17 Years of EverQuest: What's YOUR Story?

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  1. TT23 New Member

    Everquest is the best mmo out there in my opinion I was a kid watching it in 1998 test server and grew up playing Enchanterof is my main Soulfire is my mother and Dart is my dads toon they old toons
  2. OldTimeEQ1 Lorekeeper

    In 1999 while at a friend's place in Dallas, Texas, sometime in Sep 99, I was browsing through a Time Magazine (a couple or so months old issue), and saw an article on a game called EverQuest. Having never played any online games till then - I was an international student in grad school doing my MBA then - I was piqued. I picked up a copy from CompUSA , installed it on my craptastic PC and was hooked - made a monk on Quellious, read up a lot on Monk boards (the original ezboard one - by the Quirky "Q", I ended up as an admin there at some point, though everyone move to Dojo then monkly-business). I moved to Nameless when it opened, played for a few months there.

    Of course, I almost dropped out of Grad School, due to playing EQ non-stop! The friends we made then!

    Anyway, over the years, moving around multiple countries, I keep coming back to EQ. I came back for Combine, played a year or so. Now back for Ragefire last year, started on Phinegel and loving it till now. Had to make a new account last year as I couldn't recall my log in info right away ( ah darn age, I can recall most of my ingame friends from 99 through 2001!!). I did recall it later, logged in couldnt find my combine chars, guess need to check each server at some point.!

    I still vividly recall my first trip from Qeynos to freeport with the help of a level 15 shaman (I was lvl 12) on a saturday afternoon which took 2 hours! Maybe I will write a small book of a post about how amazing EQ was and still is in some aspects!



    P.S: This is the article! (I think full article can be found with some searching)
  3. CaptainSkeet Augur

    I was in high school when I originally heard of EQ. At the time I was playing a lot of Diablo 2 on battle.net, which I consider to be my first adventure into the online gaming scene. A friend from D2 was also playing, so we met up in game. We made ogre characters so we could easily find each other in the Feerrott. I still remember the wonder of the game just starting out. The sound effects of the zone, feeling like a whole huge world waa out there, and feeling like a tiny fish in an ocean. This was right before Luclin launched, so the leveling was pretty slow, especially for a newbie with cloth armor. I remember seeing fine steel weapons for sale on a vendor and thinking "wow, one day I will have some of those!" One day a character killing town guards actually gave me a weapon, and I was overjoyed at what seemes like amazing charity at the time.

    I ended up making a druid, and spent a lot of time in misty thicket, my other favorite starting zone. Seemed like such a happy area. I remember farming plague rats for their tails, which sold for a whopping 1 plat. Was huge to me at the time.

    I played around a bit, with fond memories of exp in Luclin and Velious, where I met a lot of different people. I got my friend from school playing, though he ended up on one of Zek servers and continued to give me crap for being a "bluebie". Never was interested in PvP in EQ though, it waa challenging enough. Eventually I made it into PoP, and I remember seeing a paladin one day soloing in PoI. I was amazed by the crits he was getting, and after he linked me some of his PoTime gear I knew I had to start raiding.

    Eventually I got into a casual raid guild, and we made our way into the planes. It was a tough go, but I remember our first RZtW kill. The guild was ecstatic. The feelings of accomplishment have never been surpassed in any game I have played. Keep in mind I was on dial up at the time... Coirnav event pretty much lagged me for 15 min. Yay for LD raiding! We continued raiding through GoD and onwards. I took a break after DoN. I always seem to come back though.

    I tried P99 for a while, but didnt get past level 10. Just didn't have the same time frames to invest to get moving.

    I have recently returned to the Phinny server, looking for the progression feeling again, and to experience the earlier expansions. I know he original feeling of wonder won't be back, but I am loving it anyway. With life being quite different now (married and have a child), I know I can't get the same time investment into the game as I used to. But it seems like that is the situation of a lot of folks, so I am happy to see the focus on making life mix with EQ.

    I am happy to be back and am looking forward to making new friends or meeting old ones again.
  4. chiin New Member

    i remember back when you log in and play the game.
  5. Trikkislick New Member

    I first started in 1999, I think the game had been out for 6 months already. A friend talked me into getting the game. It was my first online game ever. I remember my first day getting whupped by snakes and rats in Qeynos. One time I hit the wrong button when I was hailing a guard. I was suddenly attacking the guard, and he killed me in one swipe of the sword. I ran back to my corpse and slowly inched toward my corpse with the guard still near it. I actually apologized to the guard (in /say) because I had thought those NPC were actually Sony staff playing them. My friend was laughing his *** off because of my noobness. As I said, this game was my first experience in playing a game with other people from all over the world. I still have nightmares about trains in Blackburrow. The game sure has come a long way since those days.
  6. Tildareon New Member

    let's see....I started in 2001 Kunark on The Rathe, had many RL friends in game including a wizard named Ruesty that was always getting me killed....see....we couldn't snare...so we would tag team root bomb....he would fail to root and I would get smacked down in my cloth gear and he would get the kill XP....try it some time in all cloth gear with a staff of the wheel....

    Velious came I had a choice between Noble Blade, Tindi-Losi, and BotS,....I joined BotS....we woke the sleeper first time serverwide....nuf said. I still log in and level up the toons now and then....GG five boxing!
  7. Steve-O New Member

    So many memories, I remember my friend Paul (Muchi) introduced me to this game and described it as a chat room with extras. I was hooked immediately. Me and my brother in law first shared an account and would kick each other off while trying to play from our own homes . The best memories were the friends I made and the fun I had playing with them. So many friends I haven't talked to in years. I really wish PVP could come back as a progression server. Everquest was hands down the best MMORPG ever made and I wish that daybreak would take it back to those roots. I would certainly play again if that were the case. Too advanced now and too easy with mercernaries and boxed accounts losing the idea of community and needing others to form a group.
  8. Flatchy Augur

    Started playing right after PoP and have never taken a break since. My favorite memory was working on the Eyepatch of plunder quest. I had been camping Lodizal for many many days. My guildees (Yay Ethereal Coven, now Ring of the Dragon Hearts), came along just to bs and we wasted much time fishing waiting on that damn turtle. It finally appeared so away we went. It was not till after the great turtle was down that my guild was laughing at me for tanking the entire time with a fishing pole in hand.

    My strongest memory although was proposing to my high elf Cleric Klerycal in the guild hall. This year we celebrated our 10th marriage anniversary. Sad to say the wife does not play EQ anymore but if you see Flatchy Bumwhistle chances are he has his trusty sidekick Deiter McBoombox gnome wizard along. That toon is probably played by our 10 year old Trelf (half troll half elf) daughter.

    Thanks for the good times and good friends Ive made!
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  9. Evoin New Member

    I'm a bit to scatter brained to recall the sleepless nights of on the edge of the seat adventures EQ has brought me since 1999. I've met amazing people and truly not regretted a minute. Sadly I've played from the start and am still a newb to the game in 2016. I'm ok with that. EQ was 100% about the journey.
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  10. Kilak Thunderbow New Member

    I got the game back after a week kunark was out >i played on Cazic thule.My best memory was metting a so many close friends but i quit the game cause GoD with yak and mercs ending up killing what made this game so much better then the rest it toke away grouping

    my Fav place is still HKH who doesn't remeber (OMG RUN TRAIN TO THE ZONE!!!)followed by (OMG I HATE YOU CAUSE YOU GOT ME KILLED) 3 min later (woot i got a group hey buddy sorry bout getitng earlier lets pwn ) good times in that place

    but the best thing bout this game i was a darn good cleric so many people asked my play style and how do to better ll across my sever even from the top ends raid guilds but i just rember metting so many people in my life and having allot of still as frineds i lot my MoM to Cancer some of EQ friends even one from denmark fell out for my moms funeral just to make sure i was ok and i still have those friends today
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  11. Cloak New Member

    My buddy and I were playing Diablo 2 when we heard of this game. He picked up a copy and we gave it a go. We started as a mage (Lilaznboi) on the Inny server running around killing snakes and rats. We instantly made some really good friends in-game and the relationship went on for years until I joined the Army.

    I will just toss out random good memories:

    The popularity of EC Tunnels, joining waiting lists for camps, loads of people in every zone at all times, so chances of finding a group and making long term friends was higher. Killing crocs in Oasis with the call "spectre or SG to docks", Hitting level 20 and creating my first ever surname, Being in shock and awe the first time I witnessed someone hit for 100 dmg, having an alarm clock setup and taking power naps for days just to get Raster of Guk to spawn for my monk my guildies would bring me bandages/food/water, no one can ever forget corpse runs.. hours of your life gone just recovering your body that had a item with actual stats on it, Killing Guards just to level up because exp was hard to come by. When Kunark was released, we were leveling in Ill Omen and the water gobbies stormed the beach and everyone teamed up to take it on. First time raiding was Phinny and I was scared that whole time because I hate underwater zones ( also deep and dark waters in RL ), with my tiny computer monitor I would tread lightly through that place fearing death. Once I made the mistake of zoning into PoFear, died instantly because of adds and pretty much lost my corpse. Being OOM, so I would crack open the old spell book and actually read my spells getting excited to try them out, then I learned about gems game which also helped. I remember being in Lake of Ill Omen when Luclin was released and the complaints of the BST class, no one seemed to want the class at the time. But just hanging out at back door of fort and knowing the server were coming down for an expansion release was exciting because it was a whole new experience and at the time you and your friends/guild would be venturing to a new world to conquer.

    This game has been a part of my life since I was 14 or 15, now I am 31 and still play it. No matter how many other games played, I always come back to EQ.
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  12. Kloven Elder

    In May 1999, I worked at an internet startup where we had free internet access from our desks. A colleague who sat across from me started playing Everquest when it launched.I watched over his shoulder as he’d kill rats and bees, but told myself not to get into it, he’d tell me over lunch the latest adventures he had.While visiting old friends in July 1999 for a summer picnic, I found out a number of my childhood friends who I had played AD&D with, were playing Everquest.They urged me to join them on their server, which ironically happened to be the same one my friend at work had selected.So the next day I bought the box set and rolled up my cleric, the same class and name I had often played in our AD&D campaigns.

    From there the adventure began. I met friends thru others, joining folks needing a healer in their group in dungeons, where it would take me an hour just to get to them.More colleagues from work joined us, and we formed a guild and became a part of an alliance of guilds on Povar.We worked on quests together, some nights spending hours trying to figure things out.We started doing raids together, including an epic 7 hour Fear corpse recovery, which I used a sick day from work the next day.

    Over time, modems gave way to cable modems. People started playing on two computers at the same time!

    I became friends with folks across the states, as well as overseas. Many of whom I’d chat with each night about their lives and family outside of Everquest, while we were grouped together or they were across Norrath doing something else.To this day, my recollection of 9/11 includes going to the message boards to check my friends were okay.

    The heat of Kunark gave way to the frozen lands of Velious, and then everyone gathered at the old world spires to travel to the moon of Luclin. I will never forget being ported to Iceclad by a wizard friend and when she lost her connection, she became visible and a snow dervish killed her, I ran as fast as I could to find a zone line.We shared our phone numbers with others in our guild when our highest level cleric was next in line for Zordak in Skyfire, I got a call around 3am and logged in to help.

    In the summer of 2002, one of my close friends and I flew to Boston for the Everquest Fan Faire. This is when I truly started to understand the scope of the Everquest community.We met up with almost a dozen friends who traveled there, and made friends with tons of folks those couple of days.It was enjoyable sitting around the lobby and talking Everquest with everyone.So we went to the subsequent Fan Faires in Vegas the couple years after, being able to meet friends we had made from the west coast and all around the world.I still play with a few of these friends now on Ragefire.

    Everquest has been part of my life for 17 years. Of course I’ve had times away from the game.But to this day when I say I’m going fishing, I mean in North Karana.If I say I’m going hunting, ideally I’m headed into the rockhopper caves of Dawnshroud.
  13. Jonzun New Member

    I started on Bertox in March, 1999 (back in the dial-up days... which is a completely different story). I rolled a monk. The thing I remember most about EQ in those days is that it had the feel of a pen and paper RPG where the players were in character and the GM's were more like DM's than CSRs. A lot of olde English was used and it was not unusual to see Brad (GM) roaming around in his ogre avatar (Gharn) persona. He actually came up to me when I was killing crocs in Oasis and asked me why I was wearing leather (because of the monk weight penalty). I had no idea of the weight penalty at the time. But, it was pretty cool for the GM to be so personally involved in the player's game experience.

    Verant was a **** back in those days. Names had to conform to a traditional fantasy format (no Leetdude's) and they were very focused on how they wanted the players to experience the game. This was both good and bad because EverQuest was a difficult game (and still is compared to most others). I remember the day they put level restrictions on gear. I guess they didn't want players trivializing the low-end content by twinking out their new characters. But, that lowered the replayability of the game a LOT. Getting one character to max level 'the old fashioned way' was hard enough. If a player stays on the treadmill long enough to cap a character, they've earned the right to twink their alts. I look at the current 'standard' game with it's uber noob gear (and the ability to pay a few bucks to go straight to 85) and I just shake my head. That said, I appreciate the fact that when a player builds a character in EverQuest they have really accomplished something. I have played many many other MMO's over the past decades and none have given me the satisfaction of EQ.

    So far as game memories go... the attempt at a GM event in Kithicor where two GM avatars were supposed to have some extravagant good-v-evil dialogue near the entrance to Rivervale. The players starting attacking the GM's almost immediately while the GM's were shouting 'not yet!' and the player population ended up crashing the zone. Fun stuff. A ranger named Creon started camping the gnolls in Highpass farming the PGT long after the gnolls were trivial to him then sold the PGTs to players. Shortly thereafter, a new status for items was released, "LORE". Finally, the cleric in my regular group bound himself on the stairs going down to the basement in Highkeep. Well, we had a party wipe and he got caught in a death spiral where he repeatedly respawned into a mass of pickclaws. He lost almost an entire level before he disco'd to stop the dying.
  14. Shash Journeyman

    I wonder how many have looked for familiar names along these threads. So many people I’ve known and admired have disappeared from EQ with no farewell.
    Felix – our Bard and raid leader left the game when the Bard nerf came out back in 2002?
    Baruska - a mage of awesome abilities just faded away with no word.
    Oogh – I don’t even remember what class he was. SK I think, just drifted away. A powerful personality.
    Gadatu – A Ranger with a heart that I will always miss.
    Monte – a Rogue with such a sense of humor – could always make one laugh, especially me.
    Loneblade - A Ranger that passed away on Mother’s Day 2004. My Hero.
    Aasayah – not sure of spelling, but this person was a life saver.
    Tamarie – What an awesome Druid
    So many more but the list is very long…
    I’ve been playing EQ since 2002 and there are so many people I’d like to reconnect with, but they are no longer there. Fourteen years of friendships that have come and gone over the years. I’m so thankful for the friends I’ve made over the years and still have a connection with, regardless of whether they still play EQ. The friends made have been there through the rough times and the good times. I think that’s what has made this * so called game* so special…we all connected in so many good ways in the past.
    I hope it continues for the future EQ players to come. This game can be such a world of its own with people you can call family, people who care and help with tough times, and with people YOU can help or share a laugh with.

    My best EQ memories are too many to retell. I love this game for all that it is, and hopefully…all that it will be. It can be great, but that’s in the hands of the new owners.
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  15. Tvarian Augur

    I started EQ during the OoW expansion. My first day was the day of some huge event in, iirc, Dreadlands. Was a big battle. Here I was on slow dialup internet, and I was able to zone in to the battle, and catch just a few seconds of it before I crashed because there were so many players in the zone.

    I remember a week into playing the game, someone was kind enough to give me 100 plat out of the blue. I felt rich! Got some armor pieces and killed bigger orcs in GFay. It helped me eventually get the HE Paladin newbie armor.

    I eventually made a dark elf shadow knight and joined the Dark Elf Militia of Norrath. I still miss that guild today. Was a guild of only DEs and were mostly alts, but they did fun things. I remember they had a guild tournament event where players would dual. They had nice rules in effect that made it fair for all levels to compete. They started with the highest players first, and when a winner emerged, they had a 2 minute rest period before the next opponent came in. This was back before high regen, and it was all self-buff only for the fights. They did groups of 5 level differences, so 61-65 would be one group, then 56-60, and so on down. After that there was a free-for-all, last man standing fight. As a 20's SK I ended up 2nd to last. Mostly luck, but was so much fun. They awarded items looted from a couple weeks worth of hunting as prizes. Can't do these now with the way the game works, but it was so much fun there. I remember having a guild meeting once in a bar, where we were all illusioned because we were KOS there. I think it was just for spite to drink all the halfling's ale.

    I eventually found myself on Drinal and was the first "recruit" of Chivalry Reborn. I still say hello to those guys from time to time. The guild still exists, but hasn't done much for years. I had to leave EQ for a few years when I decided to go back to school. I needed a high speed internet connection for that, and my only option was satellite, which the lag made EQ unplayable. Once I was able to get a regular high speed connection (only 2 years ago), I was back on EQ. I was sad to see CR in its diminished state, and I now find myself on Xegony. I was able to get my high speed internet at my house when I returned home from being sick from cancer. First thing I did was load up EQ and got hooked all over again. I wished I had known EQ had a free player option when I was in the hospital, because I did have my computer there, mostly to watch recorded movies & shows. I'd have been in Norrath if I had known.

    I love playing EQ. I've never had the urge to play any other online game. For me it's a wonderful place to go home and just let my mind immerse itself and unwind from the workday. If my boss is a [insert appropriate comment here] that day, you know when I get home, some mob is gonna get what's coming to him! Orc, gobby, dragon... it doesn't matter.

    As long as EQ is running, I'll be playing.
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  16. Flliintt New Member

    I fondly remember my first adventure in everquest that sucked me into the game. I was running around as a nekked barbarian shammy in everfrost when I ventured a bit to far and found myself being chased down my a wooly mammoth. needless to say big furry red con mammoth and a squishy low level shammy I didn't stand much of a chance. I started to run away and got lost looking for the snowflake and the guards. next thing I see someone shouting "stop running away!" so I stopped and turned to see that someone else grabbed agro and showed no mercy upon this beasty as it was dead in seconds. giving my thanks to this kind sir I expected to be on my way after the help. no not even close this is when I learned about everquest having in game family and groups. the man that I had met and saved me then FULLY geared my naked butt and asked me about joining a guild. this was my first encounter with the warrior I knew then as steelblades. I joined the guild which was known as circle agape then. this started my many years and many hours of becoming the character I am today.

    if by some chance anyone from them good old days reads this. I miss you all guys and wish I could get back in touch with some of you. steelblades, steelsgirl, xabby, and many others. if you were in Circle Agape way back in the day this is Hinaria Menakednow aka Flint Swiftwind of Bertox now. I have so many memories of everquest over the years. all the up and downs, all the deaths, all the kills, all the loots, and all the fun. you cant ask for anything more in a game.
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  17. Dardo Journeyman

    Our tale begins...
    Electronics Boutique - Many years ago (17 to be exact) in a shopping mall long since demolished inside a store no one under the age of thirty could even comprehend a young man was told to buy "Everquest" cause your into those RPG D&D type games. He failed to mention it required internet access.
    I was rocking the latest hardware: Pentium 2 processor (check) 54K modem, internal (check), 1gb storage (check). Giant 40lb monitor with 14 inch screen (check). So as is obvious from those sweet stats above I loaded the game onto the hard drive with ease. Four hours later, when the game was ready to be played, I read the "You must have an internet connection." Clearly stumped and in over my head I called a friend whose father was an IT guy. He laughed and said, well you need to plug in the phone line to the back of your computer. He laughed at me, smug bastard, but that smug SOB was correct. I linked up and AOL'd in.
    This is where it gets interesting ..... next week (patch) we will find our hero in a new world called PVP (Rallos mutha-pluckin Zek) without a clue as to what the acronym means just that people are very mean and the char keeps getting killed by "friends". To all my fans and mostly friends on The Nameless (which is now eronamlisses), Love you all! TO THE PLURD! TO THE TURD! TO THE DER! Long live our merry band!!!

  18. Silinius Augur

    It was 1999 and 56k modems were the wave of the future. If you were lucky enough to live near a telephone office, you might have DSL which was 2x faster! I was 22 years old, my girlfriend was turning 18 that December. I picked up this new game called Everquest in October of '99. My girlfriend would come over and watch me play and pretty soon was asking if she could create a character on my account.

    Reluctantly, I created a character for her. A Barbarian Shaman by the name of Wedorfa on the Morell Thule server. Within a few short weeks, she was higher level than I was because she kept hogging the computer and playing while I was at work. In December, I'd had enough! and picked up a second copy and bought another computer for myself. I created Silinius in December of '99 and the rest is history.

    Nearly 17 years later, we've been married for 13 years. Silinius the Warrior has been created in different forms and fashions on different servers. He currently resides on Lockjaw as the Leader of Faceless Insanity. Wedorfa the Shaman morphed into Abella and then Celebrity the Wizard. Most nights, we can be found reliving the early days of Norrath on Lockjaw. We often spend time reminiscing with the many friends (dare I say Family?) we've made across the country and across the world thanks to this game.

    We look forward to many more adventures and new friends made.

    Thanks EQ!
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  19. Preshus New Member

    I started EQ in November of 1999, I believe it was during Kunark just before Velious came out. I had some gaming friends in FL buy me a copy so I would hang with them in game on Mithaniel Marr server. My ex created some characters on the account as well, and since he got his characters leveled a lot farther along than mine, he got the account when we split up and I bought another copy of EQ and started over playing Viviane Briteheart on Mith Marr. Druids eventually couldn't get a group during LDoN so I converted my enchanter bazaar bot to be my main, thus the enchantress Megaen Briteheart was born. She is still my main now. She joined a little guild that accomplished way more than what our numbers implied we could handle, by the name of Veritas Arcanus, which was eventually absorbed by Reminiscence when Mith Marr was absorbed into Saryrn. There was this paladin named Schotzy in VA and then in Remi, who always was assigned to the chanter group since we were not important enough to have a "real" healer like a cleric or a druid but he was a great group healer and our heroic protector. Just ask Nirra or Shelby if you see them on Bertoxx even still. Megaen had gone through a bad breakup a while before, and Schotzy had gotten a RL divorce, so they started talking on the phone besides grouping a lot in game with people like Spuddicus, Ardnaz, Hustler, Rolac, and Mtrix. They found out they shared a lot the same values and goals, and Schotzy asked Megaen to visit him in Calgary, and even though it was a long flight from Pittsburgh, she agreed as he offered that she could stay at Schotzy's RL parents' house if she didn't feel comfortable staying with him, so she knew he was a gentleman besides being an honorable paladin. Besides, she had never been that far west in Canada before. She liked him a lot and was looking forward to meeting him, but wasnt sure if he felt the same way or if it would be a casual visit until a couple of months before the planned trip. She received a dozen roses delivered to her office for her birthday from her Pumpkinhead Schotzy (he always wanted the Nights Dark Terror buff). She visited Schotzy in June, they set a September wedding date, had a pre-wedding party in Columbus with all of our east coast guildies on the way to Vegas to get married, with our guild leader Ieldar as best man, and Zolexa the Sk and Jakryan and Shelby and their family in attendance with family and friends. We had a medieval wedding at the Excalibur on Sept 17, 2005, and yes for those doing the math, our 11th anniversary was just a couple of days ago. He was then and shall always be my knight in shining armor, and we will always have a guild available for our old VA/Remi friends on whatever server the original Mith Marr people hang out in, which is now Bertoxx. Captain Megaen guides Pirates Revenge, which is our home on the open seas of Norrath and we have a port in the storm in our guild hall where everyone hangs out. We have gone and tested other waters, but always come back home to Everquest, and we hope that more of our old friends, guildies and crewmates find their way home to us.
    ~Megaen and Schotzy Briteheart
    Leaders, Pirates Revenge, Bertoxxulous server
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  20. EQNeubie New Member

    It was 1999. I was just performing my daily duties with midshift crew. I was watching someone making chain mail armor during his breaks, and another person reading some printouts, mentioning what crafting skills he would be taking on. Weeks later the main topic was, fishing. I asked, where do you guys go fishing? Thats when I learned that the supervisor was making chain mail armor for cosplay (and yes, people bought it), and that everyone else on my shift played EverQuest. They bought me a copy of the game... I created an account and played with them the next day. However, they were not career players...

    I hailed from Cazic Thule, as the Paladin who has since then remained as Lamini Braveknight. From running raids, PUGs, clearing Kunark, Velious, and everything up to RoF, helping everyone I could on their quests/epics/XPs; farming QVIC on phone calls at 0200 to gear up our guild, through living through the hell of Ssraeszha temple and its bane weapons to get into candyland (Vex Thal), it was all worth it. Epics were the highlight for me, even though I completed my 1.0 years after my 2.0.
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