115 Cleric AA Advice

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  1. Gundolin Augur

    What order of importance would you put your AAs in after hitting 115?
  2. Pano Augur

    I am missing some for sure as I went through the list of AA in 5 minutes, but here's what I got for a raiding cleric. I did not include the general tab as it's easy to figure out what's required from there (mostly AA to survive being hit, dead clerics can't heal). Order of importance is basically anything that makes you heal more, then surviving, then the rest. If you like to molo, add dps AA and contraventions.

    Archetype Tab
    • Abundant Healing (*)
    • Divine Peace
    • Forceful Rejuvenation
    • Gift of Mana
    • Healing Adept
    • Healing Boon
    • Healing Frenzy
    • Healing Gift
    • Mass Group Buff
    • Mnemonic Retention
    • Persistent Casting
    • Prolonged Salve (*)
    • Purified Spirits
    • Quick Buff
    • Radiant Cure
    • Secondary Forte
    • Shield Block (**)
    • Shielding of Spirits (**)
    • Spell Casting Mastery
    • Spell Casting Reinforcement
    • Tranquil Blessing
    • Twinheal
    • Yaulp (if you have mana issues)
    Class tab
    • Beacon of Life
    • Blessing of Resurrection
    • Blessing of Sanctuary (***)
    • Burst of Life
    • Celestial Rapidity
    • Celestial Regeneration (*)
    • Channeling the Divine
    • Divine Arbitration
    • Divine Avatar
    • Divine Guardian
    • Divine Resurrection
    • Flurry of Life
    • Focused Celestial Regeneration (*)
    • Group Purify Soul
    • Promised Interposition (useful in raid)
    • Purify Soul
    • Sanctified Blessing
    • Spire of the Vicar
    • Spirit Mastery
    • Touch of the Divine
    • Tunare's Grace
    • Turn Undead (for ToV only)
    • Veturika's Perseverance
    Focus tab
    • Focus: Spiritual Remedy
    • Focus: Syllable of Convalescence
    • Hastened Divine Intervention
    • Hastened Renewal
    • Improved Intervention
    • Improved Divine Intervention
    • Templar's Synergy
    * -> HoT AA, should get those after as the healing from those is limited beside in certain situations
    **-> Staying alive is useful and so is avoiding stuns.
    *** -> This spell can be used to heal without messing with aggro. It crits around 240k and auto attack takes the sanctuary buff away.
    You healed Warrior for 238766 hit points by Blessing of Sanctuary IV. (Critical)
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  3. Gundolin Augur

    I had no idea on that one. Very cool to use in groups.
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  4. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I was also unaware of the strength of that. Guess I have a new hotkey on my healing bar. :)
  5. Presarc New Member

    Nice tip there... I'm releveling my Cleric. Do clerics still use Epic 1.5 or 2.0 from bags? Is there a reason to upgrade to 2.5? Or has it been largely replaced by AA of some sort (I'm aware of Divine Arb).
  6. Conq Augur

    Cleric 2.0 is used frequently, hotbarred right next to my Divine Arbitration - you can use both.
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  7. Presarc New Member

    Is there a meaningful difference between the 1.5 and 2.0 and 2.5? Is 2.5 worth it to get?
  8. Szilent Augur

    1.5 > 2.0 hastens the cool down on the clicky balance by half. it goes from 6 minutes down to 3 minutes. that's huge.

    2.0 > 2.5 does nothing. +a little ac & hp for the base item that you never equip at all.
  9. Presarc New Member

    Thank you!

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