17th Anniversary Producer's Letter

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  1. Windstalker Executive Producer

    Hail Norrath!

    It’s anniversary time for EverQuest and its 17th year!

    The past year was fantastic, and we thank you for that! This year is also shaping up to bring healthy doses of Norrathian delights!

    Coming next week with the anniversary, the team has created the Gnome Race event for everyone to enjoy on ALL servers! To participate, you'll need to create a new gnome in Ak'Anon. Look for Tipsy Teena near the exit from Ak'Anon to Steamfont Mountains and be prepared to drunk-dash and get flung across Faydwer all the way to the Estate of Unrest! Keep an eye out for world broadcasts when the race is about to begin because the prizes include brand new, awesome gnomish clockwork Hero's Forge armor pieces! For those not as adept at drunk-dashing, we will have an alternate set of clockwork Hero's Forge armor available in the marketplace.

    What else? A fabled Legacy of Ykesha raid is coming for our players that raid on live servers for the anniversary! Woot! This raid and another bonus (wink, wink) will start on March 16th, so stay tuned for an announcement about that. Given the popularity of the dog and cat pets, and being true to our legacy, we felt it appropriate to bring you Gnolls in a Barrel. Do a barrel gnoll! This pet bundle will also be available starting with the Anniversary update on March 16th.

    You have all shown us how much love you have for EverQuest, just like us, so we want to keep exploring new ways to enjoy this incredible game. Heading into summer, we have some big and fun plans in the works. We are still finalizing the details before we make any grand statements – and there should be a grand statement as we inch closer. The expansion for this year is well under way and looking incredible on the art front as well as design. We are really jazzed about where our new adventures will take you, and we’re excited to see what you think when we are ready to share more!

    On top of all the stuff you will see, there’s some stuff you won’t! We are making some backend changes to improve server stability while also minimizing the loss of progress due to rollbacks. These changes will be mostly transparent, but it will help us to provide a better experience.

    So, to all Norrathians, happy anniversary and thanks for all your support and commitment to EverQuest! Get ready to get your Gnome on and join us as we celebrate the anniversary with a drunken Gnome race on the Vox server on Wednesday, March 16 at 3PM PST.You can also join our team in a Twitch livestream on twitch.tv/everquestlive!
  2. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Another X-pac! First we thought TDS was the last one then TBM and now another!
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  3. Ganlorth New Member

    No Double Experience? bah!
  4. Tharkis Princess

    *Slaps a big "Dzarn likes this" sticker on the thread* (hey i still have a bunch of them from an SOE Live a few years back) Happy birthday EQ!
  5. Riou EQResource

    Will the drunken gnome thing have a certain amount of winners per try?

    Are the ornaments no trade/heirloom, or trade-able?

    If trade-able and limited winners, what is stopping someone from full cheesing it to monopolize all of them :p

    Hopefully the event is rotated through day with times so everyone in every time zone can participate too :p
  6. Tudadar Augur

    Brings on that new progression server news when you announce the big and fun plans in the works, baby!
  7. Battleal New Member

    Who is this Almar toon? Where did you get TDS was the last x-pac... then TBM....?
  8. Gumby Augur

    So I suppose we'd have to purchase a character slot to even participate in this?

    Great strategy there.
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  9. MrMajestykx Augur

    if its just for armor pieces I wouldnt sweat it /shrug. Talk to me bout a useful clicky or something like that and then I d consider the slot.
  10. Zhora New Member

    If you could release a finished expansion that would be great.
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  11. Kamoj New Member

    While you are fixing background stuff, can you please change it back so that characters don't load into the game before other assets? It's wreaking havoc with my houses!
  12. AlmarsGuides Augur

    When TDS was announced they said from there on out it would be Campaigns (similar to EQ2). After that SoE sold EQ to Daybreak. Later the next year it was announced that 'We got a lot more done this year than we expected and will be able to release a full expansion' and we got The Broken Mirror. They never said TBM would be the last X-pac, we just assumed it would be since TDS was supposed to be last.

    A lot of us have been waiting for Campaigns for the past 3 years, or should we say expecting campaigns for the last 3 years. An expansion is a pleasant surprise to all of us thinking TBM was going to be the last one.

    All of this can be confirmed through old producers letters, google, or just asking someone who has been playing since CoTF =D




    To give you a few.
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  13. Arkk Lorekeeper

    Would love to see old content resurrected through instanced solo/group versions of old zones--nothing new/revamped, just the same old thing but worth spending time in--and maybe some achievements with those expansions as well. It would give some of us the opportunity to re-play in a setting more relevant to our level, and give some kind of alt. currency reward loot for the named kills, tasks, and raids so people will want to co-op. Maybe slowly update the old rewards with that for the more interesting older multi-zone quests like Eyepatch of Plunder, Interrogator Badge, etc.?

    Just a(n amazing) thought.
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  14. Wildrose New Member

    Glad to see that another expansion will see the day. Thanks for the letter/announcement! Any thoughts put on server merges? I have been playing on both Vox and Phinny because I enjoy both the live and LTP servers. The thing is tho, population-wise, Phinny is just much more fun. A merge of live servers would be great (look at lotro), we could double the population on all servers! Just a thought! Thanks for keeping the game alive :)
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  15. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Lets hope the next 7 expansions aren't bad since they went and "broken mirror"

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  16. Numiko Augur

    Last year it was 16 days of 60% exp bonus, so maybe this year it will be 17 days of 70%!!
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  17. Jazfer Journeyman

    im pretty jazferd for new expansion as well
  18. Numiko Augur

    Also watch your silver / free to play accounts, last year they made everyone gold for a week, which makes it a good time to log your silver toons you have leveled over the last year and hit that Auto AA button!
  19. Thunderkiks Augur

  20. Iila Augur

    You're putting a lot of stock in what releases are called. Going by the past 4 years, being an "expansion" guarantees nothing about the release model, size, quality, or price. There's no reason that the next "expansion" couldn't be part of a half year cycle. Revoking a name change to mollify the change-adverse EQ base and continuing on with whatever release plans seems like a better choice

    This team could not finish a 5 zone release in a full year. Doesn't matter if it was called an expansion, campaign, adventure pack, DLC, expedition, set, or kegerator, the result is the same.

    If you're just talking about not being sure if there would be another release after TDS, there were about a dozen zones in development when SOE changed names. About half were used in TBM. We've have a pretty good idea what the next release's theme would be for over a year. A release after that one? That's the one I'm worried about.
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