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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by headscratcher, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. headscratcher New Member

    I decided to sub an old free account with a heroic toon to level up, and while I was at it, bought RoS expansion for it. Apparently this is considered "suspicious activity". When I went to buy some SC for the account, I was notified I am required to set up 2-step verification. Ok, so I follow prompts and enter info, including the sms code I was sent. I repeat this process numerous times because it just loops back around to me having to set it up, but fails to ever accept my information. I have submitted a ticket, but I am concerned about the thought of the currently logged in account being banned as others have posted simply because I am unable to complete the process. I have submitted a ticket, awaiting a non automated response. Anyone else having similar issues or have advice?
  2. Ghubuk Augur

    Was the information on this old account the same as you use now?
  3. headscratcher New Member

    Not sure which information you mean. It had never been subbed before, had no cc info associated with it. Everything was added when purchases were made a couple of days ago. All the login info is the same as it ever was. The problem is that I cannot complete 2-step verification, it appears to be broken.
  4. Mannhec Lorekeeper

    I had the exact same issue this morning, I too have opened a ticket. I was playing fine farming names in OT then my spells would not refresh anymore. I camped and came back and got the message about suspicious activity. I was also attempting to purchase SC when this started. nothing I could do would allow me to complete the two step verification, although I got the text message with the code several times. I had my son buy the SC on his toon and it worked fine, was just going to get a shared xp pot anyway.
  5. kyong Augur

    yeah this is broken. I can't enable 2 step either. Error after entering in code that's sent to confirm phone #.
  6. BB_Agnarr New Member

    Jep also having this issue atm , also made a petition now "crossing fingers for a quick fix"
  7. Dega Elder

    You know it is bad when you don´t even dare go and buy SC or change even the smallest thing on your account because you just might run into this kind of problem..... really sad....
  8. Derd Augur

    The sad is they do it because of previous fraud. Never buy sc immediately after making a new or upgrading a free account.
  9. Apubed New Member

    so we just gonna let this issue go or what? preventing people from buying the xpac again with all this added security stuff that is doing what? alienating your player base?
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  10. headscratcher New Member

    The real point here is that yet again there is a broken process with absolutely zero customer support to get it resolved.
  11. headscratcher New Member

    I've done it in the past with no issues whatsoever. If true, think about how moronic a way of doing business: "We think you're doing something wrong if you spend too much money in a short amount of time."
  12. Derd Augur

    It is in no way moronic to try to reduce fraud. I've seen more than one post where someone's account had this happen, and I believe it's always been purchasing Station Cash immediately after restarting or making an account. I believe they dbg, use an algorithm that looks into past purchases, linked accounts and other variables. there isn't a guy standing there watching the purchases and going oh that looks wrong. It's another reason they are sometimes wrong. Also that's why it is sometimes right.
  13. Bolo New Member

    I had the same issue here today, was told that there was suspicious activity and that I had to complete the two-step verification process. However, when I attempted to do so, the verification system enters a death loop "enter password>enter phone number>enter code sent to your phone> repeat cycle. I submitted ticket and got autoreply. Has anyone gotten this resolved? If so, how?
  14. Invictvs Augur

    I am having the same issue with updating the verification process. It also will not let me add a phone number to my account. Nor, on the same computer can I log into one of my other accounts. I have opened a ticket.
  15. xxar Journeyman

    Having the same issue , after changing my credit card source.
  16. Mannhec Lorekeeper

    So I posted this update to my Petition. I am sure with our level of customer it will be ignored.
    I realize you are not the correct persons to speak to. But this is unheard of. I try and buy from "YOUR" marketplace using an account that has been active since 2000 and using a valid email. character name, credit card/payment source. username and password and I get locked out of my account for days? Seriously this is a broken process. My bank, credit cards, other online resources will at least send me a text or email asking if I approved this transaction. Please fix this. like soon?