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    Mar 15, 2021
  2. Ryino liked Sancus's post in the thread Lag Reduction Suggestion: Converting SPA 383 Procs.

    Since procs were adjusted to cast concurrently, the number of procs from each spell cast and melee swing has grown significantly. The...

    Mar 12, 2021
  3. Ryino liked kizant's post in the thread T3 hype.

    Are you being compensated for spending all this valuable time on the forums? You are here trying to make things better for everyone,...

    Mar 11, 2021
  4. Ryino liked Sancus's post in the thread T3 hype.

    I think you're underestimating the number of people in the top end guilds who would like a challenge and significantly overestimating the...

    Mar 10, 2021
  5. Ryino liked Beimeith's post in the thread T3 hype.

    Well, the ranking itself was setup long ago back in the days when guilds didn't beat everything on the same week much less the same...

    Mar 9, 2021
  6. Ryino liked Lisard's post in the thread T3 hype.

    the best part about today was Arbiter didnt lock at 0% (there was a minor oh noes moment at 6% when we had to wait for the server to catch...

    Mar 8, 2021
  7. Ryino liked Sancus's post in the thread So Aaryonar....

    This raid isn't overly hard, and comparisons to Mearatas or even Drusella's Vault exaggerate its difficulty. That said, bugs...

    Feb 27, 2021
  8. Ryino replied to the thread Tower of Rot - Narius' Plan quest caused mega train.

    This is happening on Cazic right now, major zone lag and quest mobs running all over the place as well. Serl fixed it =)

    Feb 20, 2021
  9. Ryino liked Sancus's post in the thread Fixed Internally Velium Endowed Arcane Staff - Missing Proc Rate Modifier.

    Summary: Velium Endowed Arcane Staff (CoV Raid 2HB) should have a proc rate modifier for its melee proc of 100. Velium Enhanced Arcane...

    Feb 15, 2021
  10. Ryino liked Piemastaj's post in the thread [Xegony] Realm of Insanity.

    The only updates that really matter: - Guild Progression List (elitegamerslounge.com)

    Feb 15, 2021
  11. Ryino liked Scornfire's post in the thread SPA 286, A History of Neglect.

    My Spaghetti is Still Upsetti about this <3

    Jan 30, 2021