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  1. Garuda Active Member

    Kk, so I've been searching for a guide as to where inside the dungeon to find the rare dragons, so I don't have to run all the way to the end, so I think one should be started up, or if there is one that says where inside the dungeon the dragon spawns, please link.

    So, if you know the location of a rare dragon found in a dungeon, please format it like this:

    Dragon Name:
    Description (or picture) of location:
  2. Garuda Active Member

    Dungeon: Deyarka Keep
    Dragon Name: Thornlash
    Description: He is in a far cornor in the hallway leading up to the final two rooms of the dungeon

    Dungeon: Gaesis' Roost
    Dragon Name: Inferno
    Description: He spawns in the cut screen once you reach the camp

    Dungeon: Nameless Keep
    Dragon Name: Blinktail
    Description: He spawns either right outside the room (the dead end) that trails off from the main path, or inside it. WARNING: Other mobs will start attacking him
  3. Harmonica Active Member

    Dungeon: Silia Shrine
    Dragon Name: Stargazer
    Description: He is found in a small dead-end cavern/tunnel to the left of a circular chamber where mini-boss Cobalt Dragon normally flees to if you don't kill him quickly enough.
  4. Garuda Active Member

    Dungeon: Well of Prophecy
    Dragon Name: Autumn Wind
    Description: Autumn Wind will spawn in the second to last room (the room before the boss). He flies down from the cieling and lands next to a pile of meet and starts eating. There are three mobs around him you need to kill, and he is next to the water in that room.
  5. Garuda Active Member

    Woot! Stumbled upon another dungeon rare

    Dungeon: Deyarka Tunnels
    Dragon Name: Phantom
    Description: Once you enter the second "room" in that dungeon, there will be a cut screen showing Phantom attacking a zombie. He will then appear in one of the dead ends in that room (I believe the farthest from the entrance)
  6. LordofBones Active Member

    Dungeon: Nyrol's Nest
    Dragon Name: Balge
    Description: When you run through this dungeon you will see a cave on the left with a bunch of rats in it...the hallway right after that is where Balge spawns. He has been seen patrolling, so it's best to run to the end of the hallway before suiciding to get back to beginning. Leave, reset, and try again.
  7. Garuda Active Member

    Dungeon: Aymori Sands
    Dragon Name: Typhoon
    Descripion: I'm not exactly sure if this one spawns in different places, but if you have ran this dungeon before, you notice that the lizard dragons jump out of the walls. Typhoon did this with me after the three way in the dungeon (on the main route to the boss) in the biggest part of that path. Again, not sure if he ALWAYS spawns in that location, or if its random, so if you are looking for this lizard dragon (with blue fins), you may want to run all along the walls.
  8. KTPhang New Member

    Surprised no one posted this one, I'll do it :)

    Dungeon: Avanah's Omen
    Dragon Name: Shade Chaser
    Descripion: Past the bridge and a little further up to the left there should be a cave with 3 Green Gliders in it , go inside and inspect the cave. That is normally where Shade Chase spawns. **NOTE: sometimes he spawns outside the cave**
  9. Garuda Active Member

    Dungeon: Omati Gorge
    Dragon Name: Bloodwrath
    Description: AFTER you complete the quest that pops up when you enter the dungeon, you run towards the room with the mine that's a dead end. It will apear near the brush on the cornor and run to the spot right after the npc's and lay down next to the eggs.
  10. Poisinivy Well-Known Member

    you do realize all of this post is already posted on the dragon prophet wiki right? complete with pictures etc
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  11. Garuda Active Member

    Dungeon: Tanarkin Quarry
    Dragon Name: Slake Throat
    Description: If you run the Quarry, you will eventually come to a 4 way, two of which are dead ends. The dead end with all the thieving dragons is where he will spawn, near the edge.
  12. Arlem Well-Known Member

    Can also spawn behind Aryna's Offspring on the hill that drops off into cliffs at the end of the map.
  13. LordofBones Active Member

    Dumb to farm there as it takes much longer to run through...but apparently he is there, yes.
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  14. Glenn New Member

    Sickle Fang

  15. Glenn New Member

  16. Jen8650 Active Member

    Poisonivy is correct, a lot of this info is already in the wikia.
    If you know the location of a dragon that is unlisted, or can upload a map showing where exactly you found a particular dragon within a dungeon, please upload it onto that dragon's page. The Wikia is a better way to record this kind of information since forum posts tend to disappear under the weight of other newer forum posts

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