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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Ashlanne, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Khat_Nip Augur

    Typing /market and then clicking a button is hard work. I feel for you, I do. I couldn't imagine the horror of having to go through that but thankfully SOE afforded us the ability to make hotbuttons where we could cut that precious 2 seconds in half. Will we really be blessed with being able to accomplish this nightmare of claiming our 500SC in 1 seconds time? I assure you it is doable. Suffer no more my friend, that 1 second out of 2.6 million for the month is well spent.
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  2. airforce60 Journeyman

    Why are clicking anything for something that previously required no action at all??????
  3. Retty Lorekeeper

    It's not that hard a task, I promise you. The competence level required to do it is between rubbing your tummy, and opening your mouth to eat food.
  4. airforce60 Journeyman

    I just went to the Market. I see a lot of "BUY" buttons. Where is the button to claim my Station Cash?
    I have been away for a time. Last I read; we were getting choice of free items every month.
  5. Leerah Augur

    Thankfully, the community spoke out about the 'free' item forced purchase. We continue to get Station Cash. You can see your accumulation when you do /market or go to your account page.
  6. airforce60 Journeyman

    Hope somebody has an answer.

    1. We used to just get 500 SC every month. (This was good).

    2. Somebody made some changes. (Maybe not so good).

    3. So now we have to go to the "MARKETPLACE" and claim it. (OK).

    4. As I stated above; I went there. (Not hard).

    5. What I do not find is a clickable "CLAIM" button to get the 500 SC. I searched the page:
    a) Top left; NO! b) Top right; NO! c) Bottom left; NO! d) Bottom right; NO! e) Middle; NO!

    6. I also checked the "categories" menu. (NO!)

    7. I again; why are we clicking for the 500SC? Never had to before!

    Looking for some real info (LOCATION OF THE CLAIM BUTTON); and not instructions for eating or rubbing my stomach.

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  7. Leerah Augur

    Are you sure about number 3? I thought we just had to log into the game.

    They could easily put deposits on this page https://account.station.sony.com/ where they put the purchases. I've pushed for that before.
  8. Piestro Augur

    This change hasn't gone into effect yet. It won't until April 2nd or so.
  9. airforce60 Journeyman

  10. Ketuta New Member

    The only question I have, which may have been answered in a roundabout not quite direct sort of way...I have a six month recurring on EQ2 and a six month recurring here on EQ. The two subscriptions are on two different start/end months. When this change to All Access occurs does that mean I will only have the payment for one six month sub, because now they will be combined? What about charges associated with the second sub that is lost, will that additional time be credited to the new single sub or transitioned into SC or some such?

    I would just like to know because there is about a 2-3 month difference in my two subscriptions, and yes they are both on same account. Thanks for the clarification and response.
  11. Blehme New Member

    I replied to the wrong post =/
  12. LordMax New Member

    would be nice to set silver accounts to cap at 4k AA if you default from gold so that you don't have to spend an insane amount of station cash to raise cap to get more AA's
  13. Geroblue Augur

    Some folks see it as no big deal, but if you don't log in every month, it is a big deal. But the 'no big deal' players don't understand that.
  14. Rascal Half ELF New Member

    I'm ok with having to log in to get it, BUT it needs to be autoclaimed. It's going hurt my head remembering go to the market place ever month after the 10th to hit a stupid "claim" button. I quit dealing with the LoN card game because of that.
  15. Bort New Member

    I would like to know about my anniversary 12 month 99 dollars package it was supposed to be a forever not going to go away unless you let your subscription lapse??

    I have limited interest in your other titles
  16. Piestro Augur

    If you don't let it lapse it shouldn't change in price. You'll just get the access to membership in other games.
  17. Lily Augur

    It's been posted several times. Sony had to make this change for accounting purposes (if you want more details, you'll have to find the posts yourself). Regardless if it's 1 item per month up to 2k, or 500 per month you would still have to log on to claim it.
  18. Enchanter101 New Member

    This is the exact reason I keep leaving EQ to come back and pray its better because I do love EQ ! They take away one class to power up another. Then rinse repeat.
    You can say you created a spells " beams" and had " no idea " how creative players would become !!! A spell that is the same as wizards from back in the day ? The Dev that said he created mag / wiz I just am not sure how you wouldn't see beam the way it was when wizards had it. Now decap headshot assassinate all destroy 99 mobs ? You bumped the casters again !
    Dire charm !! I'm a enchanter. Druids are nature rulers an necros undead masters ! . Where is our rain to direcharm trivial mobs of our domain like the checks made to headshot decap ??
    Mag beast necro pets would still have power and 3 more pet classes Come back to trivial content. ill get it anyways with free aa to just be useless at trivial levels thank you! .
    24 mobs don't lag out zones for beams !! Up to 30 !! To up rangers number of targets to 12 in multi shot spells that would also be a great burn for that class because there abilities do so much more damage consistently!!
    I don't want access to a zone I worked to key myself for. I don't want after months of vt or pop progression to see a newbie any level zone in no keys or flags to burn my raid mob !! P.s. I know the zone isn't mine.
    I don't want to get given aa through a level range that teaches most new players about eq.
    power leveling. I mean helping friends. No ripping ppl off for plat !! The end Result is we camp trade skill loot also rather the getting aa in a trivial level of trade skill will make you bypass those zone to just have to farm them later ?? That's not so smart. Isn't high level swarming zones what you are removing. Well giving me 1000's of aa to fly past zones I could level in and get trade skill goods I get to come back at 90 plus and pull mass mobs because I kill to fast ?? You are changing Everquest into freequesting! We no longer see zones at a challenging level and only have present content to work on. Now again this so what you want but not everyone I there or wants to be there. To find names we never new had that exact spawn point.
    Sony why are u playing the game for us?
    Beams work in a instant! any mass kill in open zones leads to be terminated. , suspend the loser that open zone swarm!! Give class aa increases to aa that have no more use for us and just sit in our aa list !! Direcharm was my example for 3 classes !!
    You up rangers zerks n rougues dps !!! You know who never hits a good parse!! Druids chanters !! To the necro u are just OP dps!! And you really don't need the dire charm but it would save u in a pickle.
    I work on my trivial skills so to go to bazaar where buddy plays the broker the bazaar. The cheapest befouled silk is .
    So, please key me for everything , grant me free everything. Aa , levels , expantions.
    Well I help friends and guildies with headshot , beams or at the lower levels !pincushioning or pbae ing!
    You go ahead and nerf your gold members. I watch beamingcow on bertox make millions off beaming Then buys Kronos and play free !! Explain how he kills beams ! its you letting him do it. he wouldn't be in the game had you controlled how your none paying customers played !!! It's my cash again paying for his krono yet you effect all of us!!
    I understand how it's hard to make everyone happy but rather then a happy medium u!! One weekend everyone has there powers back.
    Sony always pick a side! Well give every class power back. Evantil would have 100 of campfire outside it. No envy !! Between a daily , partisan , and a swarm or beam or 30 mins of decaping. You can say u got a good xp yield for the day.
    Last night we back flagged some old raids. beam hit 15 to 20 mob every cast. Ppl kept dieing which popped shades.
    All i see is lazy and cheap putting all forums together. when wizards first beams went, dire charm went , the bard swarm went . No bugs!!!!! . What I'm hearing is you don't want to invest the money to make mobs path right. Let alone redoing eq to have flying mounts. Hay wait wouldn't that be a revamp and a half !!! But as beaming and swarming go bye bye it's cheaper and easier to nerf stuff and collect the pay cheques.
    How many games do you have, how much money invested to eq and how much was made ??? I give u about a grand a year. I'm one 4 boxer !!
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  19. Lerilon Lorekeeper

    When will Krono be 14.99?
  20. Riou Augur

    It most likely wont, they are trade-able and can be sold/given away/etc in game for plat/services, they aren't 100% similar to a real paid sub.

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