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  1. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Can anyone give me some zone were I can headshot on my 106 ranger. guessing not many mobs in ros unless there rootable and stuff but anything in eok/ros would be helpful. I tend to like the zones that aren't used much so theres no fighting for mobs any insight would be helpful.

  2. Dewhead Journeyman

    It's nearly exactly the same list of zones as was at 105 because it's only a 1 level HS increase (HS 28@ 105, HS 29@ 106). Safest zone with relatively good xp is FM - nearly all the goblins to the south/central should be HSable now and the only annoyance to deal with is the spin stun. Zone is huge and practically empty now. At 108, the Sarnak camps are so-so decent. Headshot solo in ROS zones is a pain because so many mobs are seemingly randomly immune to snare/root and variable in level.

    Honestly, you're going to get so much more traction out of xping in a group - you can still HS your favorite blue humanoids but the group xp bonus is the real way to get to 110 or to grind AA after 106.
  3. fransisco Augur

    so many things dot and have other effects in RoS, headshotting just wouldn't work well.
  4. Moldar Augur

    Pretty much what Dewhead said.

    Last time I went to go blow a lesson with a headshot grind i think i ended up netting about ~70 AA, in a guild group i was able to easily go past 120 in the same 30 minute lesson duration killing in Sathir's Tomb.

    Not sure if they nerfed the EXP or we just hit another bracket for AA / Reg exp that wasn't there prior to 106.
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  5. Bikk Journeyman

    How many do you need in group to get the group bonus, and do Mercs count?
  6. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    you got 70 in FM? I pretty much play alone. got tired of groups breaking up when I got to them. I usually group with my wiz just wanted something new and different. like it when I can get fatal bow shots its pretty cool. usually get like 25 aa during lotd in tainted karana. nothing to great but its a zone I know well so it works.

  7. Radamus Journeyman

    Frontier Mountains is a zone that you can headshot in all the way up to 110.

    Drogan scaplers (goblins) 105+
    Drogan Hulks start becoming headshotable at 106+
    Sarnak @ forts (including named there) at 109+

    Other good zones are Gates and Chardok. The sarnak all around Gates are all headshotable at 110 and are better XP than the ones in FM but are more work to manage. Chardok library is full of headshotable sarnak as well but sometimes there is an undead golem that might spawn at the bottom of the stairs.
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  8. Moldar Augur

    Yes, and I pull Trains of Sarnak NPC's down on top of me and kill them off. It also sounds like you have a box with you in the group so w/ them there it takes some EXP away, also sometimes when you're in a fellowship you sac a portion of EXP (last I checked it was 50% of yours - may want to double check and see if that is on for you, if it is you may want to turn it off, Crtl+Shift+F iirc to bring that up should say either sharing/not sharing next to your name).

    You should be able get more than 25 on a lesson in a half an hour.

    If i feel like slacking and not training myself it drops down to about ~50 or so in a lesson. It really can boil down to luck and the amount of time you spend gathering NPCs vs the amout of time you shoot/rate you proc headshot and have to heal / reroot, etc .
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  9. Toomba Elder

    Andarriel you can comfortably solo headshot yeti’s....in lcea and the nw mountains of fm.
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  10. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    I used to play my main wiz while my ranger sits in group but have equipped my ranger good and hes a killing machine now and I just play him by himself right now. having fun with the ranger. thanks for all the info guys :)

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  11. Judithex New Member

    it is a bit of a slow grind but well worth it just to get to 110. what I did was goto one of the smaller sarnak forts and just kill the entrance mobs, since the fort itself is normally camped and people usually don't care if you snag the few outside. but just slow roll them with melee if you can handle a few hits.

    by the time you are 110 you will be able to HS almost all of EoK. just moloing in FM.. pulling 3-4 at a time, I can generally make about 300aa in a hour.

    This is also on the Test Server with the permanent exp bonus and using exp potions so I guess if it were normally scaled, maybe 200 an hour
  12. Brohg Augur

    with permanent +100%, and using exp potions that are between +25 & an entire other +100% -- arithmetics, sir: normally scaled, maybe 150/hr, more likely 100.
  13. roth Augur

    Ok, two things are at play with your party size vs exp per kill : Exp Bonus, and Exp Split.

    For 1 person in group, you have 0% bonus exp, and get 100% of the kill exp.
    For 2 people in group, you get a 20% exp bonus, split 2 ways, for 60% of the kill exp each.
    For 3 people in group, you get a 40% exp bonus, split 3 ways, for ~47% of the kill exp each.
    For 4 people in group, you get a 60% exp bonus, split 4 ways, for 40% of the kill exp each.
    For 5 people in group, you get a 80% exp bonus, split 5 ways, for 36% of the kill exp each.
    For 6 people in group, treat it as 5 people, with the sixth share appearing as if out of nowhere (everyone still gets 36% of the kill exp each).

    Mercenaries, unfortunately, do NOT count towards the party size in terms of bonus exp. They DO take their exp share, however, just like a real person would.

    1 person in group : 0 exp bonus, 1 way split, 100% kill exp.
    1 person + 1 merc : 0% bonus, 2 way split, 50% of the kill exp.
    2 person + 1 merc : 20% bonus, 3 way split, 40% of the kill exp.
    2 person + 2 merc : 20% bonus, 4 way split, 30% of the kill exp.
    3 person + 2 merc : 40% bonus, 5 way split, 28% of the kill exp.
    Adding the 3rd merc would not change the split, due to the exp for the last person appearing as if out of nowhere.

    4 person + 2 merc : 60% bonus, “5” way split, 32% of the kill exp.

    5 person + 1 merc is the same as 5 people, and the same as 6 people.

    Ideally, adding more people to the group like that means that you can kill more mobs over time, meaning a greater aggregate exp gain. None of this addresses the Fellowship exp sharing (which splits your exp as though your share of the kill exp was your fellowship’s party exp, no group bonus though!) nor the difference in exp based upon con of the mob. Other factors such as running Lesson can increase the amount of exp one actually earns, though those modify the individual’s share without affecting everyone else’s shares.
  14. Pleides Ranger of Fellowship Of Justice. EMarr

    My excuse is..don't use a Merc apart for buffs. Just go to FM and kill stuff. Auspice and Outriders attack and other stuff etc does the trick. I take mobs out with ranged attack in or around a minute, I get about 50 AA's a burn of LoD because I log every kill to save buffs ..I don't believe anyone can burn more and get over 50 AA's solo unless in a group. I Solo and have a cool guild on E.Marr called Fellowship of Justice and I am proud to be with them.
  15. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    Love the D2 reference in the name. I bet few caught that.
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  16. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    yea its the game I was addicted to til I started playing eq. been playing eq since 2000 lol. On my original server I met someone named charsi lol and she said oh no not another diablo name haha. my name is real close to the original but since I figured eq might reject it I changed it a bit so I could have it.