19th Anniversary: Dreadspire Time Sink

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Poyzen Frawg, Mar 16, 2018.

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  1. Koryu Augur

    I wonder. If some of the evidence is loot, and HAs force the 100% of possible spawns, but there's now an 80% chance for the variable population to despawn after being force-spawned by the HA, does that mean that the evidence could be placed on a mob that can then be despawned? Or is there a safeguard script that says a mob cannot be despawned if it has a Quest Loot in its inventory?

    Edit: Maybe the spawn/despawn cycle happens immediately, but the evidence is not placed on mobs until after the murder happens. I'm just thinking out loud here, I don't know how to code a quest/mission.
  2. Caerwyld New Member

    So, here we go again ...
    Quests are created and either backdoors or loopholes are programmed into the quests.
    Then low and behold the folks who play, the same folks who are trying to learn the strategy to successfully complete each quests, find a way to win based on what is there in front of them.
    And in the creation process someone got sloppy or lazy and didn't do their job properly or took a shortcut themselves. So when the shoddy loophole is found, instead of saying , "Whoops! They found the loophole, close it and be done. Thanks for showing us the error, we fixed it! Here's a few items or a hundred thousand plat for your help!"
    What is said is "Dang! Our shoddiness and laziness was exposed. YOU ALL MUST PAY FOR EXPOSING US!!!"
    Then ban everybody!
    What? Are you guys ten years old?!?
    When these exploits or loopholes or shoddy lines of code are found like this ... fix it and see to yourselves!
    Want everyone to complete the quest to get an item?
    Have a timer set for EVERY quest!
    It's called a flow chart for Bristlebane's sake!
    If this, then code
    It's that simple!
    Why are the players getting blamed for the errors of the developers?!

    I get it, it's a massive game with a huge amount of content!
    Things will fall through the cracks.
    When it does, fix it and forget it.
    Most all of us who play are adults. We think, we reason, we play.
    That's the nature of this game!
    Don't punish the player when they outwit you.
    Congratulate them and try again!

    By the way ...
    Thank you for this game!
    It is one of my favorite forms of entertainment!
    I absolutely appreciate your hard work and dedication to each and every effort you employ to make Everquest the most excellent gaming past time!
    Please, keep up the great work!
    Thank you!!!
  3. feeltheburn Augur

    to each their own.
  4. Stephen51 Augur

    Another case of making a mission for Raiders and specific classes. You are pandering to the elite. Again.

    Drop the difficulty of the mobs to TBM, make them Dark blue cons to 110.

    Drop zone population down by maybe a third.

    Make living mobs see through IVU. Make undead mobs see through Invis.

    The mission is supposed to be a celebration of Everquest not an ordeal. Let a group of Everquest players (and their mercs) come together, and as long as they have someone to tank it, some one to heal said tanker, and someone to make the mob hp's drop as both tanker and healer do what they do, then you are golden. So what if some classes can assassinate, decap, headshot the mobs, why give them the ability to do those things and remove the opportunity! The same goes for mezzing, rooting and snaring.

    You want this doable in an hour. Not six.
  5. Ghubuk Augur

    We do consider skipping steps and doing only part of the mission to get the reward exploiting.

    If people don't know the steps (especially on a new event), how are they to
    even know they are skipping steps?
  6. Dreadmore Augur

    The quest window lists steps
    There's also the whole narrative to it
  7. Ghubuk Augur

    Not sure where you are getting the whole narrative and the steps dont say much. Just says get proof which doesnt tell you anything really. So people listen to others that have done it assuming it is correct.
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  8. Dreadmore Augur

    I read the quest notes in the quest window and read what the NPCs in the instance say. Doorman announces that you're there for a party, and Melion says someone got killed, wants you to figure out how.
    Yeah, it just says to get proof. Sure it doesn't tell you much, but if the step doesn't update, then you know you haven't done it yet or have skipped it.
    I don't know, my dude. Just trying to answer your question about how people can know they are skipping steps.
  9. Ghubuk Augur

    My point exactly, you don't realize you are missing anything until it doesn't update. And even then, you still don't know what the next step was supposed to be.
  10. svann Augur

    The quest step updates are there for quest completion - not for bonus completion. More often than not, these are two completely separate things. In EQ quests, "bonus" does not mean in addition to; it means separate from.
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  11. Dreadmore Augur

    I can only speak for myself and only in hindsight of course, but I can't see how I would've skipped steps and accidentally exploited this mission. I read the quest dialogue and understood that I needed to solve a murder. I knew what quest steps needed to be completed by way of what was active and what was blanked out with question marks, and went about trying to do it.

    There is absolutely no way I would've known to "/target Melion" and "/say the ritual area" without having gotten to that step legitimately (he'll give you dialogue options at that point) or without having done it first. I didn't even know the room options.

    I don't think this is unreasonable, and I'm willing to bet that the exploit was found actively and deliberately. But I'm not everyone, and I can accept that. In fact--unconfirmed--but I kind of gleaned from one of the posts here that if you just /hail Melion again before handing in the clues, he'll tell you the room options. I guess I just followed the quests kind of robotically.
  12. Tamaden Elder

    Guys, you can try to reason with them all you want, they already stated this IS exploit and they always punished players for exploits. So just bend over and take it policy is in effect here. All we can do is wait on our punishment decision and go from there.....
  13. enclee Augur

    Hopefully soon, I'm starting to generate some wife aggro.
  14. Zaviere Augur

    Relax, guys. There won't be any bans/suspensions.
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  15. Tamaden Elder

    And your reasoning for this is?
  16. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    That was already in a previous hotfix.

    The hotfix went in last night.

    And since the only topic is one we can' talk about... gonna close this.
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