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  1. Mysmae Active Member

    I don't know if this has been posted anywhere, but here's the list of Cloth sets dropping from Survival Dungeons. At the exception of Juno, other sets are completed. I hate Juno with a passion, so I may not complete the sets, but I got most of both, so you can have an idea.

    Accursed Tower
    Berserk (Front, Back)
    Witchcraft (Front, Back) Missing: Pants (They are classed Heavy for some reason)

    Dunar Temple
    Dragon Temple Guard (Front, Back)
    Phantom (Front, Back)

    Juno Crystal Gallery
    Black-Clad (Front, Back) Missing: Helm and Cape
    Warhorn (Front, Back) Missing: Pants
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  2. The_13th Member

    Hey Mae, since you already gone thru this trouble, why not put up also the bonus the sets it gives. So that way people can see which sets is good for their class. Thanks in advance. I know is phantom sets favors sorc while dragon temple sets favours guardians or oracle.
  3. Mysmae Active Member

    Accursed Tower(50)

    2 pieces: +270 HP
    4 pieces: +90 Magic Damage

    2 pieces: +35 Con
    4 pieces: +55 Spell Resistance(Strike)

    Dunar Temple(60)

    2 pieces: +125 PDef, +125 MDef
    4 pieces: +45 Magic Penetration

    All of my Dragon Temple is costumed.. and I don't remember, sorry.

    Juno Crystal Gallery(40)

    2 pieces: +25 Con
    4 pieces: +30 Magic Penetration

    2 pieces: +25 Con
    4 pieces: +30 Dragon Affinity
  4. SuperTramp Active Member

    imma add in some pictures:D

    currently the pictures i have is for guardian class only..

    Juno set

    Tower set

    Dunar set
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  5. Mystogan Well-Known Member

    Really impressed, how did you guys farm Accursed and Juno...without the presence of water? :D
  6. Mysmae Active Member

    Imo, Accursed is the easiest, followed by Dunar, then this damn Juno. I'm a sorc, so... I kinda have it easy. I've been farming with my friend, which is a Guardian.
  7. Mystogan Well-Known Member

    *mutters at the glass cannon that is an oracle*
  8. Razo0or New Member

    Accursed and Juno drops a lvl 60 sets or no ?
  9. Zepar New Member

    Oh wow these all look yummy! :p Can't wait to start doing some survival.

    If anybody has the male version of cloth, feel free to post some pics !:)
  10. Mysmae Active Member

    Survival? No. 3man either. Only 5man scales to your level and 5man only drop weapons.

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