17 Years of EverQuest: What's YOUR Story?

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  1. Carroth New Member

    I was kind of a late bloomer when it came to EQ.. Once I could finally afford a computer and the internet in 2000, I was quickly drawn to the Text based MUDD's... Yeah, you know what I mean.. No graphics, just a vague, text based description of the area or room..

    ..You are in a grassy marsh, you see a mosquito.. The only obvious paths are North, and East...

    I was kinda sucked into that for over a year, until a friend told me about EQ... Bought the EQ Trilogy. And then...Had to wait 3 weeks until I could save up enough to buy something called a graphics card..

    I was torn over what class and race to play. Server was a given.. Turns out several RL friends were playing on The Rathe. They told me I was going to make a LOT of money offering ports as a Wizard..

    My friends did let me know, that when you die, you need to locate corpse and recover your gear.. They kinda sorta left out the whole thing about regaining lost exp via rezzes..

    I managed to get myself to level 26 before ever realizing that a cleric can be your best friend.. And once I hit level 30, Planes of Power came out, and I never did make bank offering people ports. Lol
  2. Forcer Deathmagi Journeyman

    One of my stories goes like this and sorry in advance if i set a bad role model lol. I started this game in my teens and didnt go to school for close to a whole year. Was not worth it in a major way because irresponsible but in a minor way WOOHOO was it fun and one of the most peaceful and enjoyable times in my life Hahahahaha
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