19th Anniversary: Dreadspire Time Sink

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Poyzen Frawg, Mar 16, 2018.

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  1. Critts Augur

  2. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    We felt those, aye.
    We were a group of 4 with 2boxes - WAR(+SHM box),BST,BER,CLR(and ENC box).
    When we were done with it, we had around 3hrs left on the timer (so i assume we took 3hrs, but i did not pay attention) - it's quite a long mission. (barring some bypassing as mentioned above which i don't know about).
    A resist (on mez) on pull = death or even wipe. We then let the BST FD pull for the most part, with the possum fails that cost him several deaths too - and the tagging ENC... in some places, SHM root worked better than ENC mez for CC at least.
    WAR did not last too long against more than two... mobs REALLY hit hard; i'd like to know more of this "scaling" as it seems somewhat too exponential.
    So it's not only long but also high-risk.
    Which is ok, it was fun nonetheless for the most part. i'm just a little pissed off by the fact that besides useless (because we're all maxed and ALTs that could use some are no good here at 110, nor are underdeveloped boxes really) XP there wasn't a reward and - from where i stand as an observer to the looting/turning in/guessing part only - guesswork going on. We DID look for ground spawns, but unless one of us "secretly" picked them up we didn't notice any, and in the end we even went through the cleared rooms again to check.
    So not only long and high risk, but also far too easy to fail in the (real) objective - yes i am aware that it's supposed to be a "bonus" achievement, but still... risk vs reward seem to be somewhat out of whack as it is.

    Dancers do not see invis, as you said like in the base zone and could - in theory - be bypassed as you claim, the same would be true for some or most of the hallway mobs. Due to the assist radii you do not want unkilled mobs behind you though, limiting your movement/pulling space, so no there isn't really a way around killing them imo.
    Time might cloud my memory too, but i do not recall issues moving through there at level 70 (i think it was) as i had yesterday in that mission. At least i could easily farm my augments and move around to get to places and all. Did assist radii "scale" too perhaps?

    Due to the SI orcs at the entrance points and assist radii of the dancers (mobs in general really), the "ballroom" cannot be bypassed much - two dancer adds easily become 5 to the two orcs you get, and that's an almost certain wipe (plus we noticed some dancers not pathing back well).
    The "things" you mention that should give clues to the where... We cleared the rooms and found none :/
    At least our BST (nor anyone else that i noticed) did not report any.
    We DID get the 5 or 6 drops though, so we could with some degree of certainty tell the class of the perpetrator. Only these were - among others - on the trashmobs you said we need not kill (as was reported above), i.e. shadowmanes in the hallways from ZI room to ballroom and beyond, Orc servants and such. Definitely NOT just from mobs inside the rooms (library, lab and so on) as you said.
    In the end, we failed on the bonus presumably because our looter/hailer guessed the wrong room.
    He had all the clues we found, so in theory he should have had the best chances to "guess" correctly.
    Or did we perhaps "just" miss some valid text in all the fighting that was going on? Not from what you hinted above, i gather it should be deducible from groundspawns (where) and drops (who) - right?
  3. gnomeboss Augur

    i'm trying to confirm what room goes with what keyword. i know the murder happened in the southern spire, but i don't know exactly what keyword goes with that. the choices are Laboratory, Ballroom, Library, Bedroom, Crypt, Study, and Ritual Area.

    i'm thinking it's ritual area? idk! again, my guess is the southern spire, but i don't want to blow all the time spent killing everything to guess the wrong thing. i have 3 hours and 10 minutes until i have to make a guess!
  4. gotwar Augur

    Did this with a group geared Warrior app, a bard, a zerker, and me (enchanter), with two cleric mercs. Took 2 hours in total, and that was with us (read: me) screwing around and wiping us a few times.

    If you're having trouble, there's probably a guide up on EQR somewhere, or the strat for "guessing" was talked about a bunch in the EQR channel.

    That being said, I agree with a lot of the above posters; the mission was unnecessarily grind-y in an unfun way. The "Clue" type mission would have been fun if it was more of a stomp or just fewer kills were required to actually complete the objectives.
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  5. Daedly Augur

    Is the exp in this mission at least better than RoS?
  6. Daedly Augur

  7. Nudia Augur

    Wait, wait, wait...

    So you're saying people are cheesing this and skipping the intended mechanics with a publicly advertised method to farm augs without taking the time to do it properly?

    At least the people that got suspended for that a few months ago had to kill a cactus.
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  8. Intenso Augur

    they did the same for helmet of rallos zek and nothing happened o and the raid shoulders from cotf
  9. Yinla Augur

    This quest is buggy as hell.

    Guessed wrong room, so dropped and got it again.
    Dropped quest again as Mell didn't update when we hailed
    got again bag was in what we thought was the study (hidden room off library) apparently that was wrong.
    Dropped and tried again - food on the table respawns when picked up.

    Is there a map anywhere with the room areas on it? Seem to be missing Ritual Area, Bedroom, Crypt and Study map labels on every map I can find. It's been years since I did this zone.
  10. Moege Augur

    Study is across the gap, circular staircase (a few floors) at the bottom
  11. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I would guess that there's more info "out there" every day on these new missions.
    When we did this yesterday however, i found nothing at all on the site you mentioned and only a few comments on Alla about THIS particular mission.

    While i voice my dissatisfaction about RoS basically since my first taste of it at release day, i kind of like the concept of this mission. (would like it even better perhaps if we hadn't missed the ground spawns somehow).
    If only it weren't for the overtuned feeling.

    It's far from "untankable" of course, especially when you can keep it to singles (I'm sure BRD *and* ENC in a group help a lot in that regard). But even in comparison with RoS mobs these hit HARD. And that, together with the ease of multiple adds you can and do get, make it "work" instead of a "passtime". Well, to me at least.
  12. svann Augur

  13. Yinla Augur

    no idea what gap you speak of.
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  14. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Dito, it's been years and i don't feel "at home" there anymore as i did back then - but the mission brought back some nice memories.
    The bedroom would be, i would say, the upper Sisters area (where back in the time the raid was was waiting to deal with the repops while the clue teams were doing their thing, following sisters around).
    Given that i could not click into the further areas of the zone beyond sisters, i would further guess that the crypt were the lower sisters area - north or south or both i cannot say of course. But hopefully the combined input here can unravel that "riddle" of the where's for us :)
  15. svann Augur

    Id like dev response on whether that is considered an exploit
  16. gotwar Augur

    https://special.eqresource.com/aformaldinnerparty.php *


    *Don't read this if you don't want spoilers!
  17. Moege Augur

    Go through the porter on the east side bedrooms, you get ported across, go down the ramp thats the study.
  18. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Not quite sure, but he might mean the Vule area? That's where i did not try to click down to tbh so not sure if it's accessible.
  19. Sokki Augur

    Yes the stair case down towards Vule area is unlocked. The room that we needed when we ran it was down there. The study and Ritual area are both down there.
  20. Yinla Augur

    Forgot about the bedrooms on the other side, and the crypts behind there.

    Thanks to everyone else for info on Study and Ritual I think we know where they all are now.
  21. Yinla Augur

    Does the lab cover the area down the tunnels where the corpses are?
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