Whispering Wind caught my an oracle

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Overpowered, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Overpowered New Member


    I'm a lvl60 oracle full CHA stats. I caught Whispering Wind earlier alone when I was doing PE. I have lvl4 guild buff, lvl60 food, +48CHA pot activated when I caught him and use a dragon drive in between. Good thing I was alone when I found her so no competition ;)
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  2. Mystogan Well-Known Member

    Grata, I want that thing!

    Means it will probably show up next weekend then.
  3. badbrad Active Member

    gj you and ventor are now the only 2 oracles i know with ww.
  4. Raiijii Active Member

    That's a beautiful Dragon, its crazy some people's already taming it the next few month's it will be ever player have it
  5. SofterSin Member

    What a stunning dragon. Gratz!
  6. Shautru Well-Known Member

    OOO, pretty bunny you got there! ;) Congrats!
  7. dragonsprofit New Member

    wow nice work:)
  8. MarkRamza Member

    Where did you get it? Did you get it today?
  9. LadyMint Active Member

  10. Overpowered New Member

    He spawns just outside of Wotark in Korhala. I caught her yesterday at around 4:45pm central time ;)
  11. Overpowered New Member


    just caught him now at 9:35am central time LOL ;)
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  12. Adena Well-Known Member

    And we don't even have our 5% charisma bonus yet... good job. =)
  13. Resurrection Active Member

    Congrats, extremely lucky RNG
  14. Mystogan Well-Known Member

    Just wanna say thank you to Selluna for helping me tag this in the midst of the epic chaos, and Hitam for sharing the location after his try.

    Another oracle fortunate enough to catch this beauty.

  15. badbrad Active Member

    both servers ww is down for 3 days or so from now. and then server reset will spawn another.

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