Rare Dragon Gotchas

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Alethi, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Alethi Member

    If you purchased any rare dragon gotchas please tell me the number of them you purchased and what dragons you received. I want to see if this is a smart thing to buy.
  2. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    We don't have any dragon gatchas in our marketplace, that is infernum territory.
  3. Alethi Member

  4. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    I didn't think we would get them, and if it is anything like Infernum, it would take alot of tries before you get anything good.
  5. Alethi Member

    A few people in my guild have gotten Twilight ocean on their first couple eggs. I'd probably get a Blinktail, lol.
  6. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    My friend took ten to get twilight, another thirty to get terror.
  7. Adena Well-Known Member

    I'd feel bad buying these for twilight since I want to find him the old fashioned way, but with 100 hours down and nothing, I'm pretty much set to dip a fair amount of SC just to see if I can get one. (I will still hunt Twilight for the sense of legitimacy and documentation though!)
  8. Onuric Active Member

    Ooh...I friend of mine is not going to be happy these are here now: he hates having to 'gamble' real money for a 'chance' at an item he wants. Frankly, I'm not fond if it myself either...I'd rather they update the darn flute tables already (though RW has to do that).

    In the mean time I'll keep trying for Twilight via Dungeon....
  9. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Two problems I have with the new form of dragon purchasing. Firstly, I don't see the point in selling dragons that can be obtained in game. People spent hundreds of hours farming a dungeon for an ancient, and someone that is not even the level for the dungeon spends a few dollars and gets luck and gets them. While if the person running the dungeon is unlucky with their money and still doesn't get the dragon. That is also my second problem, that ability to obtain a roaming ancient without even being close to their level.

    At one point we will be able to buy all the roaming dragons without getting off the first five levels of the game. Release more original models and keep what is in game, in game. Or sell them at five dollars a pop to keep rng as much as possible out of the marketplace, gambling mechanics is not how I would enjoy making purchases. But, I wouldn't buying game dragons in any event, so I guess I am irrelevant.
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  10. Onuric Active Member

    I'll save my SC for exclusive dragon packs...not waste them on what amounts to gambling (especially with how my luck as been lately).
  11. Dracogryph Active Member

    I haven't tried 'em out, don't plan to. My luck is horrible and I'm pretty much broke right now, and I generally am disinclined to pay real money for a roll of the dice in the first place. Something guaranteed, sure, but just a chance...not so much. *chuckles*
  12. tlbww Active Member

    Mind you, good f2p mmos allow for f2players to gain l33t things with hard work. The weird thing with DP is that normal games release said content at the same time. They don't withhold the option to bypass work until later. Besides, I feel it's a small handful that would get that lucky, and they did pay real earth monies for it. It doesn't really affect your gameplay either. They won't have a 'cool story bro' story to tell about how they caught the C@$H dragon.

    This is why I still feel this game is in beta...
  13. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    It doesn't effect my game-play, but I don't like the gambling aspect of it. They can release every dragon in game in the cash shop, and it wouldn't bother me. But, I would like some sense of fairness for the person spending hundreds of hours farming and the person who popped two gotchas and got it. Rather in game dragons if they are to be sold, be sold for five dollars as well as dungeon ancients be boosted to a 50% spawn rate. Everyone wins, and we have all the paper weight ancients we want.
  14. Harmonica Active Member

    If rare dragons provided some sort of in-game advantage, I'd agree. However, that doesn't appear to be the case. As it is now people can fish up ancients from flutes but nobody has raised a fuss over that longstanding loophole to the alternative of spending hours camping or farming. I'm not a fan of these gambling boxes either but as long as their contents are attainable in-game too I accept that as a credible revenue stream. Maybe if people buy enough they can start giving away more free dragon slots so more new players will join?

    Full disclosure. I hate the spawn camping system for collecting dragons and would rather run the same dungeon 100 times in a row than sit in a field clock-watching and/or reading a magazine for hours when I'm supposed to be playing a game. I'm also a firm believer that one's accomplishments can't be in any way diminished by someone else's actions.
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  15. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    This isn't about accomplishments, its about the mentality that if the dragons are being sold nothing needs to be done to increase the spawn rate. Spawn rates will be kept down to promote purchasing them from the shop, I don't consider having or catching an ancient a achievement, most times the biggest factor was luck. I get the same gratification from buying one, as I do from catching it. Most people take hundreds or thousands of runs to still not find the dragon, and you don't have to spend a dime on flutes. That is an in game rng, not one you are buying for.
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  16. tlbww Active Member

    SOE: Gambling? Pshhh. No no.... It's a sound investment!

    Unfortunately a lot of F2p mmos jump on the casino bandwagon. Some people like risk-reward with their own money. But again, it doesn't affect you should you not participate in it and I'm sure the devs did their research as to if it were a sound piece of content to add.
  17. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Does this have high profit margins? Absolutely, someone in my guild just threw around two hundred dollars at this, and I am sure he is not alone. I am certainly not participating, but I was just voicing an opinion towards, and that is also why I said I am irrelevant.
  18. Rider Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure somewhere down the line, SOE promised that they would never sell these.
  19. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    They did, which was part of the reason behind the post. They said they will sell more expensive dragons, but not gotchas. But they also said they would never sell dragon packs, so who are we to speculate?
  20. Rave Well-Known Member

    Oh look, RNG dragon eggs. Please pardon me while I try to work up a reasonable simulacrum of shock and surprise.
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