Seal-Breaking Scale Powder

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Envious, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Envious New Member

    What is this and how is it obtained? :x
  2. takabanana New Member

    i want to know too..cuz i got a sealed blue can i use it...T^T
  3. Envious New Member

    I know the it allows the flute to be trade able, but I just have no idea how to break the seal. I was also wondering if there is going to be feature to seal things.
    EDIT: Found it's obtained from breaking down humming flutes. ^^
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  4. Pyrolis New Member

    Mind if I ask where you can find Humming Flutes? =D
  5. El_Brujo Member

    your guild need to activate Dragon resonance tech in order to get the white flute from mobs drops.....
  6. xDejaVu New Member

    I extracted like 30 humming flutes but didnt get any. why is that?
  7. Methos Active Member

    It's pretty rare, but it is in game.

    Runewaker is setting the powder up to be a big money maker in the CS, when the powder was successfully extracted it went into the marketplace bag instead of the normal inventory bag.
  8. xDejaVu New Member

    oh i didnt check my marketplace bag. Thanks!
  9. Twostep Member

    On the Taiwanese servers, the powder was set up in the cash shop both for free and premium currencies. You can probably expect it to appear in the next patch update.

    Also same patch fixes the recipe for flutes not showing in crafts error.
  10. youngsob New Member

    is there any way a carpender can craft white flute? because i can craft green flutes
  11. Giovanni3 Active Member

    You need the recipe (hate that name) for the White flute. I think it's 100 grey flutes and Hopsomething powder to make it.
  12. Shado Member

    the droprate of getting it from extractions seems to be extremely low ive tried 3 times doing batch extractions of 50 each time and got not a single powder. The alternative is by using the daily currentcy to get it from the shop it costs 250 shells per powder which I think is a little too high but for now its the only "good" way to get them.
  13. Pix Member

    Extracted 500 white flutes with guild extraction buff tech, still 0 powder.
  14. Keith Smith Well-Known Member

    The powder is in the market. It costs 250 shells, aka Dragon Insignias.

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