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  1. Tanthor Developer

    Dragon Lair Improvements are a big part of the update today. Here are some notes about the changes
    Advanced Laedis Academy feature
    1. There is a new tab “Contributions” under Dragon Training page in Dragon Lair which shows the rewards of dedicating Dragons at different levels.
    2. To start, players who dedicate dragons above training level 10 will receive 20% Dragon Provisions back while dedicating.
    Advantage while upgrading dragon training level
    1. Dragons will bring special effect in a specific training level.
    2. There is a new tab “Training Results” under Dragon Training page in Dragon Lair which shows the training effect of each specific training level.
    There is added description of Dragon Lair improvement on interaction with Dragon Lair NPC in-game.

    We are also introducing some new Dragon Companions today. They are small versions of some of the most popular and exclusive Dragons in the game; Nagafen, Runewake, and Balge. These companions will follow your character; fighting, running, flying, & swimming. They will auto-loot your kills too. And of course, they look awesome!

    Todd "Tanthor" Carson
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  2. Dracontius New Member

    Cool beans. I will now look at the patch notes. :p
  3. Desertflower Active Member

  4. Amicyde New Member

    Oh great! That explains why I couldn't login. Might also be the reason why I server didn't recognize the new account I just made? I get the "Username / Password Incorrect" message, but I have no trouble login into the main page
  5. Zeroseto New Member

    whatever happened to those dragon skill crystals that let you transfer skills. the force training is expensive for such a high chance of failure tried it once and spent close to five dollars before a skill got transferred. Seriously should be improved. i feel like i am gambling in this game with real money.
  6. cealcf New Member

    o_O ..... new Dragon Companions
    ty ^^
  7. Cassandra Well-Known Member

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  8. Zeroseto New Member

    i guess so kinda silly not to have one now just to improve dps a bit haha
  9. ArdRhi Member

    Rumor has it that the mini-Balge companion will only loot .01% of the time, after spamming the same mob 300-400 times...
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  10. Wulfman Active Member

    How about when you purchase a looting pet ALL your pets can do the looting thing like the one from olandra, the crab ? seems like a waist to have them in game if you *never* pull them out because you bought a looting pet.
  11. Rexyr New Member

    I can't login :(
  12. Tanthor Developer

    Clarification; the Companions will follow you while you are fighting but they will not participate in the fight.

    Also, @ Zeroseto, the crystals will be added to the Marketplace today. I will get them added after we bring the servers up and I run a sanity check to make sure all is working. I might run out to grab a quick lunch first too. But some of the crystals are pretty handy. =)
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  13. Captain Jack Sparrow Member

    "To start, players who dedicate dragons above training level 10 will receive 20% Dragon Provisions back while dedicating. "

    Wait wait wait, are you saying, that we have to dedicate FIVE dragons for one freaking provision???
  14. Tasier New Member

    I would absolutely love to see the new companions but I can't get on :( I'll just have to wait....
  15. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Those are updates meant for future implementation and non of them are even close to being ready for live servers. The other version releases content in alpha stages to test it for everyone else. We won't see any of it for a little while as it still need rigorous testing. The version whose site you got that from still didn't release it as well.
  16. Evilvision Member

    I think the 20% means if you send a dragon to the laedis academy that's lets say level 15 you get 20% of the provisions back that was used in getting it to level 15. Now I don't know if that's 20% of level 1 to what the dragons current level is or 20% of level 10 to the dragons current level. But that's how I am interpreting it.
  17. Zeroseto New Member

    That's good to hear will the prices be similar to EU pricing or can we expect them to be more fair. I heard there in a gotcha which is sad because if I spend real money I expect to get exactly what I want. Five dollars per skill transfer is to expensive. So what can we expect to pay as the consumer
  18. dragon tamer New Member

    hi well I can not go into my game why he speaks so: sever down. can someone help me?
  19. Arlem Well-Known Member

    Yep. The server is still down. Try again later ^_^
  20. Tanthor Developer

    Maintenance running a bit longer than expected. Hope to have them up within the next hour.

    While we are wrapping up the update, I have added 4 new Dragon Lair Crystals to a new Marketplace category called... yes, Crystals. ;)

    @Captain Jack Sparrow, no. What this means: "To start, players who dedicate dragons above training level 10 will receive 20% Dragon Provisions back while dedicating. ", is that when you donate a Dragon over level 10 you will receive back 20% of the Provisions you have already consumed for training that Dragon. Simple example, you spend 10,000 Dragon provisions leveling up your Dragon. You donate it to the academy. You will receive 2,000 Dragon provisions back to your Dragon Lair.

    Hope that helps to clarify.
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