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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Stix Man, Oct 21, 2020.

  1. Stix Man Journeyman

    Today is going to be weird. Sebilis is going to feel lonely without 9 groups of bots automating ABC, Disco and Juggs.

    Isn't it strange that these "groups of friends" won't be on all day when a certain type of program needs to be updated for them, first.

    The question really is though... does this company really believe that the 9 full groups you see in sebilis, each group consists of 3 different people who all stay at the same camp for days or weeks at a time. I can't imagine leveling in sebilis with 2 friends for 2 straight months.

    They're doing some real amazing things that I cannot believe isn't being detected.

    I've seen them /corpse across the zone. When their puller dies too far from camp, their cleric somehow is able to /corpse and res the body in camp... no matter where the puller dies in the zone. Their pullers target mobs before they leave camp, and sometimes only move a few feet before "taunting" their target from 50 feet away, around a corner, and the mob will come out of a room full of other mobs, completely solo.

    They also warp down to every single camp they go to. You'll see them origin their bard to go sell, then their bard magically appears, in the zone, around the corner from their camp. Doesn't have to port/run back like normal people. Doesn't have to invise down from the zone in. Just warps straight back to their camp and joins back up with their group. They warp with charm pets also. Apparently, warping with a charm pet does not break charm. I've seen them at Juggs, minutes after a pick popped, with no trash cleared, and a charm pet already with them.

    How are these things being allowed to go on? This isn't about some small operation that isn't a big deal. This is as big and as blatant and as in your face as you can get. I don't know if the GMs are looking the other way or they REALLY believe that all these groups actually consist of 3 different people and aren't clearly using macaroni quest on Aradune.

    It just blows my mind that this company is refusing to deal with the most blatant hacking I have ever seen in this game. We aren't asking you to do much. It's kind of ridiculous that we have to beg for you to enforce the rules on people who are 24/7 botting 4-6 full groups at a time, on a TWO BOX, TRUEBOX, server... You made this server specifically because of these people.

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  2. Joules_Bianchi Augur


    "The puller dies" happens and it's amazing?


    Kidding aside. This is Forumquest, you want Everquest. /petition it. Devs apparently don't dev from forum input.

    Botting is out of hand in some places, sure, but pissing in the wind won't help solve it.
  3. Stix Man Journeyman

    "I've seen them /corpse across the zone. When their puller dies too far from camp, their cleric somehow is able to /corpse and res the body in camp... no matter where the puller dies in the zone."

    What you quoted is referencing their corpse being dragged and ressed in camp. Even when they die way out of /corpse range. Was it that hard to understand from my typing or did you just glance that part over?

    Plenty of people petition these groups. They even have video evidence of them "far-taunting" mobs. Which is when they taunt mobs from far away to get them out of rooms solo. The video is never good enough for the company. They have the evidence, trust me.

    The petition system is broken for this subject. They either don't know what they are doing, or someone there is telling everyone else to look the other way. We know they resort to the "respond to tell or bye bye", but it is also clear they don't allow macaroni-quest on Aradune. I mean, why else would they make Rizlona, which is spelled out as the "any program goes" server. Aradune was meant to be for the people that don't want to use that program. We don't want to see full groups of robots pulling for weeks at a time. How can they feel bad punishing these people when they gave them their own server, that launched at the exact same time as Aradune?

    It makes no sense.
  4. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Videos please.
  5. SunDrake Augur

    It makes complete sense, it's just not what you want to see.
  6. Valdis2 New Member

    You think that's bad try Riz ran through BBM last 40 people sitting out side town why a bard was pulling the zone to them, can't find a mob to kill in sol a,solb, unrest,com, guk,or lguk the whole zones are always being pulled to the zone line so even if u manage to get past the 60 people standing at the ent of the zone and find a stray mob to fight you will get caught in there train when they pull again, /pick dose nothing cuz wait 10 mins and they'll be there after they killed everything in there pick have literally lvled from 12-40 in OT cuz it seems to be the only place not being farmed by bots I get its a box server but figured bots would still be dealt with
  7. code-zero Augur

    So you know for a fact that the groups you're seeing don't have an SK or necro?
  8. Stix Man Journeyman

    #1... no necro/SK

    #2... that's not how summon corpse spells work. The player has to go back into the zone where their corpse is. You cannot just die and have a necro/sk summon your corpse while you stand at your bind point.

    #3... the cleric does it all by themselves. Targets corpse, and a couple seconds later, corpse is under cleric and being ressed. This isn't some rare event. It happens every time one of their bot groups has a mob gate and kill a toon far away. Which is bound to happen a few times a day when you take into account there are 9+ groups being botted at a single time.
  9. Bowdeen Lorekeeper

    So.. you're upset that you can't find mobs up in common powerleveling zones. Got it.
  10. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Figuring bots wouldn't dominate the bot server is an error in judgment to be frank.
  11. Incantatrice New Member

    Rizlona: I spent a considerable amount of time in Sol A this past weekend (PLing due to double exp). The zone was basically empty all day Friday except for me pulling the high level goblins (for a few hours) and then me pulling gnomes for another six or so hours. Almost no one entered the zone except for the odd person looking to camp Gimblox. The prior week I had stopped in and there was actually a pick because enough people were crammed in the Gimblox area. The pick sat with 2 people in it for hours (camping Gimblox in the pick). Lastly — I leveled up a group there on gnomes in late September and had the zone completely to myself. It sounds to me like you went there once, saw the zone occupied, and never returned again.

    In terms of the original poster — I don’t play on Aradune. However, I am very familiar with the tools that the majority of the players on Rizlona / live servers use to box. Never, once, ever, have I seen or spoken with someone who could /corpse from anywhere in the zone. I haven’t heard or seen warping since mid-2000s. I don’t doubt that it happens here or there, but to suggest that it is prevalent is absurd. I don’t even know where I would go to get such hacks and I know that’s the case for pretty much everyone I play with.
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  12. Stix Man Journeyman

    Well, there is an extremely popular/advertised warp program. Perhaps the warping with /corpsedrag could potentially do it. Warping doesn't break charm, maybe it doesn't break /corpsedrag either.
  13. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Considering they were warping named mobs all over selo I'm gonna guess warping corpses is on the table.

    This isn't going back too far either...
  14. Kodachi Journeyman

    The players on the boxing allowed server don't generally use the programs that the people on the true box servers use to hydra box... and theres extra "features" they utilize... also as far as petition and video evidence? Don't bother. If they aren't actually afking on a spawn, its apparantly not worth enforcing.
  15. Torrok New Member

    "why else would they make Rizlona, which is spelled out as the "any program goes" server"

    Rizlona was advertised and as keystroke required server. I'm ok with someone broadcasting to their mage army to /pet attack, /cast.. There is at least some challenge in coordinating your characters when you have to click the skills. If it's an anything goes server then they should have said that. I shouldn't have to deal with a camp being locked down by and afk group. /petition and it goes nowhere. Even on a box server it ruins the spirit of the game to have a bunch of scripted characters running around.

    October 22.. the beautiful bot free day I will always remember
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  16. Stix Man Journeyman

    Rizlona was advertised as the "be at your keyboard" server, actually.

    Look up KissAssist on youtube. That's what the server was made for. Not that everyone on there has to play like that, but it is definitely the server where they want those types of players to go. They are fine with people running those programs, as long as they respond to AFK checks.

    Some people might control the puller and pull to their groups, but any action can be automated.

    I guarantee you those boxers aren't buffing or moving their monks/rogues manually. Assists can also be set to a certain %. That's what the server is there for, though.

    Aradune, on the other hand... should not be where this stuff is allowed. The "respond to a tell" should not trump all the clear evidence of using numerous hacks to automate and warp anytime they want.

    Even if we say they are okay with those cheats and warps being used on Aradune, what about how easy it is to tell that there are single individuals playing 18+ characters at a time.

    You would think GMs would be drooling at how easy it is to catch these people. They'd get so much praise, you'd think, for being the ones to "catch" the cheaters.

    To those who think it is no big deal, or deal with it. Essentially, what's going on, is there is a city that has cops watching the roads for speeders. They pull you over if you go over 60 MPH. You see these other cars with a special sticker on them and they are going 90 MPH but not being pulled over. You figure out that they pay for a certain certificate and as long as they pay for the right certificate, then the cop won't pull them over for speeding.

    You cannot speed unless you have something very specific.

    I am pretty sure there is something in the rules about having an "unfair advantage". I'd say playing 20-40 characters, warping, and using other illegal programs, is quite an unfair advantage on a truebox, 2 box server.
  17. Torrok New Member

    Calling BS here. I shouldn't have to look up KissAssist on youtube to find the "real" server rules. Everquest.com Rizlona Ruleset clearly states no automated gameplay

    By playing on Rizlona you agree to:
    Absolutely No Automated/Unintended Game-play, any incident of automated gameplay is immediate suspension, second offence is ban including Rizlona associated accounts.

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  18. WaitingforMoreEQ Waitingforvanillawow

    Call BS all you want, he is correct. They don't consider things like KissAssist to be automated. As long as you're "at your keyboard" to responded to a GM they won't do anything.
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  19. Stix Man Journeyman

    If the group in that video isn't banned/suspended, then I think it's officially official that the company doesn't care about the rules they put into place for Aradune.

    Hard to imagine they expect someone to capture better evidence.

    That same group is replicated 10 times all across Sebilis, depending on the day. And, they run for days in a row. Only stopping when their groups wipe and they need to wake up to re-warp their groups back to camps hours later.
  20. HoodenShuklak Augur

    More like poor dude will eat a forum ban for calling out the botters in a prime camp on a prime time.

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