Why bother with character development at all?

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Reyals, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Reyals New Member

    Charisma seems to be the only attribute worth anything at the moment.. without 250+ charisma and dragon drives you cannot get the best dragons. charisma cannot be acquired on gear, of any kind.. potions and food do not make up for not speccing into charisma..
    So why bother.. nothing we do as players will make any other spec worth while, unless we get the dragons we want, respec, and then never go for a rare dragon again.

    Why not just turn this into a "pokemon" game.. make players invulnerable and simple make the game fully dragon based, with the current progress it may as well be.

    2 damage per point of strength or intelligence is pathetic.

    worse still is that constitution is a near MUST as monsters can chain flinch stun you into the floor in a second flat.

    stacked full ferocity with over 100k into my weapon for damage, I can barely top an 8k crit at level 42, with an ability that takes around 3-4 seconds to charge up

    And because I've chosen to skip out on charisma my dragon lasts under 2 minutes, I can't even tame a dungeon rare let alone a fabled/ancient.

    It takes 10 days of daily quests to get enough shells to respec, or 3.75$, but why should that be required.

    why is 3 attribute points per level acceptable in a game where you NEED more than one stat to be anything more than a puppet master, for a dragon that takes quite a good deal of time or money to be any where close to worth while.

    Something must change, it's as simple as that. characters should be as much a part of the game as dragons, by design, that has failed. It's one or the other, and neither option is acceptable.

    untie dragons from character stats, or grant us the ability to build in a more diverse way.

    until then, I'll be sitting on several blue and purple dragon flutes I don't dare use because I didn't conform the the "pure charisma" band wagon.
  2. Zaidin New Member

    Dragons do actually help you out a lot in combat so I didn't mind putting some points on Charisma. I am a level 43 Guardian and I put 40 points into charisma then 2/1 strength/constitution. I can still deal a pretty descent amount of damage and my dragon can heal me, CC, and do good damage without me having to tell it to. Ancients are going to be hard to catch, if it was easy then they would be everywhere. I tried to tame a level 35 ancient at level 41 and failed miserably with a Dragon Drive Potion. Going to try again around 50.

    As for the stat gain, that 2 strength per attribute point may seem low but after 50 points into strength you get and extra 100+ damage every swing. Just try putting like 20-30 points into charisma, catch a descent dragon and see how it changes the game for you.

    I realize that I can't say much about the whole taming ancient dragons situation, but I will agree with you. When I get level 60 and attempt to tame a level 45 ancient and fail epically like I did before, even with a Dragon Drive Potion, something would need to change.
  3. Sartor Member

    You either play your class, or be a breeder, its as simple as that lol, what you are trying to suggest is basically removing the choice of being a breeder.
    so you want to be a strong character and have a strong pet as well?, that have even less character development since people dont even need to make the choice and be able to capture powerful dragon.
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  4. Harmonica Active Member

    I think the point that's being made is that the current system leaves precious little room for hybrid builds. Or, at least, that's the way it seems. The charisma needed to tame the best dragons is well off the chart, meaning that unless you consciously place your emphasis there, you really aren't going to be successful at it. On the other hand, by putting so many points in charisma, your character's fighting abilities suffer as well.

    From my perspective, as a ranger in the mid-30s levels, investing consistently in charisma hasn't made me feel that my character is weak and only rarely has any of the content posed serious troubles. However, I'm also not much of a min-maxer, so efficiency isn't my primary goal when building a character. Someone who cares about those details is probably right to wonder at the difficulty of making a character who has a legitimate shot at the best dragons in the game without necessarily having to skimp on their other abilities.
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  5. MichaelDawn New Member

    I actually agree with the OP on this one. I also agree with Sartor in that having a strong character and a strong dragon may potentially be overpowered. BUT i feel that since charisma affects your dragon's stats, AND there is a signficant time investment in farming/training good dragons, i feel that there would still be ample advantage for a player who focuses on dragon breeding as their primary goal.

    For other players who prefer to treat dragon's as an innovative mount/pet system while focusing on traditional character development, I feel that the opportunity to catch the higher level dragons should be more reasonable than it is now. Most players are in this game to catch dragons. That's the only hook of this game. Denying the ability to collect dragons with a character simply because they didn't use all their skill points on charisma seems, IMHO, to be a giant "F*** you" to the players who didn't roll ranger and need points in other areas.

    Should taming be as easy for them as for the breeder? No. But it shouldn't be frustratingly difficult/impossible without spending money or spending two weeks doing dailies
    Should dragons be stronger for a breeder (high charisma build)? Of course. This is already the case, perhaps it should be more so.

    I would be more than happy with decreasing taming difficulty in exchange for a more dramatic charisma bonus to dragon skills. I find this to be a fair tradeoff. I'm sure people who have charisma builds and every rare known to man or ape will probably disagree. I would if i were them, probably. But I hope most people would find this reasonable.
  6. Draculthemad Member

    Level 60 isn't end-game, FWIW.
    The max level is supposed to be 120.

    That is 360 attribute points to spend all over, which is more flexibility than most give you.

    Most recent MMO don't even let you adjust your BASE stats at ALL.
    If you want customization you either have to rely entirely on talents or gear.

    We also have not even touched the gear options available.

    I dont think anyone is running around in the kind of custom gear to really see how powerful they can be.

    Even with crafted gear it would be somewhat easy to get a hold of blue recipes, but you would still have to grind out multiple copies of each item to get the absolute best.

    That is just blues, there are what, 9-10 tiers of gear after that?

    Trying to make sweeping balance judgements now would be like trying to do the same thing at level 20 in wow, to draw a comparison.
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  7. Mawnee Active Member

    I agree with the OP. I have actually noticed this in terms of dragon attributes as well. You are given several points in every attribute per level automatically. The problem is that the stats scale up per level so much that the 3 you invest have little impact. This is exactly why im full charisma build on my guardian now. The benefits in taming dragons and dragon timer are real. Where full STR doesn't seem to help that much. Even without a single point in any stat but CHA I can chain pull groups of mobs 5 levels higher than me and shred them with complete disregard. This game does seem to be gearcentric. As long as you have green armor and a blue+ weapon....your stats don't even matter.
  8. snowman Active Member

    wait wait im sorry so you want to max/max eveerything?? first you want to max dmp then you want to crit, THEN you want the rare and elite dragons???

    what happen to choices or the MIN part of min maxing? also elite and rares are not that much more awesome, least not compared to how it used to be. remeber dragonsa re like any other weapon. asking that it is unfair that you must spec full charisma to catch rare and elite dragons, is like complaing you cannot get a full purple set of gear
  9. MichaelDawn New Member

    Calm down, man. I feel like you may have missed the intent of the question.
    From what I've read on the forums, the problem is not people wanting to max out all their stats. That's silly. The two complaints are:
    1. "the only stat worth investing in is CHA since all other stats have little effect. Gear provides larger bonuses to other stats than leveling can, and CHA cannot be increased by gear."
    2."Its a game about being a dragon tamer... why can't i at least TAME any dragon without spending every stat point on charisma?"

    It has nothing to do with "gimme everything". it has everything to do with the OP's original question and this: Why do we have to choose between collecting dragons and spending points to build our character?

    Again, a person with full charisma is going to have stronger dragons of the same type anyway, providing incentive to people who want to focus on dragons as weapons, so why are you so mad at the idea of people being able to tame rare dragons without building a certain character, considering they'd be little more than cosmetic mounts to many people? there is no "tamer" class, taming dragons is an understood part of playing the game, it should not require you to put every stat point AND buy a bunch of buffs just to have a shot. Which is what most people see as the case right now.

    Also, any person can get purple gear without arranging stats a certain way.
  10. Hei New Member

    actually....dragon also scales with level. A rare dragon has little difference from an ancient or a common. And Charisma only raises base atk dmg of dragons...

    Breeders are actually pretty mad that common dragons can be pretty close damage wise to common dragons of same level.

    And the base atk dmg increase is like 150-200 at lvl 35. Which is pretty similar to pumping all offensive stat.

    Also. You can easily buy a charisma potion which gives like 40+ charisma. This potion was designed for those who did not put a lot of charisma to be able to tame normal and -maybe- rare dragons.
  11. MichaelDawn New Member

    Didn't realize it only affected base damage... that does suck.

    I have not seen the charisma potions. Guess i'm goin shopping... i wonder if 40 points is enough to make a difference... Dunno yet. But thanks for the advice.
  12. Halisi Member

    You do know that you can get shells from blue quests right? Most towns have an npc that gives repeatable blue quests that each give 10. Most have at least five quest, which can be repeated I believe 5 times a day meaning each npc can give you 250 shells a day, and there are many of them.
  13. Dracallus Member

    Those are daily quests, and you can only do 10 of them a day, for a maximum of 100 dragon insignias a day. So he's right, it takes 10 days for a respec unless you pay for it.
  14. Reyals New Member

    Thanks for all the views from both sides. It would seem that many if not all agree to some degree that all dragons should be obtainable, but not all dragons should be alike.. charisma should have a heavier influence on dragons abilities but NOT so much on the ability to acquire them.
    you can also find food that supplies another 12 points or so, maybe even craft better.
  15. elgen Active Member

    There is a soft cap for charisma that hurts full charisma builds. For one regardless how much charisma you have you can't tame over x levels of your self simple because your timer is not long enough. And max taming points per second at the center circle is 9. Both limited what a full charisma build can tame. So going full charisma can often be a waste if your just doing it to tame.

    There are potions that can be used to effect taming
    passives talents
    guild talents
    soul power boosters
    potions that refill your soul power

    As Hei points out when the open says best dragons it's a bit misleading if not untrue. He may feel that he can't tame what he feels is the best cosmetically looking dragon with low charisma. But all dragons of same type have the same base core stats within a few point. I can tame a level 60 flyer then a level 9 flyer and they will have about the same base stats. Charisma only raises the stats of the pets by a %.
  16. Luttiano Member

    When PvP comes full bore later on, when I see a breeder I'm going to demolish that breeder in an instant while its dragon watches him die. Then I'll look at all that charisma you have and say "Look at da widdle dead perty boy..."
  17. Reyals New Member

    no you wont, because pvp damage is 5% of pve.. and if you see a sorc with shield up, you are dead.. nothing you can say or do.
  18. Sartor Member

    just because the breeder is full cha, doesnt mean that he will be low hp, you can get all stat but cha from equipment
  19. LordVeral New Member

    Where is this charisma potion? is it a permanent 40+?
  20. elgen Active Member

    I think food last for 15 min while potions have a higher stat bonus and last for 60 seconds. You more or less chug them right before a tame.

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