105 Ranger looking for weekend raiding guild

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Karthos, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. Karthos Augur

    Unfortunately, I must leave the best guild I've ever been in (Reckless Ascension) if I want to raid more than 1 day a week in RoS.

    I am in full EoK raid gear and like the raid game far more than the group game in Everquest. I always try to do my best on raids and I think it shows. Message or in game email me at Bristle.Kraythos if you have any openings.

  2. Anastasis Elder

    What is the time zone you are looking for?
  3. Karthos Augur

    I currently work evenings Monday-Friday US Central time, so any guild that does not have the majority of their raids during weekday prime time US would work.
  4. Robnie Augur

    This was the highest parsing ranger for the history of RA. Constant performance since he's joined us (which was a few months after creation). Any guild that fits his time would be LUCKY to have him, don't pass up this opportunity!
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  5. Anastasis Elder

    Ever consider a Pacific Time or EU Time guild?
    http://teamnecedemalice.com/portal/ is a late night Pacific Time guild, raid Fri, Sat, and Mon 9 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Pacific time
  6. Bigstomp Augur

    Thumbs up for the raid leader losing the person giving a good going away note.
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  7. Karthos Augur

    Indeed. Thanks, Rob. Best raid leader I ever had, btw. :)
  8. Toomba Elder

    Kraythos my friend, tell your job you need to switch off days or look for another job....your boss and fellow employees dont love you like bristlebane does
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  9. Karthos Augur

    Bumpity bump. Still looking.

    I should provide a little more info. I have recently returned from a few months absence and am currently trying to get some boxes up to speed on AA's before venturing into RoS. I like to be self sufficient with regards to tasks/aug camps etc and my boxes are simply not there right now due to the several months I took off during EoK.

    I know of the Ranger nerfs but I'm confident that I will work out the proper way to maximize the remaining dps tools we have to do maximum dps for a ranger. I feel like I've always done this and expect this to continue.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas, all.
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  10. Jhenna_BB Augur

    I hope you find somewhere your work schedule fits, Kray! We miss you dearly but we want you to be able to raid. This is one of the best dps rangers in the game, don't pass up an opportunity to grab him, folks.
  11. Tanols Augur

    Really wish Kraythos would be happy with 50% raid attendance, but that isn't way he is wired. One of only 2 rangers that has made me (zerker) work my off at times to be top melee dps. Going to miss him severely, if he finds a new home that fits.
  12. Maedhros Augur

    Props to Robnie's classy response.
    I haven't heard of many guilds that are as competitive as RA that only raid weekends.
    There are a bunch of guilds that drop down to just Sundays and maybe Monday's after they beat an expansion but this time of year most of the higher tier guilds run expanded schedules.
    You may have to find a guild that doesn't run an expanded schedule for new expansion but I tend to think you would be taking a pretty big drop to a lower tier guild.
    Good luck!
  13. bard007 Elder

    aye nice words from robnie

    if you are staying on Bristle you don't have many choices for a weekend raiding guild,
    rov - casual weekend raiding not sure on there content for casual pickups these days.
    col - weekend raiding, just not end content, we can offer you good fun and good folks no matter what people say we all play different and we have a good core.... of course we wish we were end zone but we are not and we challenge ourselves to get there, we are going to finish off EOK and start on ROS, we looked at the first raid the weekend just gone its beatable for sure watch this space....

    coming from RA and looking for weekend stuff, its either stay with RA and go 50% like others say and still see end zone. come to col and give us a dps boost, and stomp out EOK and start on ROS... move servers and join team ne cede malice -- good weekend raiding guild and I know a good bard there :)
  14. Belkar_OotS Augur

    The Silent Minority only does Saturday and Sunday raids, may be a good fit for you. Can ask to speak with Rezzie or Drakang

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