102 SK....what augs and where to get them?

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Old chanter, Nov 26, 2020.

  1. Old chanter New Member

    I have recently taken on a 102 SK from my brother and am learning the class. I box a 115 Chanter and 110 Mage.

    He is very squishy..or possibly my skill leaves him vulnerable but...it would be less so with proper augs and equipment I am sure. To those of you who have advice to offer, please consider that we have limited time to play and seeing the content is a priority.

    So...where to go?
  2. Voxvixen New Member

    I would recommend getting mage to 111 and using air pet. Then tackle all the named that drop augs in eok, ros, tbl and T1 ToV, probably in that order. Maybe the mage would get 111 just camping EOK named. Just make sure you go 100% exp on mage for 111 pet.

    Look up the named that drop augs on EQ Resource.

    In addition, buying all the Conflagrant gem augs is a good idea. Not sure on the required level for those augs.

    If you need Type 5s, buy a starter set with Remnants of Tranquility in TBM. The remnants can be purchased in baz.

    FYI - At 102, taking all the Torment of Velious mission task adds will put you at or over 110, allowing you to use all augs with req lvl 110 and equip T1 ToV gear which is dirt cheap in baz, and will serve you through 115.
  3. Szilent Augur

    It's my feeling that gearing up your new character at 102 would be like jumping on the back of a treadmill. You should use the power of the characters you have, for a bit, to get on there at least in the middle. Jumping ahead levels as Voxvixen describes is one way. My practice has been to use that jump-forward from level 111 rather than to 111.

    Overall, gearing up a tank is something of a different game than gearing the casters you're used to. For tanks, "too much is never enough" instead of how casters can check off their key focuses and then basically take whatever hp & mana come along. For non tanks, more can matter, but only rarely and not even close to as much as a little extra attention paid to runes & shield spells. For tanks, stats (particularly AC & hDex) are called upon up to 5 times every 2 seconds, per enemy.
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