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Discussion in 'Casters' started by Tarvas, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Tarvas Augur

    Hello. If possible, I would like some help for my box enchanter at 110 for a standard dps weave. Right now I do Mindslash > Mindsunder > Strangulation > Mind Tempest with learning Twincast and Learning Aura up.

    For burn I just hit Focus of Arcanum, Calculated Insanity, Chromatic Haze, Improved Twincast, Third Spire, IG, Mental Contortion, Silent Casting, and then the weave above.

    Thanks in advance for any input.
  2. fransisco Augur

    Learning aura doesn't effect AA gain, only normal exp. Now that I'm 110 I keep mana rererererereciprocation up instead.
    I also tend to start with a mindtempest first so that I Can get maximal effect from it (both damage and mana return).

    My third nuke (after mindslash, mindsunder) can also be dicho if its up. I keep mind tempest running, I no longer find mana issues with keeping the dicho up.
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  3. Goodn Augur

    My added tips from Fransisco's:
    You mention box, but don't mention what other classes (I assume one is a ranger). If one is a druid, mana recip aura line conflicts with the druid frost aura so it would be better to switch to bolster.

    I like a 3rd nuke vs the 2nd dot (I use Mind Tempest first) but that is more because of my kill times on mobs. Definitely look at how fast your are killing normal mobs and don't be afraid to adjust accordingly.

    If you are macroing, don't forget to throw in eradicate magic aa somewhere on a spell cool down. Lots of mobs like the buffs (and like to recast during fights) these days and can help cut down the damage you need to do.

    I personally like to use third spire as part of my normal rotation, saving IOG for named. That way I'm using it more...more usage = more dps. I've also put Chromatic Haze in my normal rotations at times, but since I box a heavy caster group I find I don't get to use all the counters and then it's not up for the named...then I feel silly.

    Make sure Chromatic Haze is the last thing in queue for named since it has the shortest time span, particularly if you have other nukers in your box setup. I put Calculated Insanity, Improved Twin, IOG, Focus Arcanum and Silent on a macro that I fire just before name engaging. And have another with Haze, Mental Contort, and pet DA (since it's now a triggered buff...and I hate recasting pets) on actually fighting the named after first round of debuffs...named fights are going to be several rotations of spells so it matters less that Chromatic Haze is there at the beginning.
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  4. gotwar Gotcharms

    These do stack, and will both fire on spell casts.

    Bolster is kinda bad except during ITC when you can drop Twincast Aura and replace it with Bolstering, since the TC effect is wasted when you're already twincasting.

    @ OP: You're boxing it, so what you're already doing is probably fine. I'd echo Fransisco's recommendation about prioritizing Mind Tempest. I'd also consider macroing Chaotic Deluding into your weave, to benefit from the twincast effect, as it's the primary reason for leaving Mindsunder in your DPS weave in group content. I guess that can get kind of micro-intensive, as can the other optimizations I'd recommend if you were a main, hence the statement above about it being a box.
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  5. Tarvas Augur

    Ranger, Warrior, Enchanter, and Druid is what I usually play. Appreciate the info.
  6. Brohg Augur

    This is really weird to say back to back. Have you checked out nightly logs, are you getting named multiple times per hour that makes saving IoG worth it? Like, if the choice is between your group having 10 minutes of IoG per hour, versus having it just for 1 minute of named battling...
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  7. Goodn Augur

    (Sorry for hijacking your thread here Tarvas)

    First, when did druid aura and mana recip line start stacking? Man did I miss the memo or what...and yes, I did run back to guild hall to test and you are right. Thanks Gotwar for that info. That's why ya gotta stay on top of the forums.

    Second, Brohg...this is the difference between groupers group play and raiders group play (and btw, IoG is 2 minutes, not 1, and yes some named take more than a minute to kill for me). Raiders just kill when in groups...if a named shows, they might pop a defensive disc or throw an extra heal or two...but from my (limited) experience watching...there pretty much isn't a change in what raiders do in group. You guys still just kill really fast.

    Groupers (at least in my experience) have to stop what they are normally doing for regular pulls, and start prepping for named...particularly in current content. We have to use most of the tricks in the bag for these due to the high hps/high damage output these guys have...especially if there are any add mechanics. We tend to lose if we don't and then a nice camp rotation that we spent awhile setting up is gone on a corpse run. So the less dps overall is fine...taking down the named is what matters (particular since we actually WANT what the named has). Named kill >>> 2 added mobs in camp rotation.

    I do know that nightly dps is important...hence why I commented about moving spire to just a normal use rotation and mentioned even Chromatic Haze as a possible normal rotation item (and would recommend moving twincast to normal for his druid if he doesn't already). But I save the big guns for the big mobs because that's what I need to do.
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  8. Sancus Augur

    The 22nd of July, 2015

    (BTW RIP Rains)
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  9. Brohg Augur

    That right there, though. If you have to stop for prep anyhow - what use was it saving up stuff? You just killed less in the meantime. If you need to pause & get set, the next IoG isn't more than a couple minutes away. We've left behind by most of a decade the era of 1/hour abilities. Raiders "kill really fast" mostly just by changing their approach to the game
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  10. fransisco Augur

    I agree with Brohg. I don't save ANY burn abilities. In a 3 hour session, you might see what, 2-3 named? Thats probably less than 10 minutes of fighting. So you go 2hrs and 50minutes without every using those burn abilities.
    If you rotate through them (instead of clicking them all at once) you will have a significantly faster kill rate. Also, I do not have any raid gear either.
    IF its a really bad fight for the named, I wait 2-3 minutes for another burn ability to pop.
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  11. Tarvas Augur

    I get useful information out of these kind of discussions so I do not mind. I appreciate it you taking the time for it.

    For a grind with real players I agree, use while it is up. If the group is on the ragged edge though it maybe worth saving the big discs (Pureshot for rangers as an example) while blowing all the other clicks as they come up. If I was more efficient at boxing I would definitely use everything as it came up.
  12. Goodn Augur

    (Sorry for more hijacking Tarvas)

    Brohg (and Fransisco) - Do Not Ever Tell Me How I Should Be Playing Everquest...EVER. Do Not Assume That Your Play Style Is The Only One That Exists.

    You make a valid point about more usage of abilities equals more dps. I told you I understood what you said and then told you what I do and why I do what I do. You should accept this and move on. I feel like you two are my preteens and I'm trying to explain why X happens in the world and you two just cannot accept that the world doesn't run at the height of efficiency based upon your limited knowledge.

    I play because I enjoy playing Everquest. My enjoyment comes from interacting with other people in game, helping answer questions in guild or general chat, telling a joke or two, talking to returning (or even the occasional new) people and explaining how our family guild works and inviting them to join, searching alts for older pieces of gear or tradeskill items to give to others, assisting others on quests/missions/kills, completing quests, and oh yeah...killing mobs, gaining xp and loot. Some of my best sessions in Everquest have resulted in zero mob kills. It feels like you don't get that type of enjoyment from the game...that's fine. I'm not forcing my style on you...don't force your killing everything as fast as possible style on me.

    I have different goals than you do while playing Everquest. Don't be arrogant and assume that how fast someone kills mobs is the only way to judge enjoyment in playing Everquest.

    And just in case someone wonders...my "prep" for named are my macros to make sure the short term auras are running, defensive short term buffs are on tank, a hot is running, and offensive caster discs are fired. All of which takes ~35 sec from start to finish and generally the last 15 sec is when the paladin is out pulling the named. There is not a lot of time involved...mainly a shift in mindset (need to cast/rotate through toons fast) and to pop burns.
  13. kizant Augur

    Why get offended because someone offers advice? I see this all the time and I hope you all don't do that IRL.
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  14. Quixotic Journeyman

    Goodn... I'll just quote you here: Do Not Ever Tell Me How I Should Be Playing Everquest...EVER. Do Not Assume That Your Play Style Is The Only One That Exists.

    I play with groupers who play exactly like how you claim that raiders, NOT groupers play.

    See how that works? Or were you not doing exactly what you just complained others were doing?
  15. IblisTheMage Augur

    It is a misunderstanding, where the intention and style of language is misinterpreted, I would speculate. Goodn is likely unaware of the energy spent by Brogh and Franciska to help others in the EQ community on a daily basis, and therefore missed the very positive intention they had, in their effort towards a better EQ for all. Context is king...
  16. Belkar_OotS Augur

    I don't get to play my enchanter enough, but do you guys recommend saving the burn stuff to stack as much as possible for typical groups? Do you change your approach for raids?
    I am particularly interested in calculated insanity, and Twincast AA.
  17. Sindaiann Augur

    In raids it really just depends on your guild, overall DPS, strat to deal with the event, event length, etc.

    So it can vary how you approach it.

    In basically every raid as an enchanter you want to hit dicho on refresh - third spire preburn and post burn on refresh.

    15+ min raid event

    Soon as event starts

    IOG (12min reuse)
    ITC (15min reuse)
    Focus Arcanum (10min reuse)
    Third Spire (7.5min reuse)
    Glyph (10min reuse)
    Chromatic Haze AA (10min reuse)
    RoS BP Click (10min reuse)

    After the 2mins on this is up just have bards cycling FE after and every time its up (2min 6sec uptime, 3min reuse). Keep dicho up on on refresh and Third 10mins in when it repops.

    At the 15+ min mark or FULL BURN scenario

    1. IOG (12min reuse)
    1. ITC (15min reuse)
    1. Focus Arcanum (10min reuse)
    1. Glyph (10min reuse)
    1. Chromatic Haze AA (10min reuse)
    1. RoS BP Click (10min reuse)
    2. Calculated Insanity (20min reuse)

    Once the Chromatic Haze charges are used, hit Calculated Insanity. You don't want to waste charges on Calculated Insanity with the Chromatic Haze AA. Once Calculated Insanity charges are gone, use Third Spire if it is up.

    If you are just burning on one target that dies in less than 60secs, you really want burns popped pre engage by 1sec (this goes for any time you burn, have em popped 1sec before needed)

    Strangulate > Mindslash > Mindsunder > Strangulate

    If you are burning on something that takes more than 60sec to kill OR you have BOSS + Adds its more like this

    BOSS - Mind Tempest > Strangulate (keep this on Boss permanently)
    ADDs - Bottom Extended - Bite Tash AA - Order of Tashan on target - Mind Tempest > Strangulate

    Roll through all adds and debuff + double dot both

    In situations where you are FULL BURN on BOSS plus ADDs, this is where judgement calls are needed. It is going to depend on how fast adds die vs what you do. In most situations it will be ensure the BOSS is debuff'd and dotted + FULL BURNS popped and go Strangulate > Mindslash on adds (assuming they die less than 10secs)

    Few things to remember

    - If mobs die fast, Mind Tempest is not worth it (DPS standpoint vs mana cost). Better off going Strangulate + Nuke rotation.

    - If lots of adds are up however its still useful to use Mind Tempest if starting from bottom of ext target up to mark/main assist.

    - In most group situations this makes Mind Tempest basically useless outside of Named or Golem type mobs with high HP, unless of course your group DPS is low.

    - Remember to use Forceful Rejuvenation after FULL BURNS popped and 1st Mindslash used with CH AA. Then run thru Nuke + Strangulate weave

    - This is not a bible nor in-depth as it can be. Very generic way to apply things but requires the ability to understand situations and how they can influence what you do and when
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  18. Ismel Augur

    Some slight changes that I believe will improve your dps.
    Tash first that goes without saying but I noticed some skip it, do remember with the right AA tash adds 2077 (Before Crit) + 5 to 13% with lingering Cry.

    Start with Dichromatic then Mind Tempest > Strangulate > Mindslash > Mindsunder > Mindcleave and then rotate the last 3 until Dichromatic is up again and its time to recast dots.

    Alternate if mana is not a problem or you are burning.

    Start with Dichromatic then Mind Tempest > Strangulate > Mindslash and chain cast Strangulate until Mindslash is up again ( this ignores raid where triggering Alliance is a factor )

    You want to maximise DoT uptime on mobs so those go 1st and with Tribute: Twing of pain II. DoTs cast at 1,7 and nukes at 2,0.
    It is worth noting that due to the missing Durus Faycite shard: Mind Tempest using Dichromatic as a timing device for recasting dots its slightly off I do hope this oversight will be fixed thou !

    As for burn stacking Third spire and Calculated Insanity is a waste, as just CI will push you to 100% Crit rate, but it may help the rest of your group depending on classes and what they do, I cant offer much insight there but I am fairly sure you get more out of just casting 3rd when its up.
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  19. fransisco Augur

    In group situations, I find mind tempest to be FAR more useful than strangulate.
    From a raw dps standpoint, it might end up being slightly less. However, casting it first enables the enchanter always keep up with mana.
    If you don't cast mind tempest first on every mob, you will need med breaks.
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  20. Belkar_OotS Augur

    I wanted to say thanks for the additional tidbits and explanations btw.

    I always appreciate picking the brains of our great EQ community members.