16 Characters, every class/race, how would you pick each race/class pair?

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  1. Kaenneth Augur

    If you had an account with 16 slots, and you wanted to have a full set of every class, AND every race on the one account, which race/class combos would you pick, given the current Live race/class combinations?
  2. Poppinfresh Elder

    I'm not 100% sold on a few of these, but here's my stab at it:

    Bard - Half Elf
    Beastlord - Vah Shir
    Berserker - Troll
    Cleric - Dwarf
    Druid - Halfling
    Enchanter - Gnome
    Magician - Drakkin
    Monk - Human
    Necromancer - Dark Elf
    Paladin - High Elf
    Ranger - Wood Elf
    Rogue - Froglok
    Shadow Knight - Iksar
    Shaman - Barbarian
    Warrior - Ogre
    Wizard - Erudite
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  3. Axel2 Journeyman

    Bard - Wood Elf
    Beastlord - Wood Elf
    Berserker - Barbarian with a wood elf illusion
    Cleric - Human with a wood elf illusion
    Druid - Wood Elf
    Enchanter - Human with a wood elf illusion
    Magician - Human with a wood elf illusion
    Monk - Human with a wood elf illusion
    Necromancer - Human with a wood elf illusion
    Paladin - Doesn't matter, 100% Act of Valor uptime
    Ranger - Wood Elf
    Rogue - Wood Elf
    Shadow Knight - Iksar with a wood elf illusion
    Shaman - Iksar with a wood elf illusion
    Warrior - Wood Elf
    Wizard - Human with a wood elf illusion
  4. minimind Augur

    Bard - Vah Shir
    Beastlord - Barbarian
    Berserker - Ogre
    Cleric - Human
    Druid - Halfling
    Enchanter - Erudite
    Magician - Drakkin
    Monk - Iksar
    Necromancer - Froglok
    Paladin - High Elf
    Ranger - Wood Elf
    Rogue - Gnome
    Shadow Knight - Dark Elf
    Shaman - Troll
    Warrior - Dwarf
    Wizard - Drakkin
  5. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    iksar shaman x 11, iksar SK x 4, bard of any race w/ iksar illusion x1
    everything else is just redundant =P
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  6. code-zero Augur

    Bard - Vah Shir
    Beastlord - Ogre as BL is the only class with no innate stun resist AA's
    Berserker - Barbarian
    Cleric - Dwarf
    Druid - Wood Elf
    Enchanter - High Elf
    Magician - Dark Elf
    Monk - Drakkin
    Necromancer - Gnome
    Paladin - Half Elf
    Ranger - Human
    Rogue - Halfling
    Shadow Knight - Troll
    Shaman - Froglok
    Warrior - Iksar
    Wizard - Erudite

    Few classes have a race that stands out and so they are all easily swapped
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  7. Bobbybick Augur

    I refuse to give in to terrorism and make a Drakkin
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  8. Lisard Augur

    Bard - Guktan
    Beastlord - Human / Lion pet
    Berserker - Iksar
    Cleric - Barbarian
    Druid - Vah Shir
    Enchanter - Halfling
    Magician - Half Elf
    Monk - Vah Shir
    Necromancer - Troll
    Paladin - Barbarian
    Ranger - Vah Shir
    Rogue - Iksar
    Shadow Knight - Half Elf
    Shaman - Dark Elf
    Warrior - High Elf
    Wizard - Half Elf
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  9. code-zero Augur

    Amazing. Every word of what you just said was wrong.
  10. Snack Augur

    Bard - Half-Elf
    BL - Troll
    Zerker - Troll
    Cleric - Gnome
    Druid - No
    Enchanter - Gnome
    Magician - Gnome
    Monk - Human/Quellious
    Necromancer - Gnome
    Paladin - No
    Ranger - No
    Rogue - Gnome
    SK - Gnome
    Shaman - Troll
    Warrior - Gnome
    Wizard - Gnome
  11. Tucoh Augur

    Poppingfresh wins most conventional choices. Lisard wins funniest. A froglok bard would be perfect, maybe they have increased offensive song DPS and decreased friendly buff effects.
  12. Vumad Augur

    Bard - Dark Elf
    BL - Dark Elf
    Zerker - Dark Elf
    Cleric - Dark Elf
    Druid - Dark Elf
    Enchanter - Dark Elf
    Magician - Dark Elf
    Monk - Dark Elf
    Necromancer - Dark Elf
    Paladin - Dark Elf
    Ranger - Dark Elf
    Rogue - Dark Elf
    SK - Dark Elf
    Shaman - Dark Elf
    Warrior - Dark Elf
    Wizard - Dark Elf

    The Teir'Dal are the one true race.
  13. Scornfire Augur

    Bard - Spider illusion
    Beastlord - Yeti illusion
    Berserker - Mighty Minotaur illusion
    Cleric - AHR illusion
    Druid - Wonderbread Bunny illusion
    Enchanter - Air ele illusion
    Magician - Earth ele illusion
    Monk - Gingerbread man illusion
    Necromancer - Fire ele illusion
    Paladin - reroll
    Ranger - Centaur illusion
    Rogue - Brownie illusion
    Shadowknight - Shadow Nekhon illusion
    Shaman - Bragnar Noox Illusion
    Warrior - Bloodstone Gargoyle illusion
    Wizard - Water ele illusion
  14. Annastasya Augur

    Couple years back i posted on my guild's forum a similar sort of puzzle- to come up with a team of 16 characters using every race and every class exactly once. It never got much traction but i love alts and all the interesting combinations that Everquest offers.

    i came up with 3 unique teams and there certainly might be more. The team on the left is very close to the characters i've made in game over a few different accounts.

    Ogre ..........War...... Shd ......Bzk
    Troll ...........Shm...... Bst .....War
    Barbarian.... Rog...... Bzk...... Shm
    Erudite .......Shd ......Wiz....... Clr
    Halfling....... Rng ........Dru .....Rog
    High Elf....... Clr ..........Enc ......Wiz
    Wood Elf .......Dru....... Rng .......Brd
    Half Elf ..........Pal....... War .......Dru
    Vah Shir........ Brd .......Shm ......Bst
    Dark Elf .........Enc....... Mag ......Nec
    Gnome......... Mag ........Pal .........Enc
    Iksar ............Bst ........Nec .........Shd
    Drakkin ........Mnk........ Brd........ Rng
    Guktan ........Nec ..........Rog....... Mnk
    Human .........Wiz ......Mnk .........Mag
    Dwarf ..........Bzk ........Clr ..........Pal

    Edit- spacing didn't save right, let me try to edit that.
  15. Skuz Augur

    Bard - Vah Shir
    Beastlord - Barbarian
    Berserker - Ogre
    Cleric - High Elf
    Druid - Wood Elf
    Enchanter - Dark Elf
    Magician - Gnome
    Monk - Human
    Necromancer - Drakkin
    Paladin - Dwarf
    Ranger - Half Elf
    Rogue - Halfling
    Shadow Knight - Froglok
    Shaman - Troll
    Warrior - Iksar
    Wizard - Erudite
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  16. minimind Augur

    Can be Shaman, Beastlord, Warrior, and Berserker:
    • Ogres
    • Trolls
    • Barbarians
    • Vah Shir
    Iksar can be shaman, beastlords, and warriors, but lack berserkers. Their throwing off the binds of slavery has certain instilled rage. They deserve to be berserkers.

    Note: Dwarves can be neither shaman or beastlords, but there's sufficient traditional lore around berserk dwarves, so it works.
  17. Scornfire Augur

    literally every combo he listed is impossible
  18. FawnTemplar Augur

    Shhhhhh it is funnier when you don't explain it to them!
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  19. minimind Augur

    I'm quite aware. I'm just noting that there's plenty of reasons for iksar to be berserkers, but it's not available.
  20. Lubianx Augur

    That's Rare's fault.

    Every time one of these things come up I am increasingly bewildered why Half-Elves can't be clerics.
    High Elves can be clerics, humans can be clerics and you can have paladin half-elves (/wave)
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