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    Hail Norrathians! Many of you may have already seen me here on the forums, and many of you have seen me in game. I'm more active on the...

    Dec 16, 2019
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    Dec 16, 2019
  3. Rumplestilskin replied to the thread Torment of Velious TS Questline Update.

    Natal=Smedley >suck it up.

    Dec 15, 2019
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    Well, after you have finished grinding your levels and AA, you presumably will not be playing any more, so it doesn't matter does...

    Dec 15, 2019
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    My rumor (ME) is that they will work on this for server mergers when they are ready for them. I expect they will fix the code for this at...

    Dec 15, 2019
  6. Rumplestilskin replied to the thread Unable to log in.

    My server as well.

    Dec 5, 2019
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    I still think the best solution is for DBG to just tag one server as PST preferred. It should not be time consuming to just say server X is...

    Oct 19, 2019
  8. Rumplestilskin replied to the thread Producer's Letter: Torment of Velious Beta [Discussion].

    [quote Get over it "new member that makes a dumb name to try and give themselves credibility more than their trolling deserves".[/quote]...

    Oct 17, 2019