110 necro root rot/kiting lineup

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Neckrowmansir, Feb 5, 2021.

  1. Neckrowmansir New Member

    Coming back to the game looking for a good spell lineup...help please
  2. Vizier Augur

    i think you want to be aoeing somewhere, brother island maybe not sure.
  3. menown Augur

    What level are you? What level focus are you wearing?
  4. Neckrowmansir New Member

    110, wearing the faded stuff you make with the containers
  5. Black New Member

    I'm no expert, but I'd start some place like Frontier Mountains kiting the Treants as they are snareable, rootable, and don't summon. My root rot lineup would start out as follows:

    Gnawing Darkness (75% snare with damage vs. 65% snare for AA encroaching darknesss -- your choice on which snare to use);
    Scent of Thule (to make root less likely to break and lower resists on dots/can consider Chaotic Effluvium);
    Then your three wound dots: Cytoxic, Mortiferous, and Pernicious (can remove your back slot item to before casting these to get rid of duration extension and then put back after; I use a hot key slot);
    Then I'd cast Mourgis' Grip of Decay.

    Now you need to figure out how far down the above dots will take your mob. Because you're trying to be efficient. So the below are additional dots you can throw on the mob, whatever is just enough to finish the mob,

    Burning Shadow; Polybiad Venom; Pyre of the Shadewarden; Inevitable End. Once you've dotted your mob, hit pestilant paralysis to root it and go to the next mob. You may need to refresh snare at some point or redot a mob with whatever is the minimum to kill it. You can easily have three or four mobs rotting away and with Death Bloom and Blood Magic, should be able to kite/root rot continuously.

    No doubt other necros can improve on this general approach, but it works for me. Depending on your AAs and focus, you can choose which spells do the most damage per mana point. Good luck.
  6. Neckrowmansir New Member

    I appreciate the post, ill try this thank you
  7. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    That's going to be an issue ... since the faded stuff is all required level 115. Unless you meant the secret dawn muhbis stuff?
  8. Tatanka Augur

    Just curious why this is something you would do? Not familiar with Necros, but always assumed 'moar DOTS' was better.
  9. Szilent Augur

    The "Wounds" dots have a shabby, low damage build-up that needs to end before the hard hitting chonky part. Lifting off one's extension item just while casting those gets to the good part 3-4 ticks faster. Works for druid Chill and shm Nectar dots as well.
  10. Silu Journeyman

  11. Tatanka Augur

    Thanks. So, less total damage, but quicker to get to the big damage. As a Druid, I never use Chill, because I don't raid, and no mobs molo or grouping last long enough, even if I took off my detrimental extension focus, to survive to the end of the damage. Without extension, the weaker part of the "Chill" spells is 16 ticks!
  12. menown Augur

    As long as you have your extension (back) focus reequipped before the Doom effect casts, you will get the extension on the Doom portion. I only take off my back during the casts of these DoTs, then reequip it immediately.
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  13. Tatanka Augur

    Well, for a spell I never use (and won't, unless I start raiding), it's not something I'll have to worry about. The mobs are all dead before I'd get to 16 ticks of the weaker portion.
  14. Black New Member

    In the non-raid context, it's mainly useful when root rotting or kiting multiple mobs. It's an efficient line of spells in terms of mana and because you will dot up one mob and park it or kite it along with other mobs, you're not worried about fast killing, more being able to continuously pull and kill. A skilled kiter/root rotter can have 3+ mobs cooking and dying at once. You'll see three or four mobs drop at once when the proliferation phase kicks in as you continue to pull more.
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  15. Tatanka Augur

    So, in the context of soloing, and root-rotting or kiting, why unequip the cloak, which decreases the total damage (the fewer ticks of the initial, smaller damage)? Less damage done means potentially more DoTs needed to kill the mob, and even if not, the mob will still die from the DoTs applied, maybe a couple ticks later, but again, who cares.

    So, still not seeing the usefulness of unequipping the cloak.
  16. Black New Member

    You are correct in the context of root rot and kiting, unequipping the cloak is perhaps irrelevant as the mob is going to die ultimately and how fast it dies doesn't really matter. For me, kiting in GD, I might lay down four wounds and Danvid's Decay along with tormenting darkness and scent of thule and whatever else I feel like casting, before moving to the next mob. The mobs die from 135 seconds to 185 seconds. and I can keep that up in group gear forever. If I was going to justify removing the dot extension focus, I'd say getting to the proliferation phase saves me a few ticks and I have to reapply snare less often.

    In the end, it works for me when I decide to spend a quick 30 minutes on a solo lesson burn. Now in the context of burning a mob down when the fight is going to go 2 minutes or more, I want to get to those big hit proliferation ticks quicker and removing the cloak means I hit proliferation 1 minute and 36 seconds after laying down a wound and not a minute and forty-two to two minutes. Also, the focus is random and I like predictability.

    I'd say try it both ways and pick the one that you like best. I have a slot on my hot bar and it take no effort to remove the cloak and put it back, but it's also one more step. Mobs will die either way.
  17. Nidel New Member

    I'm on phinigel currently in TBL so I might be ignorant to future slot itemization - but you might be mistaken on the detrimental duration focus you want to unequip. Ear is the slot with detrimental duration which I also will always unequip while casting wounds.

    It's a very good habit to get into for raids and also high hp molo/grp encounters. Even in the context of kiting 5+ mobs at once that can be the difference between needing to refresh snares or not.

    Just takes some experimentation to find a good root rot/kiting line up. Since your dmg output is going to be dependent on your current gear and aa; take the time to find out exactly how many casts it takes to kill a mob parked every time.
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  18. Szilent Augur

    this. cheers ;)
  19. Nidel New Member

    Thanks for the clarification, I see now duration was combined in tov or cov? Either way to the op at lvl 110: it's worth unquiping your focus.
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