2 fold question for a returning player

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Aeilman, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. Aeilman New Member

    I have been away for 11 very long years and have thought it would be fun to come back to Everquest. I was able to get my old account back, and that thrilled me because I had spent so much time with my main charter that I was a little crest fallen when I thought I would not get him back, A little halfling warrior lvl 70.
    I logged in last night ( Drinal-Maelin Starpyer)for a few hours just to try and get my feet under me a little , so much I have forgotten and sooo much more I have no clue about. I noticed that the server that I am on in the 4 hours that I was on only 1 person was ever LFG and they were a lvl 110.

    I have even considered moving away from my warrior if needed.

    So for the questions
    1. If I am allowed should I move my account to a different server to go along with my lack of experience and lower lvl.
    2. If I am to move what server would you all recommend?

    I am and always will be a single boxer and I am not hard core anymore. I wanted to come back and play for the fun and comradery that I remember so well.

    Any and all insights and recommendations are most welcome.
  2. Funky Augur

    if you choose to move your toon to another server or even start out 100% fresh... i would suggest Xegony. high population server with lots of guilds that allow near anyone to join (new or veteran players). you also have Lions of the Heart which is the largest casual/leveling guild in EQ which would welcome you and assist you with any questions you could have till you're more familiar with the game

    there is always the option of the TLP servers. not something im really into, but still a viable option.

    as far as you LFG, one of your best bets is to find a casual/leveling guild. make some friends and go from there.
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  3. Eggolas Augur

    Level 70 is not difficult to reach in today's environment, especially if you are all access. You can hire a J1 mercenary who can easily fight for you to around that level. That said, warriors are great but you might find it easier to play a SK (tank), Mage or Beastlord with a single account,
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  4. Zanarnar Augur

    What Funky said, but to chime in from the TLP side. (*Note, you must be subscribed to play on TLP servers)

    If you want to "Pick up where you left off", the Corinav server is currently in Oman of War era. The down-side is you would have to start anew there. You cannot transfer from any live servers to a TLP.

    Mangler is another good option (IMO), and its currently in Luclin era, and about a month away from PoP launching.

    Finally, if your feeling your oats, you could try starting on Miragul. Its currently in House of Thule and just opened up in November. (so every is fairly new still)
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  5. Aeilman New Member

    Thank you Funky for the recommendations. I appreciate it very much.
    Its funny that you mention Lions because I have seen several threads where Lions is mentioned and not a single post has ever been had a bad word to say about them.
  6. Derd Augur

    First, welcome back, lots of new stuff and changes in 11 years give it time and try not to get discouraged. Second, almost no one uses the lfg in game system so dont take rhose results too hard. None of the live serves have much low level grouping happening. Things to learn about though are mercenaries, teek daily quests and hot zones. Google is your friend :) add everquest to anything you are interested in learning. Taking a fresh character thru the tutorial is another path to knowledge also, good luck and enjoy the game.
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  7. Aeilman New Member

    Eggolas and zanarnar Thank you for you suggestions

    I do plan on paying to play once I get my feet under me. I have read too many things to suggest not paying is the way to go.

    I have played with idea of doing an evil race SK. Looks like it might be fun and challenging. Like I said I am not locked into playing my Warrior 100%. I know there are a ton of them and other classes are more desirable in groups. I always had the issue of finding groups back in the day. My very 1st character I took to 30 was a cleric but had changed because my friends needed a tank.
    I have heard though that the TLP's are very multi box heavy and not so great for a single individual is this just more rumor than truth?
  8. Zanarnar Augur

    Yes, there are boxers on the TLP (but at this point, live almost requires you box your own group.) Generally the people boxing are ok. You will want to join a guild though, as most groups are formed that way. There are still pug groups on Mangler but as servers progress they get rarer and rarer.

    The real issues is BOTers. (automated afk farming) They do cause issues in some zones (Siren's Grotto, Sebilis for examples), but generally you can avoid them.
  9. CatsPaws Augur

    Start new characters and play them thru the tutorial to see how you like that class.

    I would avoid TLP servers like the plague - you have to pay, its infested with bots and GM's are far more in evidence on those servers but for handing out suspensions it seems than live servers.

    I play on 3 different live servers and among those three I can't remember the last time I saw a GM or a BOT or heard of anyone that was banned or suspended.

    But then again when I did play on TLP there were friendly low level people and some groups but I prefer the cushy play of live servers. I like old EQ but dragging thru all that again is a pain whereas on live server I can get to a higher level and go do those same quests much easier or solo my epic or whatever.
  10. Funky Augur

    no problem.. and the reason i mention Lions is just due to the fact they have such a wide range of players and their alts. good chances there that if you can't find a group around your level, you will find someone that has an alt your level that will group with you or someone a little higher kinda help power level you up to a point you can find groups a little better.

    then as far as the free to play vs paid subscription.. at low levels if you choose to start fresh, you really will not see much difference.. it's not till higher levels when you would like to get the J5 (highest tier) merc or wear some newer gear (you can equip it but will not gain the stats from it). but as i said, till you get higher in levels it wont make a big difference.
  11. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Welcome back, to start, I would state that people simply do not use the /lfg tool or tag anymore. So if all you were looking at was the either using the LFG tool or doing /who all lfg then it makes sense that you only found maybe 1 person using it.
    Next, even when you left, EQ was a top heavy game, and it has always been a social game. Did you ask around in General (or NewPlayers, /join both of those at least General is most likely already there unless you have unchecked auto join General channels) for groups, check if any old friends were online, or introduce yourself as a returning player looking for a guild in the two previously mentioned chat channels as well as ooc in PoK and the Guild Lobby?
    After that, another channel which you are likely being auto joined to will be the Warrior (or other class specific channel on other characters) channel. Don't be afraid to introduce yourself in the channel and ask for advice for a returning player, questions on new things, or a quick refresher on things you are fuzzy on. The replies might be delayed at times, but they will usually come.

    For several years, now EQ has been at the point where most people tend to group with guildies and friends that they already know. You can can still get a PUG, but you need to be proactive about it and be willing to take the initiative on starting a group. If you do that and are not a jerk, then you'll find a regular group or guild after a little while.
    1. You can move servers, it is an automated service, you buy a Character Transfer Token in the Marketplace and once you get it right click it on the character that you want transferred. A list of servers which you can transfer to will pop up and you choose one from it. I honestly, would advise against moving servers at this point in your return. You are only now reaching the point where you might have a grasp on the actual play schedule on your server.
    2. Most of the Live servers are in similar conditions with a few exceptions. Vox, Brekt, and Trakanon have low populations, and FV and AB have fairly high populations. AB is a European based server though, and FV has a special ruleset and you cannot transfer off of that server.
    You can quite reasonably play EQ without boxing. 70-105 most expansions have a zone or two in which you can either solo or molo (you + merc). Talking in the General (and other similar channels) helps both with avoiding feeling alone in the game as well as making new friends and acquaintances which can lead to groups, fellowships, and guilds. Hard core in EQ today, isn't the same as what it was 15 or even 10 years ago. There are a lot of people who are just on for a few hours a day or even a few hours a week. You can still have fun and find that comradery, but it just takes a bit more work at times.
  12. Old&Slow New Member

    I probably should have read other responses in case another mentioned it,,,
    What I did when returning was go to a different server than my old one and started a new toon. Then I went through the tutorial to get back in the swing of things. Then did Secalna (?sp) tutorial in PoK. Then went back and started playing on my server.
    The mechanics will come back to you.

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