1st heroic character?

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  1. Magneress Elder

    Imagine someone who just wanted to jump right in and get confused by the plethora of options and abilities and have a pretty high lvl character on Vox.

    What class would suit the bill for something that a never before played the game person could eventually figure and become proficient with, for end game ToV raiding, in say, half a year. Casual gaming. Like 4-8 hrs every few nights.
  2. Silu Elder

    Hmm... a class both confusing to someone who's never played EQ but desired on raids... bard?
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  3. Wyntyr Journeyman

    Wizard. easy to start playing even at L85 (heroic) but like all classes, there is a TON of button mashing to do at high level.
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  4. Magneress Elder

    I wouldn't mind learning a complex class from scratch. I may have to google game play on all the different classes and just see what the guides say or what videos there are of each one at 110+, or I could start by skimming the class guides here.

    I'm probably approaching this question from the wrong angle. :) I did read a few threads about what are the easiest and what are the most powerful classes. I guess power isn't what I am aiming for.

    And yeah, I was thinking of complete immersion and just seeing how complex a system I could tackle. So would a bard probably be the hardest class to play well with all the features?

    It seems implied bards are really desirable for raiding right now. So that would be another angle.
  5. Magneress Elder

    Looking around for lvl 110 and 115 class videos there seems to be a bit of a social media void here, of theory crafting and class overviews and stuff. Now would be a great time to launch a youtube channel and try to showcase some of this stuff if you were a youtuber looking for new content to cover with good production value.
  6. Vumad Augur

    Bard, ENC or any healer when a patcher is not present.

    Bard can be played with auto attack and /melody, but bards are expected to pull, debuff, buff, CC, etc. They are high attention classes with high expectations by groups. They are frequently put in situations, that despite being in a group, are expected to function independently in highly unforgivable situations.

    ENC are similar to bards. A bit more stable in abilities (mez and slow last longer) but also squishier. At a minimum ENC are expected to buff, debuff and crowd control. Crowd control often results in pulling aggro which requires the use of the proper abilities to stay alive. ENC are also second to only bards in the ability to pull, and doing so well comes with plenty of growing pains.

    Any healing roll in which you find yourself without a backup is extremely demanding. I claimed the free heroic on WoW and my first mission I was b-worded out by the group. It told me to use the dungeon finder and I did, then I clicked healer because that's what druids do in EverQuest, but dropping into the game like that was terrible. I had no understanding of my abilities or even a general understanding of the game and was put in a roll where the entire group was counting on me.

    All classes are easy to play, and all classes a difficult to play well. I think that CC/pullers/healers just have the least forgiving learning curve.
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  7. Gratz New Member

    Stand there and get beat on for a while. Keep agro, and then you can b&*&^ people out when you die because a healer failed.
    Then YOU get to be the guy complaining.
  8. Magneress Elder

    Cool. I loved playing a holy priest and pally in wow. Also liked going shadow spec a lot.

    I would consider paladin and ranger for RP potential too.
  9. Sagarmatha Augur

    Play a Necro and learn how to whine about your "broken" spells for many, many years.
  10. BPS1177 New Member

    I am back from a two year hiatus and jumping into a level 85 is just completely overwhelming... Good luck making the jump and yeah I would say Bard would be the most challenging. Learn the slash commands and how to write macros if you don't know already.
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  11. Magneress Elder

    How do the classes play compared to the 1-20 versions. Can I get a good feel for how my character will be at 20 or will it just totally be unlike the same character at 85

    I read that:

    Rangers kinda get more rangery, so they have many more ranged option but can still melee.
    Bards play more like enchanters at high level?
    Wizards are pretty much the same? Just root, snare, nuke boom dead?
    Mages are very consistent, their pets can tank real well?
    Enchanters, well they charm stuff, and have a decen't pet and nuke?
    Druids, clerics, heal well. Druids solo better. Druids get good nukes later on like wizards if they specialize?
    Shamans are kinda great healers, tankers, melee'rs throughout depending on how they are geared, played, AAs?

    I think monk, rogue, and warrior is pretty self explanatory.

    Paladins do they get better heals? Can someone who liked a main holy paladin healer in wow, find some enjoyment in healing late game with a paladin? Patch healing?
    SKs are kind of like monks and Kind of like warriors, and pretty self sufficient always.

    Necros are a dps class? that requires some real thought and knowledge of dots and mechanics, they get a nice pet, that is probably more dps than tank?

    Beastlords are kinda like necros, monks, shamans, and druids? With a pet tank?

    Berserkers are just pure melee dps with some stuns?

    I am guessing this is kind of where every class ends up by around ToV.

    If I don't heroic boost a character around what lvl can I get a feel for each class?

    I think the main reason I am asking is because I am trying to decided if I want to make the move to having a live main on a standard rulesset or just stick with my now 33 rogue on Mangler. I'm having fun, but I also feel like I would like to be able to solo better and not wait for berserkers to come out. Maybe I would actually enjoy slipping back into more of a support roll like druid, cleric, or paladin.

    Things I can do, but don't like to do, I struggled all last night being the main puller for my group it wasn't hard, but it was really tiring lol. And Main tanking, the more important the job the worse I feel about it lol. I am not cut out to be a raid tank.
  12. Vumad Augur

    Wow, there's just so much going on here and so much bad information.

    In the 20-30 range you will have a very good idea of the classes at 85+ and mostly through the end of the game. Some things will happen but usually this is an expansion of your abilities, giving you more options than you did when you started.

    First, don't compare WoW to EQ. There are similarities but you will find it easier to just forget what you know about WoW and look at EQ as something new.

    Rangers do get more rangery at higher levels. They are a primary melee class at the beginning. They get endless quiver at about 60 which lets them use their bow and good quality arrows, but they continue to be weak on ranged DPS. They do not become a ranged DPS class until they get their foreseen shots spell / AA and a number of archery AA as they level.

    Bards don't change much. They do a bit of everything. They play like enchanters at all levels.

    Wizards don't change much but like rogues/zerkers/monks/etc DPS classes they gain abilities that make performing well more complicated than nuke, nuke, nuke.

    Mages, like wizards, are consistent. Mages get a few different pets, some are for DPS and other for tanking. They are a primary DPS class and the only true pet tank class, have the best damage shields, etc. Other pet classes can get near the mage pet in quality of a mage summons a full set of pet armor for them.

    You have vastly oversimplified enchanters. Yes, they charm stuff. They also pacify so mobs are less likely to assist, and ENC can fade and mem blur making ENC one of the best pulling classes (beside monk and bard). ENC are by far the best at crowd control with many ways to mez, stun, root, etc. ENC also have the best haste, the second best slow, runes to absorb damage. Their pet at low level is dumb, but at high levels ENC get AA to control their pet. ENC are not a great DPS class, but as the best caster aDPS class, they greatly boost anyone near them casting a spell. I main enchanter.

    A lot going on with this druid thing. We don't have specializations like WoW. Druid's DoTs do not compare to necro dots and druid nukes do not compare to wizard nukes. Druids are a priest. Their job is to heal. I guess you can think of them as some crazy mesh between a necro, wizard and cleric. They can dot, nuke and heal well, but compared to those other classes they suck at it. Druid is perhaps the most versatile class as they can fill any role except a tank. Yes, they can solo, but that is based on the days when they snare/dot kited. That's not a thing anymore. All classes can Molo (solo with a merc)

    Not much about that shaman stuff is accurate. The do not tank or melee. They tank like a rogue tanks (at best) and they melee like a wizard. The are a priest. Like druids, they have given up their ability to heal for their utility. They are the weakest of the 3 priests for healing, but they can debuff/slow whereas druids and clerics can not. Shaman do cast dots, almost no nukes, their pet isn't any better than an enchanter pet. They have the second best haste and the best slow. Shaman are aDPS for melee.

    Think of SHM and ENC as kind of opposite coins of the same thing. ENC have the best haste and second best slow. SHM has the best slow and the second best haste. ENC aDPS casters and SHM aDPS melee. ENC get crowd control while SHM get heals.

    Monk is not that self explanatory. They are not punchy rogues. They are a primary pulling class. They have Feign Death and a number of tools used for splitting. They are built to get 1 mob into the camp at a time. Once the mob is there, then they are self explanatory.

    Yes, rogue and zerker are pretty self explanatory. Although there are some special things they get, like rogues can make poisons, can lockpick (not very common, but bards are the only other class that can). Rogues also get shroud of stealth, so almost nothing in the game can see them.

    Warriors, yes, pretty self explanatory. They are the strongest tanks and pretty singularly focused.

    Yes, paladins in both wow and EQ wear plate, melee and heal, but EQ does not have class specs. Paladins in EverQuest are knights. They are built for tanking. We do not have DPS/Tank/healer spec. A paladin can not stand in for a cleric/druid/shaman in EverQuest. Yes, a paladin plays a critical role in patch healing and curing, especially in raids, but you wont find a warrior using a paladin as their main healer. Although a paladin can do some great DPS with their slay undead ability and using 2 handed swords instead of sword/shield, they are not replacing rogues/zerkers. Also paladins do get pacify for split pulling, but it's level limited. And paladins can stun and rez.

    SKs are not like monks. Knight in everquest are hybrids. A paladin is a cross between a cleric and a warrior. A ranger a cross between a warrior and a druid. The SK is a cross between a warrior and a necromancer. Tanks are WAR, PAL and SK. SKs do get feign death, but a casted spell like a necro, not an instant ability like the monk. PAL heal the group and cure themselves, while SK siphon life to heal themselves but not the group (and no cures). SKs with FD and snare are better for pulling than paladins, as level has nothing to do with these abilities.

    Yes, necros are a DPS class. They are the dot DPS class. They are one of the 3 pet classes (weakest of the 3 pets. (SHM, ENC and SK get pets but they are not pet classes). But they are more than this. NEC are the enchanters of the undead. They can do anything an ENC can do except only to undead (ENC can do it anywhere). Necros get undead only slow, charm, mez and pacify. Necros do not get runes, but they can feign death. They can rez, but they need to sacrifice a player for an essence emerald or tap one from a mob.

    This beastlord thing... You are oversimplifying the classes here comparing them to all of those. BST is a hybrid class from a monk and a shaman. They get weaker shaman abilities, so they have a weaker slow and weaker dots. They can patch heal. Their pets are the second best of the pet classes and when equiped with mage pet armor can compare well to mage pets in tanking. BST also get their monk abilities, like using H2H and blunt weapons, and they get Feign death at the upper levels giving them the ability to pull.

    Zerkers are in the top 3 DPS with Rogue and Wizard. They put out the most Burst DPS of any class I have parsed but they get basically nothing in abilities. I don't think they can stun. They do large amount of damage in short intervals, and that's pretty much it.

    You will have a good feel for the classes around level 20 but by level 30. Some things will change though, as a SHM (anyone) can tank just fine at L20 but will get slaughtered at 110.

    You wont see a huge difference in play style between rogues and zerkers. That's not a reason to leave your server in my opinion.

    Cleric, druid and paladins are not what I would call support rolls. Again, paladins are not like WoW. They are a tank class. Druids and clerics are healers. I consider support roles as those classes that pull, buff, debuff, crowd control or aDPS. The 3 classes you listed here do none of those things really.

    You struggled because rogues are not a pulling or a tanking class. If you want to pull and tank, play a SK. They can properly split pull and tank.


    Now that we have straightened out that mess, lets start over.

    There are 4 rolls in EverQuest.
    Tank = take damage
    Healer = repair damage
    DPS = deal damage
    Support = modify damage.

    Tanks are WAR, PAL, SK, Mage pet (Mage pet is still not a true tank)
    Healers are CLR, DRU, SHM
    DPS are well, everyone in a way I guess
    Support = anyone who can properly pull (what you are doing as a rogue is not true pulling), debuff, crowd control, buff, etc

    This is how classes work...

    There are the pure classes.

    And hybrid, which will have combinations of the above class abilities.

    You better click the like button.
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  13. Magneress Elder


    This was a really good write up. You clarified a lot. I see what you mean by healer vs support rolls. The game has a lot of depth and distinction here it seems. I'm use to the only 3 rolls and no puller roll. :D like u don't pull to a camp in WoW.

    Again, thanks! This helps a lot thinking about what I want to play at max level. You have given me quite a bit to think about. I'm pretty sure "Everquest Berserker" will be one of my epithets XD

    I hope a few more people click like on your post and it becomes the defacto standard by which all everquest characters are judged!

    Kudos to you.
  14. Vumad Augur

    Then perhaps consider playing a puller.

    The top pulling classes are MNK, BRD, ENC and NEC (undead)

    Other classes can pull as well, but have fewer abilities. PAL (pacify), SK(FD/snare/grapple), BST (FD) and NEC (FD for non-undead), RNG (little buggy ATM).

    Since you want to melee, and you have had the wow experience, I highly suggest you take some time to play a bard. It is absolutely nothing like anything you played in WoW. If you are willing to give up melee, then ENC is also not represented in anyway in WoW.
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