1-110 Solo Druid Leveling Guide Request

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Nebulism, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Nebulism Journeyman

    Hi All,

    I'm returning to the game and rolling a druid (eventually I would like to heal in groups/raids for the end game). For the meanwhile, leveling is what I shall be doing!
    From 1-50, I have a pretty solid path that won't get much faster.
    50 onwards, I'm not quite certain as to the best path for a druid.

    Some things I know I will try out:
    1. Teek dailies for the xp boost
    2. I've kited before, and I presume I shall kite again
    2a. Also reverse charm swarming falls in that category too for me.
    3. I would like to try and get in some pick up groups (setting up my own included).

    No box here, trying to not do that anymore as boxing ruins games for me (becomes too much like work and I don't like losing the class identity/connection).

    Do you folks have any opinions on a Druid focused leveling guide from 50+?

  2. Brohg Augur

    if you don't have moral objections to (ab)using mercenaries? then a tank merc will happily PL you through 70 or 75. Heal him now & then, but focus mainly on dps. Can do LDoN instances if you get a friend to go with you to deal even more dps, or Serpent Spine (Blackfeather Roost progression is great for going 50-65) then over to Dragonscale Hills to 75.

    At 75, if you're soloing? ditch the tank merc, go Loping Plains charming gators/wolves/bears. That zone's good to 86, at which point you've caught up to Heroics and can jump into high level groups or put together peers for Gribbling.

    If you need or desire to keep soloing? Keep on the charms, there's Naeya (the dogs) at the south end of Beast's Domain, or at the entrance to Shard's Landing. Those spots are good to 100.
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  3. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    1-63 - Tank Mercenary with you.
    63-70 - Charm in PoStorms in Forest area. Grab a Hurricane or Typhoon Lorok, Kill everything in the area. Use Karana’s Renewal to heal pet, cure it when it gets slowed.
    70-71 - Charm in PoFire. Grab a spider in the first field, run over to Tables or Castle 2 and kill stuff.
    71-76 - Charm in Icefall. Grab a mammoth or bear and reverse Charm. Grab big pulls of 10+ mobs, snare them all with Entrap and Charm them send them on the pack and break when low on HP with Innate Camo.
    76-81 - Charm in Loping Plains. Grab an alligator on the beach and reverse Charm.
    81-86 - Charm in Field of Scale or stay in Loping Plains.
    86-92 - Charm in Al’Kabors Nightmare on the first island.
    92-110 - Quint Kite in zones with non-summoning mobs. I did Windsong during VoA, Erantii and East Wastes are good in RoF, Frontier Mountains and Overthere are good in EoK/RoS
  4. Tucoh Augur

    https://www.almarsguides.com/eq/leveling/RoS/ is the best general leveling guide, though it's not druid focused.

    I'd also recommend doing what you can to enjoy the leveling process, which may mean to take a look at


    and see what zones might be good for your level. That chart isn't super accurate though, so you might show up to a zone only to find that everything is too high or too low for you. Personally I enjoy going to a new zone and just killing everything in it at least once.

    Finally, you can solo to 110 as a druid, but it won't be terribly fun (for most people). Finding other people to play with below the cap is tough but worth trying even if you have to spend some effort helping people, fighting lower/higher level mobs etc. You may also want to consider adding a boxed character to help out. Good combos would include an SK that can tank while you heal and nuke, or a mage that can use their pet to tank while you both nuke/heal.
  5. Nebulism Journeyman

    Thanks for all the replies everyone! I'm looking forward to quintkiting for sure. In the meanwhile I'll use the merc to level up until 60 ish.

    At the moment, hit 15 last night easily pulling a bunch on top of the caster DPS merc put on AE. Will head to Blightfire Moors around 20 or so.

  6. Tappin Augur

    Trying to molo your way to 110 is going to be a nightmare from 95 to 100, but doable. Gribbles is still the best exp (assuming no pl), but you will need a group. Honestly, find a guild, makes some friends, and play that way. That just my opinion.
  7. Brohg Augur

    "molo"? yeah I imagine. But druids have solo options for leveling.
  8. Tappin Augur

    Going to be popping that healer merc buffs over 50 and rezes prior to 60 (assuming gold).

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