SOE Please confirm Resilient Mind is in the game

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Netsmage, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. Netsmage Member

    I am requesting a confirmation from SOE that the current implementation of this game actually has the Dragon combat skill 'Resilient Mind'.

    Of the countless hours of catching dragons for other purposes, I have never seen this Dragon combat skill.

    If this skill IS in the game, can you please let us know which type of dragons have it?
  2. Mystogan Well-Known Member

    Dragon skills are random, so....
  3. SuperTramp Active Member

    sound familiar.. what does the skill do?:confused:
  4. Seryss Active Member

    I think it is the magic version of the dragon skill (not the dragon soul skill) that gives a % increase (caps at 6% i think) to the players damage. The physical one exists and i have it, but I've never seen the magic damage version.
  5. Netsmage Member

    It does exactly what Seryss mentioned, same passive buff as the Physical Damage reduction but its Magical Damage reduction.

    I have never seen it either. I have captured thousands, yes thousands of dragons and have never seen it.

    This is why I am asking SOE to confirm that it is in fact in the game.
  6. SuperTramp Active Member

    don't mind, may i ask where the source you get the name "Resilient Mind"?

    I did some research in TW server wiki, doesn't have any passive skill that increase magical defense nor magical reduction.
    For physical defense i think it "tough skin" right?
  7. Sartor Member

    resilient mind was indeed in CB, i cant find it in OB neither :(
    in CB the skill was often on starter zone's glider and flyer.
  8. RageTheBerserker Well-Known Member

    What's the TW wiki website address?
  9. Poisinivy Well-Known Member

    its not in game yet

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