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  1. Jasper Wiz Journeyman

    Yes, quicker = easier. I agree with that. Neither one are "hard". One just requires more time. If you know exactly how to spawn Quill, I'm not even sure that's true.
  2. MischiefTLP Augur

    Cool, do you also remember trying to camp a Jade of the Ether? I'll loot 6 on any Live server and I'll start at Level 1 before you loot one on Mischief.
  3. wade_watts Augur

    Don't want random loot whatsoever? go to Yelinak.

    Standard tlp? No thanks.
  4. Obliteration Elder

    In original Everquest people often did other camps, looted those items and traded for what they wanted, this happened in classic as well.

    Trading FBSS for GEBS was a regular occurrence on my server.

    Can always out dps them, bring some friends or pop a dz
  5. Obliteration Elder

    Yeah very crazy to want a standard experience on a 20 year old game that is still going because of that standard experience.

    I think everyone here knows what happens when you try to reinvent the wheel, there are the corpses of many an MMO who catered to such ideas strewn all around us, you likely played many of them and maybe even were vocal there as well asking for changes and this and that.

    Now they are gone while this game is still here, for now at least
  6. Obliteration Elder

    Hard and time are subjective.

    What isn't subjective is that there is an insane boat load of insanely great raid gear dropping from raid mobs that can be 1-2 grouped on Mischief.

    It was fun for a few, but doing that again with nothing "classic" could easily hurt EQ more than it helps, while on the other hand doing what works for 20+ years worked for those 20+ years
  7. Obliteration Elder

    You think getting kronos has ever been easier than it was on Mischief?

    The server has devolved into "how much krono can I make in X camp vs Y camp"

    Mischief was fun for a few, but it's a cesspool of krono farmers/sellers and it's not hard to find out just how many people are selling krono from the Mischief server alone
  8. Crabman Augur

    Its fairly clear to see that mischief has been incredibly popular over the past 2 years, way more so than yelinak has been over the last 10 months. So, its not some random idea strewn around. It has proven to have worked and should be done again as part of their yearly influx of players and cash. If a second mischief is a ghost town, then you say never again and find other ideas, but no reason to not keep momentum going after a huge launch 2 years ago, especially after a lackluster year last year with vaniki (and yelinak).
  9. Crabman Augur

    This is a great argument for random loot. Went to farm efreeti for some gebs, fbss dropped instead, guess i'll trade that for some gebs instead. Whew, that was easy.
  10. Parkers Journeyman

    You may want to re-think that. All of that can be done with AI. After an initial training and programming cost, it will run with very minimal human interaction.
  11. wade_watts Augur

    Oh man, I wish you could see your own circularity.

    1) I'm pointing to the issue in your comments by telling people to "just goto Mischief if you want that ruleset". I can just tell you to go to Yelinak if you want that ruleset. There is no objective reason why it should be another phinny clone, especially when the community is vocal about wanting Mischief again.

    2) You are criticizing the folks asking for the first reproduction of a type of server as being too rinse and repeat while also pushing for the 6th iteration of the same ol' TLP. Have you considered that people have left because they were asking for things they like playing yet they never were produced - now the vast majority of whats left are the people that want the same thing over and over and over? Research confirmation bias on this topic.

    It may be easier to just say "bah humbug" and save yourself the keyboard strokes :)
  12. Obliteration Elder

    It's not yelinak vs mischief.

    It's mischief vs every other EQ server.

    Status quo keeps the game going while another mischief might lead to a sooner death.
  13. Obliteration Elder

    Not the same at all.

    Go to mischief if you want a wacky once in a lifetime ruleset or go to any other server in EQ if you want to play the actual game of everquest.

    Again, free trade is tolerable, random/triple raid loot from groupable mobs is not fun for most and the few it is fun for will lose interest the second that they can't make RL $ from it.
  14. Obliteration Elder

    No, it is not.

    If I have a couple hours to play I want to camp an item that I want, if you and others have a much higher playtime than fine by all means go camp whatever makes you the most krono per hour ala mischief mode, I want to log in and play Everquest, not kill groupable raid mobs for the best loot in the game so I can make more krono, I already have a job.
  15. Kahna Augur

    Huh? Not fun for most? The TLP to retain the largest population going into TSS literally ever, (and they are easily beating the next highest TLP by a factor of 2, if not 3) is going to die as soon as people stop making RL money from it? Tell me you don't play on Mischief without telling me you don't play on Mischief.

    Are some folks making RL money from the server? Probably, but a small handful, at best. Most of the folks on the server are just having fun and playing the game and enjoying the heck out of both free trade and actually getting a decent amount of loot, considering they are in these expansions for 1/4 to 1/6th of the time they were originally available. Getting 3-4 times the loot just makes thing balanced. You may hate it, but trying to say it as not fun for decent sized population is just disingenuous.

    Mischief is the most casual friendly server they have ever made. It is a casual's paradise, most of the population is casuals who don't have a lot of time to play the game. It's the least "this is a second job" EQ server that has ever existed. On a regular server a casual would never even see the efreeti camp, on Mischief they can still get the boots while casually killing in a camp in the hole. It's all about the casual life and that is WHY it has maintained over 20 raiding guilds into TSS. I feel like you hate it in theory but never actually gave it a chance in practice to prove how awesome it is for casuals.
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  16. Crabman Augur

    ahh so tell others they can just trade for an item if the item is camped or they are getting ks'ed or whatever, but you want to make sure that you can camp it since trading is for mischief krono lords only. got it. makes a lot of sense.
  17. MaestroM Augur

    The solution to the above that I like is a server where mobs drop their normal loot tables + one or more random (level appropriate) loots. Hybrid Mischief/Standard TLP.