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  1. Obliteration Elder

    NO random loot whatsoever, go to Mischief.

    Free trade I could stand, but random or triple loot? No thanks.
  2. Moforyguy12345 Augur

    Sorry but if you think Random loot isn't coming this next batch of TLP's you are going to be disappointed. Mischief is far away now that relaunching another would be another major success. No way they do a Classic traditional server after last years fiasco.
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  3. zurgar Journeyman

    That would be awesome! Everyone gets there server.

  4. Cheet Elder

    I disagree. Why ruin Mischief now?

    I predict:

    A run of the mill TLP that starts in later xpac (one without too much 'open world' )

    A TLP that mimics Selos
  5. mrmine New Member

    Man I hope youre right. Mischief is great. Everyone here says tss is the best and I was hoping to feel reinvigorated but after a month of it, I dont know... I still just really miss classic. Free Trade is amazing and perfect and I love how booming the market is in every expac, plus how easy it is to catch up if real life gets in the way for a while. Then random is fun too I guess, although that isnt super important imo.
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  6. Obliteration Elder

    Free trade is plenty.

    Getting the best gear off random easy raid targets can stay continue being the selling point of Mischief, no need to restart that trash
  7. MaestroM Augur

    Most (not all) of the people I hear from on Mischief right now would not leave Mischief for a mischief clone. They are super happy and excited to be raiding the latest content (TSS and beyond). There are something like 20 guilds raiding on Mischief right now, which is a record for TLPs at this point.

    I'm hoping for a slightly adjusted Mischief 2.0. One where mobs drop their normal loot tables PLUS one or more random, level appropriate, loots. You'd still have an incentive to camp efreeti and myconid spore king and other famous camps, but if they're locked down you can spread out to less desireable camps and still have a shot at the lewtz.
  8. Faydra Augur

    If they offered a similar ruleset with relaxed truebox enabled, I think you would see many of those people reconsider their stance.
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  9. Ownanat Journeyman

    Mischief clone mischief close mischief clone plz
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  10. FranktheBank Augur

    As much as I am in favor of relaxed truebox, it actually doesnt do a whole lot. Alt tab boxing is atrocious. Enabling I S B would be a bigger deal.
  11. Sakuraba Augur

    Let's start at Velious, with a longer wait for Luclin and PoP on one server, keep Free Trade from Mischief but don't random the loot.

    On the other, we just give the TSS fans a permanent TSS server. Kind of like how we had Agnarr
  12. mark Augur

    Imagine all the exp pots they will sell if they make a mischief clone but with no limit of boxes on one pc also they would lower their carbon footprint.i would spend hundreths of dollar on station cash for group exp pots.
  13. Moforyguy12345 Augur

    The whole point of adding random loot with free trade is to control the toxicity that comes with free trade. They don't want to deal with the massive influx of tickets of people complaining about camps being taken. Its so much easier to just do what they did to control it.
  14. Ilshade Augur

    this makes sense good options
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  15. jeskola pheerie

    That was my prediction back at announcement if I recall, minus the getting caught part.
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  16. Obliteration Elder

    They can just continue ignoring those tickets, not hard.

    There are no camps taken in the first place, the people doing the most damage win.

    Go to another camp, /pick, pop a dz or go to another zone and rinse/repeat, there are tons of options.

    Random loot is not an answer, it is however a great way to get easy gear with little to no effort
  17. Moforyguy12345 Augur

    I for one enjoyed getting my own GEBS instead of having to buy it off a krono farmer. I am sure a lot of others enjoyed that as well with being able to get other items that are normally perma camped. Going to another pick doesn't fix that problem cuz its camped in every pick.
  18. Trident Elder

    Ice cold take or a krono farmer. Take your pick.
  19. Jasper Wiz Journeyman

    Gear is not "hard" to get on any server. It just requires a larger time sink and to some extent, a little help from other players. The issue with TLP's is the condensed timelines. Most of us don't have 24/7 to camp things, or a year in between expansion unlocks. If anything, I think all the 3 month expansions, should be cut to 2 months. Free trade, extra and random loot are reasonable solutions to this problem in my opinion.
  20. Arclyte Augur

    I remember camping the froglok summoner in uguk to farm pegasus cloaks.

    Random loot was definitely easier. It's fine if that's what you like, but let's be real here.