What are Dragon Flutes?

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Rider, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Rider Well-Known Member

    I keep seeing all this discussion about flutes!
    I'm level 25 and I have no experience with these flutes.
    Can somebody educate me on Dragon Flutes from square 1? I know absolutely nothing about them but I feel like it's an important part of the game. Also, how do you get them?
  2. SonjaArashi Active Member

    First, you need to join a guild that has the guild skill that lets guild members obtain the flutes.
    Then you go to the lair and Dragon Process -> Recording of Dragon Cries.
    This provides you with an unidentified flute each time.

    You 'extract' the flutes to get the real flutes.
    • Grey = useless
    • White = Common dragons, can be extracted to obtain seal breaking scale powder (rare)
    • Green = field/dungeon rares
    • Blue = field/dungeon rares, chance of ancients/fabled dragons
    • Purple = same as blue but better chances of ancient, dragons are harder to catch, 10 skill slots on dragons summoned
    You can also wind up with sealed versions of flutes, which requires the Seal Breaking powder to use. You can get the powder from extracting white flutes or spending 250 dragon insignia in the shop.
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  3. Rider Well-Known Member

    The flutes sound easy to get if your dragon gets them for you...
    So who would spend 250 insignias on simply unsealing one?
    Or am i missing something?
  4. SonjaArashi Active Member

    That's the thing, most people aren't unsealing the sealed flutes unless they get the powder out of extracting a white flute as it's simply not worth it! It's easy to get 30 flutes every 5 hours for absolutely free, more if you put SC into it.
  5. Rider Well-Known Member

    Oh okay :D.
    But wow, after searching for clans, I realized they all seem to be on Lysaia :D. I'm on Kronos!
    How do you recommend i find a guild at the flute level?
  6. potato Member

    Talk to the guild npc, can check guild by level. Guilds are cross-server so do not fret :).
  7. ScarlettMonkey New Member

    I'm still kind of confused. We extract the flutes to get the "real" flutes. What do we do with the real flutes? Do we use the flute to recieve one of the above according the the color? Or do we just recieve one of the above items just by extracting it?

    And yes, like the OP, I know absolutely nothing about flutes but hear about them all the time.
  8. SonjaArashi Active Member

    The 'real' flute you get is random from the above colors and sealed flutes.
  9. Leaha Active Member

    Once you have the real flute, you then need to use it. Using it summons a random dragon at your level based on the flute you used. Once the dragon is summoned you have 3 minutes to tame it. If you don't manage to tame it in 3 minutes, it goes away.
  10. Keith Smith Well-Known Member

    Guilds are cross server, you can be on any server and join the guild, help gain guild rep. I'm on Lysais and most of my guild is on Kronos. We can even group in dungeon instances.

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