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  1. Tiranniel liked Senvie's post in the thread Group NPT.

    While I am loving that it is not a group cast spell, can we please lower the CD of the recast to keep more in line with the single...

    Apr 18, 2024
  2. Tiranniel liked Lisard's post in the thread Confirmed the reward system.

    The new reward system for raids is not performing as it was intended and results in a negative gameplay experience. The new system was...

    Feb 10, 2024
  3. Tiranniel liked Tacoheals's post in the thread Fixed LS collection set: Mind Your Steppes.

    This set is nowhere to be found in game, no ground spawn, not dropped. killed hundreds of mobs in Timorous Falls and no luck. Help!

    Dec 10, 2023
  4. Tiranniel liked Fanra's post in the thread Suggestion: Quest NPCs use Tell to Player Rather than Say.

    Please have quest NPCs give their text as a tell to the player talking to them. Right now the spam as several people are at once are...

    Dec 7, 2023