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Jan 26, 2013
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    • We've gone from two expansions per year to one.
    • We've gone from various gear plans over two or three expansions to multiple complete gearsets per expansion.
    • We've gone from ~20 static zones per year (see: TBS and TSS, or TSS and PoR, most of which also included numerous instances, as examples) to [eight zones in TDS].
    • Spells, weapon procs and foci are standardized and predictable 99% of the time.
    • They threw out the 5% rule with SoF; using top-end TBS gear... CotF gear would have about 1100 hp... Instead, current top-end raid gear is about 3.3 times more inflated than that.
    • The tradeskill process has become oversimplified... Dozens, possibly hundreds of older expansion-centric materials go ignored for the sake of adding a few new simplifying mats.
    • Numerous additions that would have been spectacular features of the game if regularly maintained have instead just been introduced and then largely ignored to one degree or another, such as Shrouds, Epics (and alternate "epic" lines... such as Greenmist), tribute abilities (most of which don't stack anyways), the Casino, traps, auras and power sources.