Official EU Patch notes.

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    Where is out patch notes? :p
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    Just to clarify this is not necessarily indicative of what the US patch will see. You shouldn't see a ton of variance but I'd hate for any of you to have the expectation that our notes will always match identically.
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    Dragon’s Prophet Patch 1.1 – Spirit of the Red Flame

    Discover Patch 1.1 – Spirit of the Red Flame today!
    New level cap of 70, Zone 7: Wintertide, loads of improvements, and much, much more…
    Bundle up for our frosty new zone, Wintertide.
    Patch 1.1 – Spirit of the Red Flame is just around the corner with exciting features such as the new zone called Wintertide, thrilling dungeons, and comprehensive class adjustments. We’ll give you a preview of everything you can expect to see the next time you enter Auratia:
    Wintertide – our new region will freeze the blood in your veins

    Far to the south lies Wintertide, a bleak and barren landscape covered with vast sheets of ice. Prophetsof level 60 or higher can face the savage beasts and the frigid winds that sweep across the harsh scenery of Wintertide. Be on your guard because in the icy caverns and ravines lurks an evil which threatens the peace of Auratia.

    The new adventure dungeons
    Yodrak’s Thunder is a dungeon for prophets of level 64 or higher. The fortress of the Blood Rage Trolls is a massive defensive compound with crude architecture that only Trolls could have constructed. Its unusual location has ensured that no adventurer has been able to reach its core thus far. But what is it that they’re trying so hard to protect? A treasure that promises immeasurable glory and riches to whoever manages to take it.
    The Lodar Caverns lie hidden behind a waterfall which the Legendary Dragons sealed off with a nearly impenetrable layer of ice. The elemental force of an earthquake rendered some areas instable and thus impassable, but a recent landslide opened up a corridor which the most

    fearless adventurers have a chance of getting through more or less unscathed.
    Torran Prison lies beneath the western tower of the Torran Kingdom. This dungeon is so secret, its very existence is denied by many. Yet knowledge of this facility is perpetuated amongst Auratians through rumour and legend. It was originally built by King Barian Xion, but little remains of its original architecture. Once a closely guarded library, it now serves a far more sinister purpose.

    Legendary Dungeon – Ironfang Fortress
    In the Ironfang Fortress, Prophets can bear witness to the age-old conflict between the Torran Dominion and the ice giants.
    Before the First Dragon War, the ice giants were the second half-human race in Wintertide and the arch enemies of the Blood Rage Trolls. The two sides had been waging war for millennia, but during the Second Dragon War, they were forced to unite in their fear of Kronos' power. However, their mutual hatred simmered all the while – and as soon as the dragon war was over, they picked up the battle right where they had left off.

    Hall of Challenges
    Guild members now have the opportunity to use their draconic flutes in their own dragon sanctuary. Draconic flutes that have been created in the past can however still be used anywhere in the world. Guilds can now also find a guild storage within the dragon sanctuary, allowing them to deposit and withdraw items they want to share with their fellow guild members.

    Draconic Chamber
    The goal of any prophet should be to tame all the dragonsin Auratia. But where to put them all? Starting today, you can send dragons that you’re not actively using to theDragon Chamber for storage.

    Secret Apartments
    New flying islands have been spotted on the horizon. They’re just the right size to build a single house upon. Starting now, prophets can seek out an Apartment Manager and activate a secret plot of land in their rented apartment.

    Price Adjustments for Housing Properties
    We have been watching the community closely for the past few weeks and have taken their feedback to heart. By reducing the prices on land, we hope to make our housing system even more appealing to players.

    With Patch 1.1, emotes have found their way into Dragon’sProphet. Prophets can now make in-game gestures depending on their mood to show others how they feel. In order to make use of this opportunity right away, we will be holding a contest centred around the emotes. Just keep an eye on our website to find out more.

    Class Adjustments
    Many various adjustments and improvements have been made for all classes. For this reason, every character will receive a mastery and attribute reset the next time they visit Auratia.

    its About time they are going to lower the prices on housing I was almost to the point of playing a new game because of the ridiculous prices
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    Has anyone else received this email and can verifiy it?
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    I have this email.
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    My eyes!
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    Took the words right from my finger tips
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    Someone just posted the EU Patch notes link in another thread. It gives more details, including the new pricing.
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    Ivy.... Was the yellow really mandatory? And I love the subliminal message use.... Minus the fact you highlighted dragons and prophets in black continuously.
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    Were these threads just merged, or am I going crazy?
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    I assumed it was copied and pasted from the email which probably had a different color background compared to our forums and when pasted, it just copied the color it was intended for in that email.

    EDIT: this was totally merged lol they were both seperate.
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    can some1 please change the color of the font please
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    lol that was me... I just found out that I made my post in another thread the exact minute this thread was made :p
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    lol my thread got merged
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    technically, I'd say Poison's thread was the one merged lol

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