Oracle or Guardian?

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by KTPhang, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. KTPhang New Member

    I read somewhere that the oracle has more defense than the guardian and it does more dmg? why go guardian? Although i understand each class has its own uniqueness to them, which is better for tanking?
  2. Rym Member

    Oracle's speciality is "damage reduction" which is a dragon soul skill available from level 1. This can stack upto a maximum of 10 times. They also have a Mastery skill with damage reduction.
    They are able to wear cloth armor only so they have the least defense from armor.

    Guardians can wear heavy armor which have maximum defense.

    If u want to make a full CHA build i think guardian will be better tank but it ultimately depends on your playstyle. Also dragon soul skills play a very big part in your overall role in a group, so there are oracles functioning as tanks too with the right skills.

    Best would be to give them both a try if possible
  3. Yasha New Member

    I'm just starting too, and I'm finding the oracle seems to do a lot more damage than the guardian (or any class) at early levels and is fairly sturdy.

    Maybe if you have a low ping the parry on a guardian would add a lot to durability-for me there seems to be quite a delay between parrying and attacking/counterattacking so its better just to run around mobs and hit them, which is what you do on the oracle plus oracle has a teleport skill.

    For tanking holding agro is important. Is there such a mechanic in DP? If so, does the oracle or guardian have better agro generation?
  4. Shautru Well-Known Member

    I saw a dragon soul skill called 'taunt' on a dragon I captured. Not sure if the classes ever get that ability in their skill lines.

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