chan.
  9. Moklianne Augur

    SOE can do what they want and I'm sure they will.

    For me, this change stinks since I was one of those that saved my SC for larger purchases such as bags. I guess I'll just use it for exp pots monthly then. In the end, I didn't spend cash on SC before and it makes no difference after this change goes in. So, SOE wasn't going to get cash from me anyway. Its not a loss for them when it comes to me, so I'm sure they'll go through with it regardless of what we say.
  10. Moklianne Augur

    Half price sales on everything at least once a month.
  11. Moklianne Augur

    Instead of this last offering, why not lower EQ subs to $9.99 a month? Or do both?
  12. nothappy Journeyman

    really not happy about this change, you guys are changing the game so much i may have to play a different game that doesn't charge me a arm and a leg not to mention take back stuff you already gave us. i spend about 3 to 4 grand a year on eq market place stuff, if this goes threw i wont spend a dime more.
  13. leaola Journeyman

    I am I bit sad I like saving up for 3 or 4 holiday item which are 100 or less just in frostfell month with 500 sc I can buy 5 -8 little things. now it sounds like I get one holiday item per year. if the trouble is ppl saving too much put a cap on the max stock pile u can have like loyalty crowns. while I'm at it could u have at least made that cap an even number?
  14. Gonjinnx New Member

    I don't know why they have to change the way they give us the station cash. If your system has an issue with accumulating large sums of SC then put a decay marker on them. Or if you hit a large total like 100k SC you start to decay or you cant earn any more.... Just giving us the chance to buy 1 thing for 2k SC sucks... what about the people who us it to buy exp potions... Now you have to spend more money to get SC cash to buy the potions you used to buy with your monthly 500SC...

    I PRAY they don't take our 500 monthly SC!!

    :( :( :( :( :(
  15. Fendy Augur

    Until this thread I'd never heard of reddit. I followed the link and found it more confusing than twitter. Haven't looked into 4chan yet. I don't understand why social media is the new method of spreading information. What's wrong with posting EQ news on the official EQ website? I still miss server downtimes being posted in game on the MotD. I guess I'm just getting old.
  16. Phancy Elder

    It wasn't even EQ news. It was Planetside 2 so I am guessing they are as miffed as we are.
  17. EddieP Lorekeeper

    I'll admit i didnt really think about all the issues and reading the reddit helped. The Player Studio + Free SC really is a big problem (that someone SHOULD have seen) and of course internet taxes etc. Still think they should have it start on renewal, but i at least understand better
  18. Cevil's Remains Master

    The thing is, that so many people spend their monthly SC differently, and for many of them, including myself, 2000 is not better at all. I start by spending 300sc a month, the next month I can spend 300x2 and have 100 SC left, and the next month I can spend 300x2 again and have 0 SC. What happens now is I can only spend, from what we are led to understand, 300sc a month, and the same 300 the three following months. So I just went from getting 2000 SC that I can completely spend over a four month span, to being limited to spend only 1200sc in those four months. I just took a 40% loss on what many are saying blah blah it was free, but I considered a part of my gold membership and was absolutely a factor in keeping alt accounts gold. I think there are many ways around making it a complete smash and grab, but we have to see player feedback actually being considered for that to happen.
  19. Toplel New Member

    You can contact John Smedly at a phone number. - Piestro
  20. bloodbeard Elder

    It sounds as though they are dumping the 500 station cash per month for those of us who maintained re-occurring All Access subscriptions. It sounds as though this huge change is not going to be negotiated. The station cash was not free; it was obtained by setting up a re-occurring sub. We paid for the SC by giving SOE a consistent flow of cash. This entire situation is being caused by the development of EQ Landmark and, eventually, EQ Next. SOE has made some terrible decisions in the past, which negatively affected them financially. This decision, as it seems it will hold, will also affect them negatively.
    I have zero motivation to continue my two All Access subscriptions. If I do not sub, I will not play and I will never purchase anything from SOE again. "Jaded"? I've around since 1999, so yes, I am very much jaded.
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