Two Heads, One Dragon

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Yaviey, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Yaviey Wiki Project Manager


    Now available in the Dragon’s Prophet Marketplace - Ferocious Duality, a two-headed DRAGON! It doesn't get much more #SuperMetal than that! And because you asked for it, Ferocious Duality is available without a bundle. Get this fearsome two-headed Dragon in the Marketplace now for only 1499 SC (Station Cash). But hurry; get this Dragon before he becomes extinct!
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  2. Dizzy Active Member

    By now available, you meant Friday right? Don't see it in cash shop.
  3. Charlez Member

    Now just add a title with each dragon on the marketplace. Those sales alone will keep DP alive for a long time.
  4. Beata New Member

    Good job, a white dragon has been well requested for quite some time. Much appreciated for this design indeed.
  5. Dragoons Active Member

    OMG This just what I was waiting for..but I can't see it in the market place? where is it?
  6. Saidrah New Member

    Available now. :( I got tricked! I just bought SC just for this dragon but its not on sale yet. Take my money and give me this dragon!
  7. Beata New Member

    Yes, Friday.

    A white dragon has been well requested for quite some time. Much appreciation for this design indeed.
  8. Adena Well-Known Member

    I'll be grabbing one when he's available. I'll name him Duality =)
  9. RadarX Community Relations

    To clarify folks, you have to purchase the Duality egg and open it in order to claim the dragon.
  10. Adena Well-Known Member

    WHAAAAT are you wizards?

    Did I magically guess it's name o_O

    Anyway, it's a really cool looking dragon, thanks for putting it up =D
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  11. Gorthox Member

    OK this is just cool. :p
  12. Dizzy Active Member

    He wasn't in game for some reason until a while after servers came back up. But he was on market now and got him and hes awesome. He is equal Int/Str as well as equal DA/Focus with DA and Focus being highest attributes
  13. NyTe3 Member

    Cool dragon... I kind of expected a nyrol type dragon with the whole turkey gullet thing he's got goinz on =p
  14. Shasa New Member

    Very nice model, I anticipate future designs!
  15. mihawk New Member

    This dragon will last until next week?
  16. Kingy New Member

    Awesome looking dragon. :) though i don't mind the bundles when they include dragon tools like whips. In fact i think all dragon purchases should come with such things it helps get their training to a good start.
  17. Zer0ne New Member

    This reminds me to ask are there any plans for future additions to the land sea and air dragon types
  18. Shautru Well-Known Member

    Very nice, well done!
  19. Nitt New Member

    Excellent...will spend some SC on this for sure.
  20. TFOBladewing Active Member

    Bought this and it looks awesome, only minor bug with this dragon is that when you fly as high as you can go your character shifts from the sitting position to standing on the dragons pack. Other then that its pretty friggin awesome dragon.

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