19th Anniversary Tasks (Bonus) Achievement

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    Some time ago, someone posted a bug report that the individual tasks within this achievements were disappearing.

    19th Anniversary tasks (Bonus) disappear after logging | EverQuest Forums (daybreakgames.com)

    It was "resolved" by a member of the community - get all of the items, an aug, a container, a trophy and a fishing rod into your inventory at the same time and the achievement would update.

    Case closed.

    This week a guild-mate said that following the recent patch they had lost all of their stat trophies. When they petitioned - they were informed by Darkpaw that before the trophies were replaced, they would need to provide screen prints of the achievement windows, and their toon captured.

    Although its a step more than I personally have been asked for when petitioning, its not really that big a deal, you list your lost trophies, do an internet search, find the achievement and go to your achievements - print screen.

    Except in the case of the 19th Anniversary Task (Bonus) Achievement, if you hadn't seen that bug report, it's too late to resolve it. (I've just been to my plot to get all of those items together - just in case).

    I'm hoping Darkpaw can look into fixing this. Some of my guild-mates have some of the quests and bonus items done, but not all, so should they lose items, they would be unable to prove they had obtained the bonus items. Please "like" this to help get this attention.
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