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  1. Koji New Member

    So I just saw the PS4 E3 showing and it was amazing. I've also seen a few SOE games going to PS4. Is there any chance Dragon's Prophet is headed that way too?
  2. Lightstorm505 Member

  3. Koji New Member

    Don't tease me bro. But seriously, I don't see anything about DP on PS4. Were you just telling me to wait until E3's over?
  4. Lightstorm505 Member

    oh I misread sorry :X I thought you were asking if DP was gonna be at E3.
    I seriously doubt DP would be coming to PS4 though, since it's an F2P game.
  5. Koji New Member

    Actually, a number of f2p games/MMOs have been announced for PS4 already. It's not as far from likely as you think. Especially since 2 SOE f2p MMOs are already confirmed.
  6. PSYCHOKILLAZ New Member

    I cannot wait to play Dragons Prophet on PS4! I know a ton of EQOA Frontiers players that are looking forward to this game on PS4! DP seems more like EQOA than EQN actually. Tons of MMO's have been announced for PS4 already. Some F2P and some subscription based. I must say that I'm looking forward to this game on PS4 over all others though. SOE's Dragon's Prophet F2P on PS4 FTW! ;)
  7. Bugznmike Active Member

    nothing confirmed about dragon prophet being on ps4 right ? and what are the other mmo's you guys are talking about that are going to be available for ps4. ??
  8. Rider Well-Known Member

    why in the world would you revive a thread from almost two months ago with completely false information...
  9. PSYCHOKILLAZ New Member

    RadarX posted this about DP to the PS4 after speaking about how SOE is working on DCUO/PS2 first
    "We'd of course love to do DP for PS4 and it's certainly something we can discuss in the future."
  10. PSYCHOKILLAZ New Member

    There is like 15 MMO's or so confirmed for PS4 already.
  11. Rider Well-Known Member

    I hope you realize that was RadarX telling you no in a very nice manner.
  12. PSYCHOKILLAZ New Member

    lol well if SOE games want to double+ their money they will release their games on PS4 & PC. It won't be long till every SOE game is on PS4.
  13. Raiijii Active Member

    If, I said if SOE release Dragons Prophet on ps4, do know what will happen?
    The graphic and the real looking dragons, world monsters everything will look real @@
    Dragons Prophet will be the game that no one will quite :))
    Let's see what the future await us ^.^
  14. DragonSlayer Active Member

    And we will live a happy life after in the game :)
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