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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Dexxeaa00, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. Dexxeaa00 Elder

    Make a new TLP where the first expansion is brand new. Then make new expansions after that, which are brand new.
    All brand new content

    Starting from level 1 again.

    I may not check on this post for a while . /feedback don't work no more.

    But i guess that would be a entirely new game.

    I would like to see all the make up of EverQuest, but starting over again. New zones and MINOR updates to trees etc.

    I'm sure someone has thought of this before .
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  2. SunDrake Augur

    This is most definitely not a simple suggestion.
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  3. Gherig Augur

    Waste of resources.
  4. Nolrog Augur

    EQ Dev team is not big enough to support 2 different paths for the game. And a brand new game wouldn't have the same appeal to people looking to re-live the older portions they enjoy so much.
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  5. Monkman Augur

    You have this already. It’s called every single expansion past POP on 90% of the TLP servers
  6. Yinla Augur

    You have this already it is called EQ2
  7. mark Augur

    eq2 his not eq different games.
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  8. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Pantheon is what you're looking for.
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  9. Skuz Augur

    The effort required for this idea would be better spent on a new game. (in my head I said that in Holly Windstalker's voice)

    Wait for EQ3 if you want a whole new game from the ground up, or play EQ2 if you haven't yet tried it.
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  10. Dexxeaa00 Elder

    Yeah, I'm over everything up to planes of power.

    I'm not sure on what the dev force is looks like at Darkpaw.

    Well maybe if they can't support two paths like I suggested. Add some new npc named to the older zones. Maybe new item to older zones that are unique and not ornate. Minor graphic updates to trees would be cool too.

    I posted original to try to get some ideas flowing. Not sure if the developers look at these posts.
  11. Dexxeaa00 Elder

    LOL at your first sentence.

    I've tried EQ2 but I've always had poor graphics computer up until recently. Maybe I'll give it a swing again sometime soon.

    EQ3 I hope has the same feel as EQ1.

    I guess its hard to make a new game that beats the rest. If you don't have a ton of creative geniuses.
  12. Dexxeaa00 Elder

    The myth ? lol

    We will see what happens with that.

    I've noticed their company does a lot of streams on YouTube.
  13. Dexxeaa00 Elder

    Well the post is simple : P not much to read. hehe
  14. RandomStrategy Augur

    Coming 20-never
  15. Risiko Augur

    Actually Nolrog, you're not right on this one. Darkpaw Games already is supporting 2 different paths for the game; Everquest and Everquest 2.

    Also, I believe that some people play on the TLP servers because they prefer the play style of old Everquest as opposed to that of the modern expansions of the game. Those people, myself included, are not playing on TLP to replay through Lower Guk, The Hole, and such for the thousandth time because we love it. We are doing it because it is THE ONLY AVAILABLE OPTION for playing Everquest the way it used to be played.

    Give me a new Everquest server using the existing Everquest client and server but with NEW content designed like the original content (circa 99-2002), and I would never ever play on an Everquest TLP server again.

    People like me prefer having 2 hotbars rather than 6, gear that has a few stats rather than so many stats you have to put them on their own tab, not having to create a spreadsheet to figure out which of the thousand spells/abilities you need to use for given situations but instead knowing how to play their classes role affectively with the handful of spells/available to them, camping rather than crawling, rare named spawns that drop rare best in slot loot, raid mobs that drop the gear you actually want to put on immediately and use rather than Chucky Cheese prize tickets that you collect up and take back to town to hand in for gear at the prize booth, mobs that require splitting, mobs that require crowd control, being able to solo when you need to with out worrying about a mob hitting you for 100,000 damage that is referred to as "group content", and so on.

    I could care less about ever seeing Guk again. Seriously. But, I do prefer Everquest game design of the '99 through 2002 era. It was a much more relaxed game that was MUCH MORE related to pen and paper dungeons and dragons. Modern Everquest has it's place, but it is NOT the same thing.

    TLP and Live are 2 completely separate games that happen to share the same server/client software.

    The Miragul server's complete and udder failure should have been an indication to just how different TLP and Live EverQuest are in reality. The vast majority of TLP players had ZERO interest in playing modern EQ. Miragul proved that.
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  16. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Good things come to those who wait.
  17. Skuz Augur

    DPG are/were very aware of the "Classic TLP" audience, and Miragul wasn't aimed at them at all, the devs even said as much, they were looking for a new audience & Miragul was an experiment to see if another audience was out there, it pretty much wasn't though, but kudos to them for trying something different than Classic recycle 2019, so while it was something of a failure it was not for the reasons you seem to think.
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  18. code-zero Augur

    Making Miragul True Box was what doomed it. I don’t think that the devs realized that rule set is much less popular than they’d imagined.
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  19. Xanadas Augur

    I had a similar thought - maybe divert after PoP, GoD, or OoW... People who play TLPs tend to like those expansions, then drop off after beating them. New expansions that follow the same spirit as those could be really cool. Avoid cookie cutter (newLootHP = oldLootHP * 1.3) itemization though.
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  20. Dexxeaa00 Elder


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