#1 Monk Geared Worldwide (Aradune / Rizlona)

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Prisoner, Sep 10, 2020.

  1. Prisoner Journeyman

  2. Dragnet Sleuth Elder

    How is this possible? I was led to believe other certain monks had BIS already, but they don't have half of this gear.
  3. Dadcop Lorekeeper

    I didn't think this was possible
  4. Aegir Augur

    ffs. I need heroic bond on my Cleric on Aradune.
  5. Sturmx Lorekeeper

    Server transfers are open. Come meet the legend.
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  6. Dragnet Sleuth Elder

    You are a fraud. (just kidding) Claiming to be the best but you are using JumJum Juice !!!!! World record not yet confirmed.
  7. Machen Augur

  8. Bullsnooze Augur

    this guy wants a word with you,

    He claims to be the #1 Monk too... I think you guys should fight for it. :)
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  9. Siirx Journeyman

    For VSR.
  10. Relentless Augur

    You know why he needs that gear right?

    *Bind: This guy eats ripostes like it’s a breakfast cereal.
  11. PVPme Augur

    MacaroniQuest Server has a super geared monk who'd of thunk it.
  12. haaaalp Augur

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  13. RizLoaner Elder

    What is the EMQue you speak of? Do you just log in and you're fully geared?
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  14. AtabishiWoW Augur

    This record was done so fast, it might break another record for longest held record. Only time will tell.
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  15. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    SBC+RBG is strictly better then Hiero cloak+ RBB.

    Math is hard i guess.

    Also missing Crown of Rile.
  16. Honkietonk Lorekeeper

    people are really grasping for straws these days
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  17. Kodachi Journeyman

    "Worldwide" but only applies to 1.5 servers? I mean whatever makes you happy I guess.
  18. Glowerss Augur

    No Crown of Rile and no Yunnb's Ear. No PoSky belt.

    Pretty disappointed by this tbh :<
  19. TLP Addict Augur

    Reminds me of the baseball "world" series that doesn't include any countries besides the US and a token Canadian team.
  20. Arrk Augur

    Hate to say it but anything Rizlona attempts to do is invalidated because of the legal botting...

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