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  1. Rouan liked Tappin's post in the thread What Were The Biggest Nerfs in EQ History?.

    The biggest nerf in EQ history is the most recent one... to kill exp for levels.

    Oct 12, 2022
  2. Rouan liked Windance's post in the thread What Were The Biggest Nerfs in EQ History?.

    Then splitting the expansion into 2x 12 month releases ...

    Oct 11, 2022
  3. Rouan liked Skrab's post in the thread What Were The Biggest Nerfs in EQ History?.

    Going from 6 months to 12 month expansion releases, then going from 4-5 Tiers of Zones to 6 zones.

    Oct 11, 2022
  4. Rouan liked Cadira's post in the thread *Highly Suggested Ranger Changes*.

    I strongly agree with everything you said except #3 (Shadows spike arrow). The ap aug should be equally beneficial to everyone, in the...

    Oct 9, 2022
  5. Rouan liked Celephane's post in the thread hello, sorry for the off-topic question.

    You have no "freedom of speech" in the domain of others, poor argument.

    Oct 4, 2022
  6. Rouan liked Iven's post in the thread 25th Anniversary.

    Hmm, that might be higher texture resolutions and more polygons and the new UI sure will also improve the look. As far as I have...

    Sep 27, 2022
  7. Rouan liked Skuz's post in the thread Level 100 heroic characters.

    A lot of forum users were saying that 100 was too low long before they were rolled out, many of them doing so before the roadmap was...

    Sep 25, 2022
  8. Rouan liked Stymie's post in the thread In the early days of EQ, a cheater and designer waged a secret war from a San Diego gaming store.

    "Eventually David found himself on the other side of the screen. In 2017, he joined Amazon Game Studios and worked on New World as a senior...

    Sep 15, 2022
  9. Rouan liked Waring_McMarrin's post in the thread Bazaar: Let's make it awesome. re: single account usage and plat limit..

    That is a horrible idea, an improved bazaar should not be locked behind paying for perks.

    Sep 11, 2022
  10. Rouan replied to the thread [Community] Budget PC Build For EverQuest.

    They're OEM keys bought in bulk. So they should work fine forever for as long as you have that motherboard. Which means they're...

    Sep 11, 2022