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Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by DesmondMiles, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. DesmondMiles New Member

    Which is better? two handed sword or shield and one handed sword?
  2. Melite Well-Known Member

    depends on your playstyle
  3. DesmondMiles New Member

    In parties, what do they prefer? Pure tank or pure dps as a guardian?
  4. Melite Well-Known Member

    being a "sword and shield" guardian doesn't make you a 'tank'
  5. DesmondMiles New Member

    So guardians are better for DPS than tanking?
  6. Melite Well-Known Member

    There's no "holy trinity" in the game as far as classes go. While you have a sword and shield, all classes can use a similar weapon make up.
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  7. DesmondMiles New Member

    Hmmm i see. But how about parties? Do they prefer being a tank or dps?
  8. Melite Well-Known Member

    Like I said, there's not a "holy trinity" so there's not a "tank"
  9. DesmondMiles New Member

    So u mean any class can be a tank or dps depending on their stats, mastery and weapon build?
  10. Rider Well-Known Member

    What she's trying to say is that all classes work together.
    they all have heals and special abilities where they can easily fulfill any roll depending on their play style and in some casess masteries.
    everyone has their own way of doing things; a guardian could block a hit from a boss with the parry skill.
    a ranger could kite him around with his move speed boosts.
    an oracle could flash step through the boss to avoid his attack.
    a sorcerer could teleport at the right time to dodge.
    thats only covering what the "tank" if you will could do.
    there are so many roles that can be fulfilled so many different ways.
    so many that we've let go of the words Tank, dps, and healer.
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  11. DesmondMiles New Member

    Thanks man finally I understand it.
  12. Melite Well-Known Member

    Thank you for expanding on that Rider
  13. Rider Well-Known Member

    Anything for you, my beautiful queen.
  14. RageTheBerserker Well-Known Member

    It's all personal preference. Both can DPS. Both can be considered somewhat tanky. In the end though I think all guardians will utilize both weapon types in both PvP and PvE. IT IS OUR DESTINY!
  15. Thronne Active Member

    Agreed lol I've been sword and board for since open beta started and I JUST started swapping between sword and board and 2hander depending on the situation and who I'm fighting. At the end of the day the reason I swap is simply because sword and board gives a 'little bit' more survivability, also the attack speed is AMAZING lol while 2 hander I use it for those immidiate high burst DPS when u wana try killing someone withing just like one or two combos in pvp or if ur just gathering up mobs and dpsing them but again it all depends on ur play style. As rage said using both and swapping between them
    Is the best idea lol
  16. DesmondMiles New Member

    Nice. As of now im a lvl 36 guardian so i might do that swapping too of weapons too. But for now im mostly using sword and shield. On masteries i put points on any shield masteries. Also im focusing on Strength and Constitution.

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