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Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Oneiros, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Oneiros New Member

    So I've played SOE games in the past most recently Planetside 2. however this is the first that's felt so pay to win..... in Planetside i spent at least $150 real money on various weapons and camo packs. but all of the weapons could be unlocked with the in game earnable currency. in this game however they did add an in game earnable currency but they limited how much you could earn a day, in addition not all things that affect balance (dragon slots on the character most notably) are obtainable with this currency. in Planetside 2 i spent my money because i enjoyed the game from day 1 because i wasn't being forced to spend money to play it. in this game it seems that they are trying to force you to spend real money at every turn in the game. not saying they should hand the stuff to me but give me the option to earn any in game item available (minus things that are for aesthetic value)

    in addition the character respec..... right now it takes 10 days to earn the insignias to respec a character...... 10 days.... this is a genre built on people respeccing a character 20 times in a row in under 20 minutes to min max stats... how is 10 days or $3.75 justifiable for a character respec..... even at all.......
  2. Gerostalis New Member

    I can agree with this. Companies need to learn a balance with F2P games between making money and being fun for people who don't want to pay. Respecs should not be something you charge for. This game hardly seems to be blowing up right now and the last thing you need is for people to be chased off by the fact that the game looks like a P2W. To me, that's how it looks. I've been messing around with the game but I even at low levels I already find myself being asked for money all the time. That's scary, because I can only imagine it's going to be far worse at end game. I feel like 1/2 of the menus I click ask me for station cash. Greed kills F2P games, hands down and outright.
  3. DragonsPoop New Member

    Sad, but this is the direction all mmos (even console games) are going.

    There's always that group of players that will buy anything for any price. And these companies know it. When the game gets shut down, open a new one and repeat.

    Who's to blame? Game devs, or players that buy support, defend these type games.
  4. OfficialPhilFish New Member

    Yep, this is Pay2Win. I hate this game if it stays this way.
    Heck, some of my friends hate me now for advertising this money-grabbing game to them.
  5. Ladyzprince New Member

    You gotta be jokin right?
    The mere fact that they even allow you to earn majority of marketplace items without paying is already HUGE!

    How much to get all dragon slots? Less then $10!! That is cheap as hell!

    $3 dollars for a respec? Take my money!
    The other game I came from needed $20+ for 1 respec.

    I'm starting to think people are taking this pay2win thing and making their own definition.
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  6. pheonixboii New Member

    I don't find this game pay2win at all. Who says they won't give out slots during an event? Also i know many games where you have to spend money for respecs. I've never heard of any game where the player needs to respec their stats 20 times in under 20 minutes? o.0 that's what new character slots are for o.0 Are you new to mmorpg?
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  7. Rider Well-Known Member

    A game company trying to earn money, Oh no! Call the cops!
    The prices on the cash shops items which are not even necessary at all are very reasonable... $3 for a respec like Ladzyprince says is a bargain considering other games charge $20+.
    You're complaining that it takes too long to earn items without paying real money... Yet you can EARN them by playing the game free of charge.
    Pay2Win? Sorry but this game isn't even competitive... When you're interacting with other players, it's teamwork.
    Even if it were a PvP situation, somebody with extra bank slots isn't going to stomp you because they payed money.
    As pheonix said... are you new to mmorpg?
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  8. Luttiano Member

    Subscription based models used to be that you paid for a game and then paid a monthly subscription. Most good games I'd stay for 2 to 3 years. Great games I stayed for 5 years. Given this, on a normal subscription model I would spend:

    $49.95 - $69.95 (for game)
    $14.95 x 36 - $538
    OR $14.95 x 60 - $897

    If it turns out to be a great game I would pay up to $967 dollars roughly over a 5-year span.

    And, don't forget if you had multiple accounts, you just forked out another $897!! Sometimes I had up to 3 accounts. With this game, all 3 accounts would be free.

    So far I've spent $85 bucks total and don't need to spend anymore for another 6 months or so. At that point, I'll buy another 10k SC for $85 bucks. Given this model, I can pay $170 per year which equates to $850. That's less than the old subscription model.

    And, that's "IF" I really need to pay out for 10k SC every 6 months (which I probably won't).

    Even showcasing this, I spend $200 per every dinner outing when I take my wife out to eat. And we go out once every 2 to 3 weeks for dining and entertainment. If I can't afford less than $200 dollars per year for entertainment then I don't need to be entertained!

    If this is too expensive for most of you then you really need to take a step back and ask yourself why you even play games. You should be focusing on a better career path in life instead.
  9. Neiloch New Member

    The subscription model is more forgiving. $15 a month to unlock EVERYTHING. ON ALL CHARACTERS. Not to mention 'unlimited' of some features opposed to a small fee for every use. What you are saying is like ridiculing someone for wanting to get a car for monthly payments when you are willing to pay for the entire thing up front with cash.

    Which is exactly why this model is used. A lot of players won't even stay for a year but if they get them to stay for a few months on F2P model they will still get their years worth of cash because they had to buy unlocks upfront and convenience fees that would otherwise be included in a subscription.

    Its not even possible to get all we want if we simply 'budget' $15 worth of SC each month trying to simulate a subscription due to all the up front basics characters need and any additional alts.

    Although in terms of what they charge for its not typical 'pay 2 win' its 'pay to play' It's only 'free to play' if you like things such as demo's and trials. I would definitely like to see the 'group zone in' fee be eliminated since I haven't paid for that even in F2P games that are infamous for nickel and diming players.

    I really liked what SoE did with EQ2 and DCUO, mainly because they have a 'premium' system where you can get a subscription and get MANY things included.
  10. Kediec New Member

    Dragon Stable slots are a MUST if your planning to pvp at all.

    If your only able to fight with 2 dragons soul abilities and your opponent has 6, then you are at an immediate disadvantage.

    As these slots on SOE version are PAY only, it is in a way pay 2 win.

    On the EU version how-ever , those Stable and Lair slots can be unlocked via ingame grinding for Dragon Isignias ( daily quest rewards).

    As i have said in another post, i have moved to the EU until SOE decide to stop trying to force players to pay for MUST haves, this is despite owning 2 of the pre-orders and having bought more SC on top.

    I would rather pay Infernum for diamonds ( which i have already dropped £25 on) and have the option to unlock some of it via ingame means , than be made to pay for it all.

    Now, all SOE needs to do is give the same unlockable options in the marketplace as EU imo.

    No doubt some will flame me for this, but that's fine, i'm entitled to my view as you are yours.
  11. Namiswan New Member

    Costs 20$ to unlock all the dragon slots. That's their way of getting money to pay for the services you are using. Enjoy.
  12. Sartor Member

    show screen/proof that EU have free unlock.

    personally i have my doubt on that, as TW NA EU launch are pretty close, without IP block, i dont think TW mainbranch will allow one of its publisher to make something free that isnt on their server, potentially stealing their playerbase
  13. Aki Kisaragi New Member

    How about people just not be stingy and support the game you enjoy playing. These companies are in the business of making money. Don't like it then simply don't play.
  14. Kediec New Member

    Thread i posted on Friday in account / commerce section with a screenshot of proof :-

    Not exactly hard to check for yourselves, and it isn't the first time it has been mentioned. If you still don't believe it , go make a FREE account , download it and check for yourself.

    They not only have unlockable lair / stable slots for DI, but they also have more costumes and other items available overall, as well as a much better designed shop and forums.
  15. Kediec New Member

    I do support them, how-ever i will take my business and money to the version that is fairer in its system and not force you to buy when it is quite clear their EU counterpart is happy to let players choose which way they unlock things.
  16. Sartor Member

    checked, compared, pretty much their are taking another approach.
    They let you have more dragon slot for free, but training the dragon with insignia cost way more, making perfectionist more likely to spend diamond on dragon instead of lair/slot, i find this model way more p2w than NA if you ask me
  17. Neiloch New Member

    I do think charging for the stable slots and not having some 'free' way to unlock them is unreasonable. Aside from that any grievances I have with the system are minor at most.
  18. Reyals New Member

    I'd pay 100 bucks a year just for knockback resistance.. getting chain stunned is garbage, especially when everything can connect with attacks from 5 miles away
  19. Ampheo New Member

    Pay to win...I still don't really see how this is the case. As far as pvp is concerned, it's merely a side show at best and doesn't really have a benefit for anything other than stroking ones ******. The things that matter you can still accomplish without purchasing dragon slots, although having more dragon slots WOULD make things a little easier on you.

    Pay to win would mean that you could purchase equipment or other such things that would be available only through use of real money that could be down right game breaking, such things that would be unavailable to those who don't or can't fork over the cash. That is my viewpoint on p2w, at least.

    In regards to the prices? I think that it is quite fair to be honest. This is a f2p game, but those who were kind enough to bring this game over to us DO need a way to cover the cost of servers and pay their employees. If they made everything easily obtainable without the use of SC then they probably wouldn't make enough money to keep this game going, which would give you people that are whining about it something different to whine about...yes?
  20. Kediec New Member

    True, but they are not forcing players to pay Diamonds to be competitive in terms of how many Dragons they are able to actively use in pve / pvp.
    This to me makes all the difference, it means that those who don't have as much spare income as myself ( as an example) can still remain competitive.

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