So... the apartment :P

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Eureka, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Eureka Member

  2. ADisco Member

    I do not approve of this house.
  3. WWWilliam Active Member

    Good thing it's an apartment then ;), I like it specially first photo solely because of the elegant interior design of the bath locations :p

    How much do apartments cots initially and for rent? (Haven't try to buy one yet)
  4. Eureka Member

    the apartment is 500k and the rent is 240 gold per day.
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  5. Hitzumaru New Member

    dang it 500k >.< only have 69k ... dam this game
  6. LostOcean Active Member

    how big of a space does it give you?
  7. Claires Active Member

    Thank you for posting some pictures of what the apartment looks like;
    I had been debating on whether or not to get it because I did not know how big it would be.

    It is a little sad to see though that this is bigger then the 100x100 plot, yet it is cheaper by 2.5 million.
  8. Eureka Member

    sorry for being slow :S not reply. Not really sure how much it is.. but bigger than the stupid 100x100 ^^. Also there is an option to renovate it.
  9. Alterios New Member

    So here is the big question for me... Can you pay ahead your rent?

    I know it might be asking a bit but could you maybe show screenshots of the housing interface to us poor people? :)
  10. Claires Active Member

    Is there a way to add roomates?

    a friend bought one and wanted to add me but he couldn't find it.
  11. Eureka Member

    same here not really sure how you add roommate and as for the payment ill have to ask my friend since the apartment was posted by the guy named Adisco above.
  12. ADisco Member

    You can upgrade your Apt in 3 grades; Basic > Something > something else
    The 3rd tier gives you "500" space and costs an additional 300k to get. I have no idea how long it takes to actually upgrade, or if you can have roommates at either of the higher rank ones.
    In regards to the basic one, you cannot have roommates. Sorry.
  13. Muire New Member

    Thanks for the photos and info. I have also been debating getting one. Does buying the apartment provide you with a way to get there besides traveling back to Leidis and taking the portal? I have 5 "Home, Sweet, Home" transportation runes, but the market doesn't have them for sale, and I hate the thought of having that long journey every time I want to visit my apartment.
  14. Austherus Aynvals New Member

    Noob question: Where are the apartments? Do they share the same area of the houses? How do I get to them?

    Thanks :D
  15. Dire Member

    First off, thanks for posting those pictures, they help decide whether to bother (looks nice:), so it's a yes).

    Secondly, a few questions if you don't mind?

    Can your apartment be accessed by alts (from the same account)? And is there some sort of shared safe/chest/whatever the mechanism may be for storage space accessible by your other characters? Or at least can you purchase and install one? Also, I heard that one way to share costumes is to put in an armor rack; can that be installed in an apartment?

    As you can see I am trying to figure out if the apartment has any utility value to it or if it's just for vanity/looks.

    thanks in advance,

  16. Eureka Member

    ok sorry for the late reply.. usually it notify me but as far as i can remember it starts out with a 4 slots chest and you can expand it from there i think. In the first and second picture to the left... yea that's the chest on the wall, Adisco decided that it was a good idea to have a chest hang side way :D

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