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  1. Castabella Member

    Silverthorn - Lvl 85 (Flyer)
    Rare Zone Spawn
    Spawned same way as Sailhorn (from what i was told)

    Partial and not pretty general flight path
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  2. Mystogan Well-Known Member

    Thats like, the whole of the winter map!


    So someone killed or capped it yet?
  3. Castabella Member

    Impossible to cap unless ur at least lvl 75 - Doesnt give u enough time

    And he was killed
  4. Mystogan Well-Known Member

    Well, I wont say impossible.
    The EU servers had someone hit level 80 in 65 minutes. I wont discount someone doing that here.

    Hence my question.
  5. Castabella Member

    Ah i see...and how...thats so obnoxious .__.
  6. Mystogan Well-Known Member

    Lol, exp baubles and daily resets.

    It's ok, there's always room for server firsts, and I am interested to see if any of them gets the new Balge.
  7. Arlem Well-Known Member

    Just top give you all an idea....

    It cost me roughly 60$ to go from level 66-70 in 10 minutes....using daily resets (which in case you're still curious, does not reset PEs. I see that question a lot.)

    So... if that's 4 levels of lower exp than 70-80.... imagine the 2-300$ they possibly spent.
  8. Mystogan Well-Known Member

    Yup. One of my guildies has used more than 100 resets. He is still not level 78 yet.

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